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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Ministry of Finance and FNS have declared war “grey” salaries

Departments in the autumn to submit to the government proposals on the withdrawal of shadow wages in envelopes. About it on the forum 16, said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. According to experts, it is likely a question on patents. How else can you legalize informal employment relationships, found “MK”.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov


Alexander SAFONOV, Deputy rector of the Academy of labor and social relations:

— Most likely, we are talking about patents, which apply to migrants. So, a man buys a patent, and its value is the spread of money in the form of income tax deductions to the medical insurance Fund and so on. In particular, they can take advantage of the Tutors, hairdressers, manicurists, and others who provide services without their activities.

This idea has long been discussed in the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of labor. However, there are other approaches to tackle this issue. The first is the elimination of shadow incomes. Here you can see the American principle of construction of tax reporting and penalties for tax crimes. The latest in the US does not have a Statute of limitations. So, if a man once hid in the Declaration an income and it turns out after a few years, it will be obligatory punished.

In addition, the U.S. actively used a method such as comparing the declared income and current expenditures. In case there is a balance it can be considered a tax crime if you do not provide proof of the source, covering the revealed balance.

But I must admit that even in the US, this mechanism covers primarily the actual concealment of income middle class. To trace tax crimes of small businesses and the poor because of the multiplicity of the relationship is difficult.

Meanwhile, in Russia there is the idea to go cashless. But it is technically difficult to be implemented in the Russian regions, where, by and large, lack the necessary infrastructure.

As for the legalisation of informal labour relations, the people who are getting money, are unemployed. As a result, they are subject to benefits when they do not pay into the Pension Fund of Russia, Fund of medical insurance, and so on. Therefore, we ought to change the approach — namely, if you claim no income and are not issued with the employment service as unemployed, then there is reason to require a person to make payment of minimum contributions for all funds.

Eugene CARTAGO, the Chairman of the Collegium of advocates “starinsky, Cartago and partners:

— As long as the entrepreneurs do not appear properly, without overpaying, to pay all taxes for its employees, the payroll will be in the shade. The fact is that if you add up all the payments of the employer, the result is that each ruble, which he pays to the employee, about 50 cents is paid to the various funds. Thus, the higher “white” salary, the more the employer has to pay. And given the crisis, to allow the indexation of wages can not all.

We have already seen how the government refuses previously taken a course of economic development. For example, the past 20 years, officials reforming the pension system and literally every five-year plan recognized that the previous version was ineffective. Another attempt of the authorities to find a way out of the wage only cause skepticism.

Nikita ISAEV, the Director of the Institute of contemporary Economics:

— According to VTSIOM, the official salary to receive 75% of the population. But, according to unofficial research, with the advent of the crisis, the number of fully “white” wages have fallen to 29%. And it’s more like the truth. We even civil servants receive a basic income in the form of bonuses and incentive payments at the minimum salary.

Now the translation of all allowances of civil servants in the composition of the salary and tax incentives for entrepreneurs. The business needs to obtain the conditions under which to conduct one of the only “white” accounts Department will be more profitable than a double. Entrepreneurs must have an incentive to draw employees in the state, to increase the official income. Such a stimulus may be additional benefits in payment of income tax, the reduction factors. To force business out of the shadows is now impossible — is fraught with bankruptcies and loss of jobs.

Alena AFANASYEVA, a senior analyst at GK FOREX CLUB:

“The problem of struggle with “grey salaries” is much deeper than it may seem at first glance. Here some administrative measures are not necessary. You can increase the penalties and to carry out spot checks of the enterprises of small and average business, however, it is necessary to think about the causes of this phenomenon. Such a high level “salaries in envelopes” is explained quite simply: employees do not trust either the government or the Pension Fund. Misunderstanding of where taxes really go, and whether they get a decent pension, thanks to their monthly contributions, simplify the ability of employers to “persuade” workers on this method of payment. Unfortunately, restoring that trust is not so easy after what currently is happening with the Pension Fund. In addition, we must understand that for small businesses it is hard to bear the tax burden and offer a decent wage”.

Robert NOVAK, senior analytical columnist MFX Broker:

“To be honest, I speculated that the move is going to make the Ministry of Finance and the FTS. In fact, of ways of struggle against salaries in envelopes can be multiple, and theoretically any of them could be adopted by the government. For example, possible options such as “the tax”. This year we discussed the idea at the conclusion of the shadow payroll by its introduction. It is possible that these or other variations of this theme still being worked out – for example, in the form of mandatory social security contributions for each able-bodied citizen, regardless of his employment. It is also possible compulsory Declaration of income and expenses. If every citizen, even the unemployed will be obliged to submit a Declaration of income and expenditure for the year, the tax authorities will be able to identify persons officially anywhere not working, buy vouchers for holidays, travel abroad, purchase property, vehicles, luxury items. As an option you can also consider incentives for business, bringing salaries out of the shadows. It may be a combination of tax Amnesty plus reducing taxes on some time for companies that had decided to legalize the salaries of employees.

In addition, it is possible to apply punitive measures against employees working under grey schemes. For example, you can legally require employees to report to the IRS about their employers, outstanding wages in envelopes. If you took a salary and not reported, it is considered accessory to the crime and responsible to the fullest extent of the law. In General, there are many options, and I hope soon we will find out, what mean our officials”.

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