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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Film festival “the Mirror” went to childhood Tarkovsky

In Ivanovo and the surrounding area hosted the X international film festival “Mirror” them. A. Tarkovsky. Before closing, the delegation headed by the President — Director Pavel Lungin, the Chairman of the jury — a classic Dutch Jos Stelling, whom we love above all for his masterwork “the Switchman”, went to Yuryevets. There were childhood by Andrei Tarkovsky.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

Arseny Tarkovsky in the house where his father grew up.

Not just went up there Alla Demidova, a member of the jury, since he was preparing for the evening performance. In summer the theatre of a century ago, she read poems by Arseny Tarkovsky. By the way, first visited the festival and Philip Jankowski. A child with his father, Oleg Yankovsky, he also starred in “the Mirror” Tarkovsky. As for Stelling, he had long and hopelessly loved Russia for its unpredictability and otherness in a peaceful and prosperous homeland. Jos lives in Utrecht, where shooting a film, and teaches in the film school of his name. In Tarkovsky he fell in love for a long time, not many times in our festivals and even laughed at them in his film “Darling”, showing the confusion that accompanies them. This film with Sergey Makovetsky in the title role was also shown during the festival. The prototype of the hero was the St. Petersburg film critic, with whom the Stelling met in St. Petersburg, and then with him began a very strange relationship. If Jos took away all the gifts from Russia to the Netherlands and it sets, carpets, you could furnish your house, but it usually leaves them with us, it is a shame donors. And now went to the roots favorite Director Tarkovsky, in Yuryevets, where in a wooden house early XX century kept things belonging to the family of Tarkovsky, just to breathe the air of his childhood idol.

Go to Yurievets three hours on the bus on the road. And then, unfortunately, the old transport not stand the heat and stuck in the woods. When it happened the first time, I said to Mr Stelling, that is mysticism, and it is associated with him personally. People love the Russian unpredictability, and here, please-sign it. The Stelling said that it is not enough only to deliver a baby in the bus, but this requires the doctor. The doctor in the bus were found, although pregnant women were not. The eldest son of Andrei Tarkovsky, Arseny, named in honor of his grandfather — the great Russian poet Arseny Tarkovsky, was not chosen creative path and became a doctor. They say that he is a very good cardiologist, and certainly intelligent and humble man. Arseniy, however, immediately said that without the white coat, patients will not accept. So, with jokes we have overcome a dozen kilometers. And then the bus stood up again, and then another and another. Pavel Lungin was stopped on a highway for a ride to send people to Sochi.

Finally they came and visited the house where he spent his childhood by Andrei Tarkovsky, put in front of him five lilac bushes. Arseniy though I’ve been here and even planted five years ago the Apple tree in the yard, again with the thrill of wandering around the small house, took pictures, looked at pictures. On the couch in one of the rooms is a portfolio that belonged to the sister of the Director, Marina Tarkovsky. She, along with her husband Alexander Gordon (he is a classmate of her brother, wrote several books about it) also attended the festival. She is working hard on a new collection dedicated to Tarkovsky.

I must say, full of enthusiasm towards the festival from the inhabitants Yurievets anymore. Before the streets were the whole town pies and fries, watered all carrot tea, and got acquainted with the artists. And now Pavel Lungin, in desperation, turned to the handful gathered: “I cannot understand that with all this happening? Where are the people?”.

In ples, where he housed the guests and participants, interest in the movies they were shown. Coming to the resort, the public is burdened with other concerns. But the real audience in Ivanovo, where the films not only look, but also discuss with the authors how it was with “No comment” Artem Temnikov. And even banned to be shown. One of the short films the audience never saw, as they say, by the order of FSB who saw in it the ideological threat. Marina Tarkovskaya believes that “Mirror” should be in Ivanovo, as before, since there is the main viewer.

Sorry, that I did not get to Ivanov, the Italian-American Director Abel Ferrara. He did not cope with bureaucratic difficulties. He did not have blank pages in the passport, so had to change urgently. The Russian Embassy has appointed a two-week period for obtaining a visa. But since Ferrara is a free man, not used to formalities, he spit on everything and decided not to go anywhere. Although Russia applied to join his young wife — a native of Moldova. The picture Ferrara’s “Pasolini”, “Welcome to new York” and “Bad Lieutenant” at the festival showed in his absence.

Years ago in ples was visited by actor Danila Kozlovsky. And now, on the waterfront near one of the cafes installed the switchboard: “Select Danila Kozlovsky: 1) Hitler; 2) kolejka (the ancient name of cheesecake); 3) a Napoleon.” Then sell the “your favorite cookies Levitan — bag at a price of 90 rubles.

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