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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The words of Steinmeier about NATO angered the German elite

“Germany takes steps in the direction of Moscow”. With these words, the analysts assess the statements of foreign Minister of Germany that NATO “is rattling the sabre at the Russian border”. However, a number of German politicians, greeted the words of Steinmeier with indignation and anger. Unlike, apparently, from the ordinary German citizen who has long wanted to establish relations with Russia.

The words of the head of the German foreign Minister Steinmeier, it is really called in German society split. Opinions as to what he had in mind for saber rattling NATO divided.

“The General attitude to this statement of Steinmeier was positive. Many are experiencing because of strained relations between Europe and Russia”

Recall that a negative assessment of the military exercises of NATO, Steinmeier expressed Saturday. “What we shouldn’t do is aggravate the situation with a loud saber-rattling and war cries. Who thinks that the symbolic tank parades on the Eastern border of the Alliance strengthen security, he is mistaken,” he said in an interview with Bild am Sonntag.

“Putin has that birthday?”

Harshly criticized Steinmeier journalist of the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ) Berthold Kohler. In the Sunday newspaper came out with his article entitled “Putin’s birthday?”. The material Kohler calls the speech Steinmeier gift to the Russian leader, whom he, in the author’s opinion, do not deserve. Kohler claims that he had to wipe his eyes to make sure it said it was the head of the German foreign Ministry, not Russian.

Typically, charges of this kind of “Moscow propaganda machine” flavored allegations that the deterioration of relations between Russia and the West is to blame for NATO, said Kohler. Statements are not Steinmeier “turned the facts upside the head.” Kohler in his article argues that Russia violated the principles of peace and stability in Europe, and its fault is established so cold relations with the West.

The author also harshly criticized Steinmeier on symbolic tank parades NATO, Recalling that they played an important political role: a military Alliance supposedly trying to demonstrate that there is no Russian “sudden RAID” it would catch the West by surprise.

But the browser other reputable newspaper, the Guardian, believes that Steinmeier has just announced the truth about Russia, which is uncomfortable to say such people as Angela Merkel. This is stated in the article the correspondent of the publication Mary Dejevsky published on Sunday.

Dejevsky believes that Steinmeier would not voice opinions that contradict the opinion of the Chancellor of Germany. “Steinmeier is a cautious politician, and it is unlikely he would say those words without at least the tacit support of German Chancellor Angela Merkel,” – said the author.

The journalist believes that the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany did an amazing move and broke away from a group of politicians calling to punish Russia, saying “an inconvenient truth” that attempts to isolate Russia have not made it out of the country, ready to cooperate. If this policy has jeopardized the very stability of Europe. The author concludes that the policy of “punitive isolation” against Russia will not benefit. “It is time to try another approach,” concludes Dejevsky.

Recall that in Moscow the words of Steinmeier praised with approval. “Steinmeier spoke out against the “fad” Stoltenberg betting on deterrence of Russia. So through the curtain threats and hysteria heard some voice of reason,” – said the head of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Alexei Pushkov.

“The attitude to Russia from the countries of Europe is changing”

Scientific Director of the German-Russian forum, a political scientist Alexander Rahr said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW that the statement of Steinmeier was met with generally positive both in Germany and in Western Europe. Negatively attributed to him the only representatives of Eastern Europe and the ruling German coalition.

“Being the head of the German foreign Ministry, Steinmeier tries to combine different points of view regarding Russia is that exist in Europe and Germany. Now the relation to Russia from the countries of Western Europe is changing. Not only Germany is taking steps in the direction of Moscow, but also France and Italy. It was very evident at the St. Petersburg economic forum. Tough stance of the countries of Eastern Europe, in chasnosti Poland, the Baltic States, Sweden, and their attempts to “warm up” the West is already causing confusion among the Old Europe. The tone of some of the countries of Eastern Europe was, frankly, irritating,” said the analyst.

The interviewer noted that most of the Germans or even the majority of the inhabitants of old Europe are well disposed to Russia and do not want confrontation. “The General attitude to this statement of Steinmeier was positive. Many are experiencing because of strained relations between Europe and Russia. Another thing is that in the German elite among the European bureaucracy there are people who are very anti-Russian. Extremely negative attitude to this statement of the German foreign Ministry, representatives of the Christian democratic party,” – said the expert.

On both sides Steinmeier

The words of the head of the German foreign Ministry really caused a split within the ruling coalition between the CDU/CSU and the SPD, said on Sunday one of the most influential German newspaper Spiegel. “Relations between Germany and Russia far from easing the situation. As luck would have it, the most senior diplomat is now contributed to the fact that sensitive the situation could become even more difficult. In that at least accuse the supporters of the CDU,” said the publication. Spiegel recalled that the Bundeswehr is also involved in NATO exercises, which criticized Steinmeier.

“His criticism of Steinmeier has caused a dispute in the coalition. In fact, the question of relations with Russia is one of the most sensitive foreign policy projects of Germany”, – writes the edition.

CDU expert in foreign policy, Norbert röttgen called the words of Steinmeier “outrageous accusation”. Another representative of the CDU’s Juergen Hardt, in turn, did not rule out that the statements of the Minister “can lead to misunderstandings within NATO”.

But there were those who supported Steinmeier in the SPD party. “The Federal government should commit Steinmeier,” said SPD politician Rolf Mutzenich,” reports Der Spiegel. The representative of the “green” – the expert of the party on foreign policy Trittin is also supported Steinmeier. “We’re watching as Poland relies on the build-up of arms. To call it “saber-rattling” correct,” said Trittin. We will remind that “Green” is traditionally the opposition party regarding the CDU/CSU and the SPD.

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