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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The far East is dissatisfied with the law on “far hectare”

Parliamentarians of the Federation of the Far East intend to achieve revision of the law on free allocation to any citizen of Russia one hectare of land in DFO. They believe that the regions are not yet ready to implement it. Slip law is understandable, experts stress: useful land are relatively few, and the status is undefined.

Deputies of the state Assembly of Yakutia organized Sunday called for the postponement of the implementation of the law on “far hectare”. Hasty implementation of this project could cause a lot of problems, they say. Land surveying is not completed, and their distribution wishing to violate the rights of other citizens.

“The timeframe is very compressed, and to include the entire far East in such a short time this law is not possible”

Distant hectare

“We proposed to revise the timing of the introduction of this law no earlier than 2018, – TASS quoted the speaker of the State Assembly (Il Tumen) of Yakutia Alexander Zhirkov. – The timeframes are very tight, and turn the whole far East in such a short time this law is not possible.

“Our proposal today received the support of the Association of legislators of the Russian Far East and TRANS-Baikal, and this is quite a solid support. The subjects could see the first steps this bill starts to slip,” – said Zhirkov.

The announcement was made during the ongoing Yakutsk parliamentary Association “far East and Transbaikalia” – Association of deputies of the Federation far Eastern Federal district. The main objective of this event was to discuss the implementation of the law on “far hectare”.

Timing is important, but not sole, what’s not to like in this far Eastern people’s elected representatives. All the deputies have proposed more than 50 amendments to the law. According to TASS, including empowering local authorities with additional powers so that they could output a number of areas from the scope of the law.

“Almost all the territories of the Far East propose to establish a later date the law came into effect. A single reason – not completed the registration of land in their territories. And in this situation there is a corresponding budget costs associated with land plots, but the primary was and remains-infringement of the rights of citizens who live in the territories”, – reported Deputy Chairman of the state Assembly of the Republic Olga Balakina.

About need of improvement of the law, said the presidential envoy in the far Eastern Federal district Yuri Trutnev. According to “Interfax”, he believes that it is necessary to introduce an amendment to the law restricting the use of certain lands granted under the “far Eastern hectare”, for example, those in which are found minerals.

By the way, it is feared that under the guise of giving “far East hectares local people would be withdrawn the land for the extraction of mineral resources, are one of the main reasons for the protests of local residents in Yakutia.

Land issues

The law on “far hectare was adopted in may of this year. It is expected that its implementation will take place in two stages. From June 1 this year on the free sections of the DFO for a period of five years, with subsequent opportunity to take their lease or property, you can count only residents of the nine municipalities in the County. October 1 – all residents of the district. As of 1 February 2017 far East one hectare of land will be issued to all citizens of Russia.

On allocated land are allowed to engage in any activity with agriculture or, for example, construction. It was assumed that the plots will be allocated under the simplified procedure, in particular, without the definition of cadastral works, that is not originally separated.

This, according to developers of the law (and offered his government), had significantly accelerate the process of issuing land. Plus would help minimize corruption abuses: the size and location of its section determined by the applicant himself / herself “far acres” on the Internet, not the officials.

However, at the first stage the difficulties began. Chief among them was that in many places the region still have not completed started in the nineties of the boundary work.

Many residents of the Far East already have their ownership legally registered land, which nevertheless are not on the cadastral account. So, they may be in the “far Eastern acres”, which will pass into someone’s possession. Especially such situation is characteristic for Yakutia, where, in fact, the largest dissatisfaction with the law. In the Republic even has repeatedly held rallies against its adoption.

How to make money on the hectare?

According to the Professor of geographical faculty of Moscow state University Natalia Zubarevich, initially, the problem of implementation of the law stems from the fact that the little land that can actually be of interest to potential applicants, far Eastern hectare”, if they naturally expect to receive some profit from their land.

“There are more or less developed agriculture only in the Amur region and Prikhankaiskaya plain, but there is good land mostly dismantled,” she said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK. – What remains to capitalise on this ha? Forestry, too complex task, requiring a very long-term investment, which is not what the family can afford. Maral breeding, reindeer breeding? It’s not serious,” she said.

According to experts, interest in the land would have been higher if she was out in the suburbs of major regional centres, especially Khabarovsk. But to do that is not planned. Moreover, it contradicts the idea of law, which is designed to incorporate into economic circulation of unused areas.

In the presence of a relatively small amount of land with unclear status conflicts around it natural, he said.

Meanwhile, as reported by the presidential envoy in the far Eastern Federal district Nikolay Shevtsov, since June, has received over 1,600 applications for the far Eastern hectare”, that is, about 100 applications per day. This means that the idea of acquiring one hectare of land, though not huge crowds, but has a certain number of supporters, whose number will increase as involvement in the project of the new regions.

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