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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Doctors will relieve the integrators of health

Recently medical specialties, more doctors of functional diagnostics, endovascular surgeons… And literally in the near future will be another important job that has to medicine the direct relationship. Greatly relieve the doctors will so-called integrators health professionals who will guide patients from birth to send to specialists if necessary. What is the profession of the future? This “MK” said a well-known geneticist, chief researcher, fsbi “Medical genetic research center of RAMS, doctor of biological Sciences Ancha Baranova.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

According to our experts, while officially certified profession with the same name in the world. In other words, has not created any educational programs that have produced specialists with such qualifications, confirmed by diploma. “However, the facts of life, integration and interpretation of various parameters relevant to human health, conducted by many people possessing the requisite skills, or privately (for example, at the request of friends), or in the framework of the main professional activities. For example, “personal physician” of the President even a small country is likely to collect a significantly larger amount of information about your patient than is possible under conventional medical practices. Of course, in the nationwide implementation of the health care of each individual using a “personal physician” is impossible. Integrators of health are intended to fill this niche, they serve as important “integrating” between patients and physicians. – explains Ancha Baranova.

So the situation is that officially this profession has not yet appeared in the international classifier is concerned only with the complexities of qualification and certification of such specialists. Integrating health, by definition, must have a sufficiently strong knowledge base in special areas of biology, adjacent to the medicine (for example, to understand genetics, biomarkers, and human physiology, the response to acute and chronic stress, know the basics of pathogenesis) and Internet technology (to be able to work with the database, collect and process data of biosensors and, possibly, automated diaries, nutrition, sleep and stress, to understand what constitutes a statistically significant deviation from the norm and what isn’t).

Moreover, the integrator of health should be able to speak the same language as the patient and doctor talking on a specialized, highly accurate, professional language – continues to our expert. – It is clear that you need a certificate or master’s program graduate to receive to learn future integrators with undergraduate diplomas, establishing a baseline understanding of these areas”.

Baranov believes that once professionals will begin to receive these degrees, will begin to receive their specialized offices that are not associated with medical institutions directly. “And it is not necessary. In modern conditions, when the geographical mobility of people is high enough, and the possibilities of Internet communication are almost limitless, office of the integrator can be anywhere, even in Goa. The continuous accumulation and analysis of medical data will allow the integrator to identify sustainable changes to your health profile and send the person to a medical facility. It is expected that each integrator will maintain its patient base and provide subscribers to their services rather on the model of permanent service (as in the annual maintenance of the vehicle) than the model “broke-fixed” (as it is in ordinary trade),” says Dr. Baranov.

Experts believe that as remote assistants, physicians, integrators will take over the function of a preliminary “filtering” of doctor visits, and help not to miss important deviations from the norm, so contributing to the early diagnosis of pathological conditions. Of course, integrators will not be treated, in the sense of purpose of medicines. “But they will give the patients more or less individualised advice to improve their health and well-being (for example, by changes in diet or exercise regimen, or the use of some supplements, many of which are highly effective with the correct selection). In other words, the integrators of health will help patients to retreat from the border disease a step or two, thus extending their stay in a cohort of healthy people and will ensure the implementation of personalized medicine model “bottom – up” – sure, Ancha Baranova.

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