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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The PACE President put Savchenko at the place: “Russia should negotiate”

The first day the PACE has begun for a Deputy of Hope Savchenko with loud applause that it met European deputies and ended with disappointment. Speaking in the half-empty hall she was given only a few minutes.

photo: AP

It is the latter-day member of the PACE was quick, but confused: “Pardoning me and other Ukrainians, Putin demonstrated his arrogance… Russia did not respect my immunity of the delegate Assembly. Ukraine pays for peace of Europe with their blood,” – said Ukrainian. According to Savchenko, her main goal is the return of citizens who are in captivity of the militia and Russian prisons. The head of PACE Pedro Agramunt in response reminded Savchenko, her release demonstrated the efficacy of diplomacy, and Ukraine should have it in mind to end the conflict in the Donbas.

The release of the political prisoners at the meeting of the PACE generally dominated. But to the dismay of the Ukrainian delegation, another “beating Russia” did not work. It was about political persecution in Israel, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Moldova and other countries of the world. Did not escape the slap and Ukraine, which, in the opinion of the representative of the Netherlands and leader of the faction “United left” in the PACE of Tini Coke, illegally held in jail opposition journalists. The Ukrainian delegation tried to focus on the crimes of Moscow, but is anyone not impressed. Representatives of Kiev said that the Europeans relented towards Russia, and now she can go back to the European Assembly.

Meanwhile, the problem of release of prisoners in the Donbas is very serious. At the moment the parties to the conflict try to agree on the exchange according to the formula “25 to 50”, where the first digit is Ukrainian soldiers. All in all, the dungeons of the militia continue to be 112 people, according to the SBU.

According to representatives of the Ukrainian delegation in Minsk, representatives from DND and LNR declared that they will not release a single person, while Kiev is not Amnesty for all combatants. As the representative of Kiev in humanitarian subgroup of Irina Gerashchenko, the Donetsk and Lugansk bargain for their future at the expense of Ukrainian soldiers, whom they kept hostage. However, she stressed that the militias are not allowed in your prison of representatives of the International red cross. However, the Ukrainian authorities refuse to forgive the defenders of the DNI and LC, as saying that the fighting is not over yet.

“MK” has decided to find out, the Plenipotentiary representative LNR in Minsk Vladislav DANEGOwhether this actually:

– First of all with regard to the red cross — an outright lie. There is no international report, which States that we have someone somewhere not allowed. Secondly, in February we gave Kiev its lists for the exchange of prisoners by the formula “25 to 50”, but since then the process has not moved a single step. Ukrainian authorities haggle over every name, in order to push us anyone but volunteers. They always did, but now our patience has come to an end. Statistically, we gave them 20% more prisoners than they are to us. Thus, today we have are a few dozen people, and they have thousands of our. We do not believe that Kiev will let them go, and therefore desired him to adopt the law on Amnesty. Right after that we will release all Ukrainian soldiers and ready to host all of our supporters who had been arrested in Ukraine.

Watch the video on “Savchenko in shock and swearing: the Verkhovna Rada deceives people”

MP from the bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko Hope Savchenko in the nines criticized the colleagues in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The indignation of the ex-servicemen called deceptive, in its opinion, the scheme of the adoption laws. Savchenko colleagues however also unhappy, and suspect it as a “Kremlin agent”.

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