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Sunday, February 18, 2018

In the case of the deaths of children under investigation were the camp Directors and instructors

The number of detainees in the case of the death of 14 children in Karelia reached five people, among them the Director of “the Park hotel “Syamozero” Elena Reshetova, her Deputy and three instructors. The camp is closed. The search continues for the body of a child allegedly came to rest. Human rights activists have reported that accompanying children student interns could hardly to save someone.

Boys-trainers could not save the children

“The children were encouraged instructors not to go in swimming, because in the camp there were rumors about the storm warning, but the instructors insisted on exit”

On Monday, the Commissioner for children rights in the Republic of Karelia Oksana Starshova on the audit in a children’s camp on the Syamozero reported that the head of the institution was not aware of the output group for the route.

“The Director of the camp did not know about the output group for the route, despite a storm warning, the children themselves brought the Deputy Director. The Prosecutor’s office claims that access to Hiking and alloys at the camp was not”, – reported on the website of the children’s Ombudsman of Russia Pavel Astakhov.

Thus on arrival at the emergency Commissioner is counted in the camp of 284 people with the permitted tolerance of 213 people. “None of the leadership was not in the camp was 63, the other children were on routes where, in what quantity, the names of those persons – the information was not”, – stated in the message.

He Astakhov reported that the instructors, who worked in the camp on the Syamozero, where the children were killed in the crash of a boat, were students of the Petrozavodsk pedagogical College at the age of 17 to 19 years.

“Indeed, it was confirmed that these (instructors) were, shall we say, male instructors from the pedagogical College of Petrozavodsk who were there practice. Instead of having to type a really serious adult trainers trained, and in such quantity that at least they could save the children”, – told RIA “news” Astakhov.

“For 47 children, four only of the instructor, who from 17 to 19 years old themselves. What kind of instructors? How can they save others?” – he complained.

The human rights activist noted that the issue of qualification of actions of every official, who somehow was responsible for the organization and carrying out holidays, the routes, solve only the Investigative Committee and the court. “Because the Investigative Committee of the prosecution to present, and only the court will say guilty or not guilty,” – said the Ombudsman.

After the incident, the camp on the Syamozero in Karelia is closed.

Adjacent to the Park hotel “Syamozero” camp newspaper GLANCE confirmed that verification of compliance with safety began. However, any mass refusal to travel is not stamped: “No, people went and continue to go. This is the beginning of the season, maybe then some will be failures. So far nothing has changed.”

In addition, personnel camp sites suggest that appeared was the information that the tour from the Park hotel “Syamozero” out on the lake during a storm, is not true.

“We are 10 km from the place where the Park hotel, – told the newspaper VIEW. That day the weather was Sunny. It seems to me that the kids are out in the lake when the weather was good, and then suddenly the storm started. This happens here. In Karelia the weather is unstable. Today, the sun, and within thirty minutes already in the shower. The more unstable weather on such a large lake, which is unofficially considered the third largest in the Republic after the Ladoga and Onega”.

All the respondents unanimously say: the prevention of emergency situations of the Republic of Karelia about the storm was. “I have three phones and all three phones it’s awareness that a storm is”, – said the Manager of one of the bases.

Guidance under suspicion

A spokesman for the Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin on Monday said the arrest of five suspects in the case of the death of children on the Syamozero. “Investigators have detained one suspect – Valeria Krupoderova instructor, found at the time of the tragedy on one of the rafts. Thus, at the moment detained in a criminal case five suspects,” Markin provides a statement the Agency submitted to the newspaper VIEW.

According to him, among them also the Director of “the Park hotel “Syamozero” Elena Reshetova, her Deputy, Vadim Vinogradov, as well as instructors Lyudmila Vasilyeva and Regina Ivanova.

Markin also said that Vasilyeva is now in the hospital, as her health until doctors allow her investigators.

According to investigators, on 18 June, the children and instructors of children’s camp “the Park Hotel “Syamozero” on the raft and two canoes in the course of the campaign took to the waters of lake Syamozero in Pryazhinsky district of the Republic of Karelia. 47 children were accompanied by four adults (Vinogradov, Krupoderov, Ivanov and Vasiliev), which did not take into account weather conditions and impending storm. The result of bad weather and rising excitement on the lake a raft with children and two accompanying adults, nailed to one of the Islands, and both canoes made for open water, where children with an instructor and a tutor are unable to cope with their control and went way overboard.

Victims tried to swim to the beach, however, due to the large waves and cold water temperature to make it possible not to all. According to the latest data, UK, 14 children drowned, failed to discover the body 13, the search of another victim continue.

“Now the investigation has also reported that when the group was going to hike, the children were encouraged instructors not to go in swimming, because in the camp there were rumors about the storm warning, but the instructors, despite this, insisted on the way out,” said Markin.

The Investigative Committee continues a criminal investigation into the deaths of children as a result of the collapse of the floating equipment on the Syamozero in Pryazhinsky district of the Republic of Karelia initiated under part 3 of article 238 of the criminal code. The sanction of this article prescribes punishment up to 10 years in prison.

The order of the Investigative Committee decided to transfer case to the Central office SK Russia for the most qualified, complete and objective investigation. The work of the investigation team in the field is coordinated by the Vice-Chairman SK of Russia Ilya Lazuta.

“Take me from this hell”

Parents of children who have previously visited the camp “Park hotel “, Syamozero”, the students who died on the Syamozero in Karelia, spoke very negatively about it, since summer of 2015; reviews call it “hell” and “concentration camp”.

As the materials on the website otzovik.com the parents of several children, who rested in the camp “Park hotel “, Syamozero” in June-August of 2015, took them out early and were outraged by the situation in the camp, where pupils have not been given attention.

“The camp is built ugly… children in the dining room not full. Counselor and instructor together for 50 people. Absolutely can not cope, while the main occupation of children is the cleaning of the housing. No real training for 10 days the child was showed how to make a fire and tent and everything. Parents of children permanently taken away, in the camp of the theft… the Child was taken away to wait the end of this horror were not,” wrote a user Dima7.

About the poor food tells and the user under the nickname “9671694383Tanya”. “Yes, indeed he could not think that this could be in the camp. It’s just awful. Children are malnourished, poor nutrition, day to day, the children tearfully asking their parents to pick them up from camp, she soobschila.

According to user under the name ss11, dated August 2015, “the child cried and asked: “Take me from this hell.” “Yesterday he took his son out… On the third day the son was ill, and could not find a doctor. To the doctor and it took the leaders only after my third call,” he said.

A user under the nickname “Tatyana1966” says that the situation in the camp “Park hotel “, Syamozero” changed for the worse last summer. “Last (2014) year daughter was here and she loved it. What is happening this year? … They were in the so-called program “Syamozerie spinner”, invented by the camp leadership – coming from a campaign, you have no place in camp and you in a few hours, going again in March, not rested and not warmed up,” says she. According to this account, children living in tents in the camp, despite cold weather, were transferred to the housing only after appeals to the Federal service. “Just for a change they have lived in the hull seven days out of 21,” writes Tatyana1966, stating that the camp administration appealed to her baby at the age of 15 years with a request to accompany a hike in the eleven – twelve year old children as an instructor.

“My child, too, had been on the second shift, took the baby early, since it was just a nightmare, the child is still in shock from the camp… Wrote a letter to the Prosecutor and Rospotrebnadzor”, – reported in July 2015 user under the name “LenaLevina”. A month later, a user under the nickname “vnimanie” called “the Park hotel “, Syamozero” “concentration camp”: “the Third shift . A concentration camp! … Submit a statement to the Prosecutor’s office of the curator of the camp (V. A. Vinogradov), the lady and mistress of the Park hotel Syamozero Reshetova E. V. Parents, if you don’t want to hurt their children in any case do not send them to the Park hotel Syamozero” he said.

Children vacationing in the camp on the Syamozero in Karelia, will depart from Petrozavodsk to Moscow in the near future, said the press Secretary of the head of the Republic of Marina Kabatak. “At this moment is boarding. All the children go”, – told RIA “news” Kabatek.

Brought to Moscow

The victims of the tragedy in Karelia will be buried in the cemeteries of Moscow not later than Thursday this week; the place of burial chosen by the family of children, said the head of the Moscow Department of trade and services Alexey ameryk.

“Now body brought, as soon as the SC will carry out all necessary procedures, respectively, will begin issuing bodies, parents out there already. Accordingly, the representatives of the GBU “Ritual”, which will be assisted at the burial, also in place. Is a list of the cemeteries in which to bury the dead children, I think Tuesday-Wednesday, max Thursday all burials will happen,” – said the Agency Ameryk.

While the list of cemeteries is not defined, he added. According to ameruca, city authorities will discuss with the parents of the victims, where are buried the victims of the tragedy, except for one child who has no family.

“There is one orphan, respectively, there is in Zelenograd on Alabushevskaya cemetery site, which is dedicated for the Orthodox Church, where the burial of children-orphans”, – said Nemeryuk.

Moscow authorities will pay all the funeral at the expense of the city budget, said the official.

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