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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Siberia and Canada will be the salvation of “climate refugees”

Global warming, because of which some areas on the Earth become unsuitable for their current inhabitants, at the same time preparing for these species a new home. According to scientists from Harvard University, the new home for climate refugees will be the canadian and Siberian taiga.

photo: Kirill Iskoldsky

Climatologists have studied the forest, located in the canadian province of Quebec. On the investigated territory, which occupies about the same surface area as the whole of modern Spain, there are more than 26 thousand trees. As it turned out, the climate in these areas is becoming more warm and humid, and with each decade the impact of global warming is all the more noticeable. However, according to experts, most of the local flora and fauna to adapt to such changes quite well, while for animals and plants that live to the South, the taiga areas can become the new home when the current temperature in their habitat becomes too high. This combination of factors likely will lead to higher biodiversity in the forest, scientists say.

Among the plants, which in future decades will be forced to move into the forest, the researchers called the black spruce, the number of animals, various species of birds, deer and bobcats. Also, according to scientists in these areas will gnedovets some migratory birds.

According to the forecasts of researchers, their predicted migration in the first place will be observed after 70 years. However, experts do not exclude that they underestimated the impact of other factors resulting from global warming — for example, more frequent fires in the forest.

Their work, the researchers published in the journal Science.

By the way, recently another group of scientists said that the victims of global warming for the first time in modern history became a kind of mammal: the rise in sea level and periodic inundation of some areas of the Great barrier reef destroyed coral reef mozaichist rats.

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