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Friday, July 21, 2017

Sergey Alekseev: “Women’s perception of the world is not suitable for serious literature

The heroes of novels by author Sergei Alekseev stored in the Ural caves of sacred essence of Russia, traveling in search of treasure and the meaning of life, discover the secrets of the Russian language. The writer gave Moscow, fled to the taiga in the polar Urals, where the action a good half of numerous books, — the “MK” was able to track him down.

photo: From personal archive

— Who are your relatives, how to integrate your lifestyle with your family?

— The most difficult concept in my life — family, if you approach it with the usual norms. By nature I am a wanderer, a tramp, but lone-wolf children. I have five of them: the eldest daughter Svetlana, the Opera diva, coloratura soprano and the mother of my grandchildren, all successful in life. Son Alex — a wandering musician, songwriter and performer of dramatic rock: so we named it unorthodox songs. Daughter Valentina is far from the scene, but a connoisseur of foreign languages, philologist and translator, living in Germany and also gives birth to grandchildren, however, of the Germans. Son Egor is also a musician, lives in Saint-Petersburg, plays in a band on bass guitar, extreme son Ivan lives in Vologda, engaged in everything, including literature and music, although by profession a mechanic.

— You by the nature of the Siberian, then long lived in Vologda, and then in the capital, and is now left in the taiga hermit, in the wilderness… How to treat family, friends? Like them, he explained.?

Traveled from Moscow, where he lived for fifteen years, I still otraslevoy could, the vanity and meaninglessness of existence major capital cities. Close I love Vologda as a reserved part of the Russian North, where the gene pool of the nation, its manners and customs. Likely to return to this city when I’m weak, because in Vologda well in old age. Now live in a small village in the Sverdlovsk region. Northern Ural — my old love. I’m not “moved, leaving Moscow, I came back here as home. Although the house as such, there is a warm and cosy cottage, very close friends, a wonderful non-Intrusive environment. The village is small, but ancient, stands at the confluence of two mountain rivers — Paudi and Birch. Birch on the shore you want to live in the skete, in order to hear running water and time…

Escape from Moscow children approved, but I’ve seen that I’ll never be able to increment to the metropolis. And friends were delighted — having been on my Ural, listening to the noise of the pines, also wanted the will, silence, loneliness.

— In the wilderness you are meditating, and working actively, judging by the fact that you have regularly published books. As asceticism affect creativity?

— The main problem of the current writing (and writers-to name difficult) — inability or rather unwillingness to comprehend the philosophy of time. Therefore, Housewives and pensioners scribbled detectives, who are now called literature! Such insanity the great Russian literature has never known. But nothing is necessary to survive. Seclusion, silence and solitude allows you to focus the energy of thought. For the current year in the Urals brought three old project that I never was able to master in the bustle of the city, and turned two novel feature and novel-essay “Vedic gramatica” is the final book of the series “Forty lessons in Russian”.

— What type of person you in life? Eating habits? Three items, without which do not think in daily life?

— In everyday life is probably terrible… At least so say my ex wife, and why it was given the title of the former. My life is directly connected with the creative work and does not exist as a separate component of life. Favorite dishes — it’s all salt and peppered, eat a doormat, if with mustard, horseradish, plus sprinkle with pepper and season with garlic! Once at a reception at the Korean Embassy, I began to pepper their sharpest dish — something like our fried dumplings. Employees of the kitchen opened wide eyes. Without sharp for a table do not sit down, everything seems tasteless.

Where I live now, items always on hand axe, trowel and weapons. Axe, because the ruble of the house, the son and grandson of carpenters, his son is also trained. The trowel — because I love putting furnace, especially Russian, but all the clay is ground and paint a brick with your bare hand, it is better to feel the material. Weapons — because from early childhood, the hunter. First gun dad bought me when I moved to fourth grade without the “triples” — that was the challenge.

— What are you reading yourself? In General, and specifically now?

— I read mostly professional literature relating to the professions of the characters who live in the novels. I love Marquez, who pushed to be creative, re-read until now. Grew up in “rural” literature — Belov, Astafiev, Rasputin, Shukshin, Fedoseev. And classic, of course, Russian and foreign. When he wrote the novel “the Outcast Great” — read the whole of Aristotle, and I must say, he inspired me and exhausted. And at the moment I read “morning of the magicians by Jacques Bergier and Louis Pauwels — “occult technology” fantasy of the 60-ies….

— Voluntary hermit just want to ask — are you close to modern culture, movies, music? If you do not from the “axis of evil”, as is often the case with “leaving the world”?

A large part of the show relates to the business, so has nothing to do with culture. Judging by what is happening in the cultural life of the country under the auspices of the appropriate Ministry, then it is high time to rename, but the Minister to designate as the main entertainer. Cinema rushed after detectiving in the literature and faint. On the screens in movie crime, according to expert estimates, has killed more people than the entire population of Russia. Destroyed the Director’s and actor’s school, fostered in the Soviet cinema. So I look mostly old films by Tarkovsky, Gerasimov, Govorukhin, listen to songs Kukina, Klyachkin, Vysotsky, Okudzhava, like modern curiosities.

— You have five children — how they sound in your system of values on three statements, or three of the “law of life” that people need to pass on to your child?

— Children in early childhood hammered:

“Do not betray! Ask nothing at strong! Don’t condescend and don’t lose!”

— Let the publisher tell you: “write us a book about the President!” Write?

Well, in the psychology of Putin is a lot of interesting, and it would be artistic to understand… I almost wrote a novel about the politics of high rank, with no hint of the publishing house, according to his own will. I was attracted by the personality of the Governor of Kuzbas of Aman Tuleyev. His name is not in Russian, but I have not yet met a person more Russian way of thinking and behavior than he is! And what is the interweaving destinies of birth, when my grandfather Tuleyev meets with Arkady Gaidar, and later converge in a duel grandchildren… However, I’m not going to prejudge the story, the novel is coming soon.

— Your fans constantly give you the just claims thrown about midway series books. It’s not really fair to the readers, you’re “responsible for those who tamed”, people waiting…

— Yes, there is such a sin… the Old debt to the readers — since 2000 not finished the book “Valley of death”, a series of “Kanagaraj” began and threw a series of “Armory” too. It happens here’s why: I zamyslova novel in two books, because the theme is such that in one book is not better, but until you write one volume, the characters and material I am so bored that I don’t know where to hide from them, in the dream they begin to see they torture me… Leave to rest, and at this time born a new idea. And when the new plan — all the lights, sparkles, shines from within! And I’m the previous owner and did postpone for a year or two, and already starting to forget… Now I’m quietly distribute old debts.

I have the time and strength is not enough all your ideas to implement. I’ve even tried to organize a sort of school, a group of like-minded people: to teach them, to share their experience, to share ideas. Given the idea of the novel — take, write…

— … the services of a ghostwriter, or what, trained?!

“No! I was just offering people the canvas of the novel and crafted of heroes: take it and “beef-up meat on the bones”. Let people publish the result under his own name.

— And so this story came out?

— Oh, nothing. Three suggested ideas. They are all one or two books already released. Gave them “training novels”. I their developments do not mind, but people learned to write, unwound. One woman wrote 30 pages and gave up — here, speaks, it is necessary to think, a philosopher to be. I realized that the female worldview is not suitable for serious literature. Detectives in women well-received, but a philosophy, a psychology, a battle of worldviews — not out… Another author, friend, pages, 50 mastered and says: not my material, I should not have undertaken. The excitement began, but couldn’t either. I said credited to your novel piece, and then stalled — I don’t know what to write! In the end a good idea and remained unborn and returned back to me. I did for her after some time come from — and the inspiration behind the 22 day was the Roman Pontiff from the Gulag”.

— The series of books “treasures of the Valkyries” is your business card, you know the majority of readers. (Cycle tells of the activities of some secret power, community, is the custodian and protector of sacred knowledge and spirit of Russia. — “MK”) But many readers of the last book seem weak, not in the spirit of the cycle, almost a media franchise?

Representations are formed not immediately, eventually. I’m sure in five years it will take strong! This series is not over, “treasures of the Valkyries” is not the artistic subject, and the formation of worldview. This novel is not even double, and a triple bottom, ahead of time. It is not necessary to perceive them in a straight line, read twice, three times — and you’ll find this third floor!

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