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Monday, March 19, 2018

Japanese castle will become our base

The island of Matua is the most enigmatic in Big Kuril ridge. The Japanese made it an impregnable fortress, built under the ground an entire underground city. From may to Matua running the expedition of the defense Ministry, the Russian geographical society, the Eastern military district and Pacific fleet under the leadership of Deputy commander of the Pacific fleet Vice Admiral Andrew V. ryabukhina. About how lived Japanese troops on the island what mysteries it holds, whether there will be it the Russian military base — in an interview with “MK” told me directly Andrey Ryabukhin.

On Matua raised the flag of the Russian Federation and the flag of St. Andrew. Фото:mil.ru

— Andrey, what are the goals of the expedition?

— Before the expedition has three main objectives: to study the military-historical aspects of the island, explore the volcanic activity Matua and understand how to develop a military infrastructure. The island is characterized by two features: it is an active volcano and no water sources.

— The Japanese water on Matua from other Islands were brought?

— No. They are used exclusively by meltwater, which is formed by the melting snow on the volcano. In this regard, widespread on the island had received the filters, which was invented by the head of the 731‑th unit in Manchuria, Shiro Ishii.

— Failed to understand how was built the defense of the island?

Yes. During the expedition we found out the communications system and the fortification of the Japanese, understood, as was the structure of the defense Matua. The peculiar structure of the island is the large number of narrow valleys, long canyons, in which they concentrated their warehouses. The island had a developed road system. It was serpentine type, and led to where was a separate garrisons. It is already clear that Matua was developed in road transport and railway.

— A real railroad on a small island on the edge of the earth?

— We only meet her footprints, the road itself could not be found.

— Is it true that the Japanese have built a unique airfield on the island? Whether it will be restored?

— Airfield management. A bituminous airfield. While at Matua we are equipped with only a helipad, but in the future, its recovery is possible.

— Do we need this island, where, as I understand it, nothing but problems, no?

— Last year the sea of Okhotsk became our inland sea. This is our sea. And here so many open doors. And everyone wants to enter. But what was the intent behind those doors included — good or not, just do not understand. To securely defend our territory, have to make the effort, so you do not regret that did nothing. While there are loopholes, and they should be eliminated, including the creation of Russian bases. While it is planned that the island will house units of the Pacific fleet.

— Will our military base on Matua to recover the Japanese infrastructure?

— In modern conditions make it impractical. Again, all underground utilities that we reveal, very old. The fact that the Japanese then dug, for the time was very important, not anymore.

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