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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

After the tragedy in Karelia, the state Duma will be engaged in the guides, guides and guides

One of the consequences of the tragedy in Karelia will be changes in the working conditions of the tourism business. In particular, is likely to accelerate the adoption of the law on compulsory certification guides. The danger is that legislative amendments threaten to increase control, but decrease its effectiveness: safety rules children and are now very much.

In connection with the death of 15 people in Syamozero particularly relevant was the question about the need to introduce mandatory certification guides. The adoption of the relevant law to speak and representatives of the tourism industry, and the state Duma, in particular the head of the Duma Committee on economic policy, innovative development and entrepreneurship Anatoly Aksakov. “I think we need in the short term to redress these shortcomings,” said he, RIA “Novosti”.

“The overseer of many organizations, from the Ministry of health and until the Prosecutor’s office. And the result – as in the proverb about seven nurses”

As explained by Aksakov in an interview with the newspaper OPINION, “we proposed to make corresponding amendments to the law on tourism, but somehow it was decided that these amendments should support it”. Instead, the government decided to develop a separate law. This question was entrusted to the Ministry of culture, “but, unfortunately, the law is still there,” he said. It should be added that the text of the draft law of the Ministry of culture in the edition of 2013, hangs in the site office.

“We propose to classify all persons who work with travelers to determine their requirements to ensure the safety of the people with whom they work”, – explained the idea of their amendments Aksakov.

The idea of the introduction of certification of tourism professionals support. Some of them believe that it is necessary to go further, and create, as he said, RIA “Novosti” strategic Director “Moscow” Natalia Losev nationwide, very detailed rules and recreation standards for children”. She noted that tour operators have very different ideas about the organization of rest of children. “In our view, this is another reason to think about it, to unite all players children’s activities and these standards to create,” said Losev.

The Chairman of the Commission of children and youth tourism of the Public Council of the Federal tourism Agency Sergey Mindelevich believes that the need for such a law is long overdue.

“We talked about this fifteen years ago,” he said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK. Legally there are no such profession as “instructor”. It is absent in the all-Russian classifier of professions of the Ministry of labor. No professional standards in this profession. No University that trains specialists of such profile. In the absence of adequately trained professionals, Mendelevich sees the cause of the tragedy in Karelia. “Now why the tragedy occurred? – he asked. – Because there was no qualified instructors. Hired just the students of the pedagogical College, and participated in Hiking, in the water hike was not involved and had no knowledge to guide water campaign”.

Mindelevich, drew attention to the extreme imperfection of the existing legislation in this area. “With regard to the tourist industry, i.e. the law on fundamentals of tourist activity, where there are only General words,” he said, drawing attention to the inconsistency in the regulations governing the various types of tourism. For example, there is established in the Directive of the Ministry of sports requirement during sporting hikes have life jackets. And for tourists who go camping on a commercial basis, such instructions no.

It should be noted that rules certification of guides and guides, sometimes introduced by local authorities. And sometimes, no one entered.

“There is no single Federal requirements. In fact, it so happens that each firm is preparing itself for the trainers and for themselves also defines requirements for the conduct of campaigns. It turns out the complete lack of coordination,” says Mendelevich.

In these conditions, all depends on the integrity of the company. Meanwhile, in the case of OOO “Park-Hotel “Sjamozero” as already wrote the newspaper VIEW, talking about integrity is not necessary. Causing issues and the activities of the company, and how she received government contracts to conduct children’s activities. In particular, the procurement of information about the second bidder (and in case of absence of the at least two participants in the auction for the state contract shall be recognized invalid).

By the way, on Monday it became known that the Moscow authorities propose to amend the legislation, allowing to use an electronic auction, and competition in the choice of the organizer of children’s leisure. The purpose of this innovation and head of the Department of labour and social protection of Moscow Vladimir Petrosyan explained the need to have broader authority to check the quality of services.

Deputy Director General of the KID.Travel” Irina Novikova believes that the cause of the tragedy in Karelia, to the efforts of state agencies responsible for the organization of children’s rest, save on him. The result of the winners of the tenders for it are the companies that offer the lowest cost holiday. “The lowest value is unqualified, unprofessional staff, the savings on each segment of the training holiday. Children rest just initially may not be very cheap”, – quotes its words of RIA “news”.

Concerns to professionals of the tourism industry inspires the new law on licensing of services of tour guides and conductors. According to Mendelevich, concerns about the plans of the Ministry of culture to introduce a mandatory fine of up to one million rubles for the firm, if it turns out that it employs non-certified guides. “So, just to be destroyed all the active tourism in the country, he said. – First create a learning system, enter this profession in the legal field, and then apply the fines.”

About the possible problems associated with the financial side of the issue, said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK and General Director of the Club protection of tourists, tourism expert of the Public chamber, Roman Bobylev.

He notes that certification for guides, guides and guides are in almost all countries of the world, which focus on the development of the tourism industry. Countries with any developed tourism without uniform requirements for people working with tourists, no.

For example, Egypt, according to Bobyleva, is famous for the fact that “everything there is a tourist violates the legislation from the Russian tour operators to the local host. However, even there is objects, same pyramids, the area of Luxor, where the tour guides have passed a rigorous certification, have the right to conduct the tour. Among the requirements that they imposed, have higher education, and specialized. Local guides-Arabs, the majority of the people who took part in archaeological excavations”.

Therefore, certification guides, guides and guides are needed in Russia. However, as expressed by Bobylev, “there is always the danger that they would incur additional funds and on the quality of the tourist product are not affected”.

In addition, Bobylev warns against the desire to overly bureaucratize the industry after the tragedy in Karelia. “There are a huge number of legal acts, still remaining from Soviet times. Is there such a critical mass that often one document is in conflict with the others. Very much regulate the dealings with the children’s excursions. For example, in order to conduct a children’s tour, for a few days to submit the lists of children. Even if the school wants to take kids to the Museum. Must be a special bus should be special people should be special documentation. Of course, no one denies that the control needs. But practically it turns out, the organizers of the city forced to break a complex and intricate legislation,” he says. The same children’s recreation camps “the overseer of many organizations, from the Ministry of health and until the Prosecutor’s office. And the result – as in the proverb about seven nurses”, – ironically Bobylev.

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