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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Vladimir Putin: We will have to answer

Putin urged to join the project of greater Eurasia is a new twist, emphasize the Western media, analyzing the proposals of Russia at the St. Petersburg economic forum. President at the meeting with heads of the largest foreign news agencies were convinced of benefit of cooperation with Russia, which acts not as spontaneous as “the only superpower” – the United States. Separately, the Americans got over the European missile defense system.

Russia will be forced to respond to the steps of the West: it is necessary to ensure the strategic balance, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin meeting with the heads of global news agencies.

“That you only hang noodles on the ears, as we say, and you in turn hang their populations”

“I know for sure that we will have to meet, – quotes the President RIA Novosti. – I already know in advance that we will be accused of aggressive behaviour, although this is the only answer”.

According to TASS, Putin, speaking to reporters, shared his concern that the military confrontation between Russia and the USA drags the world into a new dimension, fraught with conflict. “People don’t feel the danger that concerns me,” said the President, noting that even he did not know “how to reach” the colleagues from other countries. “It is the strategic balance provided guaranteed peace on the planet,” reminded the Western journalists Putin.

Communication with foreign media held in the late evening, became part of the program of the Petersburg international economic forum – which, as I hope the observers will help to put relations of Russia and Europe in a new dimension – only positive.

“They then said – you know what it is?”

In one of the replies touched upon themes of American PRO-actively deployed in Europe near Russia’s borders. We will remind, in may, on the basis of Deveselu in Romania earned the American missile defense system. At the same time began construction of a database for a similar site in Poland.

Putin argues the US who claim that the missile defense system in Europe is defensive and not offensive. “That’s not true, it is not, – said the President. – Strategic missile defense system is part of strategic offensive potential. And it works in conjunction with a single offensive strike complexes: some cover, some do a preemptive strike with precision weapons, while others cover nuclear retaliation, applied themselves to a nuclear attack. It’s all in the solved complex of modern non-nuclear precision weapons enforcement”.

“Okay, these missiles, which will increasingly develop and to threaten us… But in these mines, which are used for the “Tomahawk”, there can be a few hours to put these “Tomahawks” and it has no missiles,” – said Putin. He asked the question: “How do we know what’s in those mines?” According to him, the replacement of the missiles in the mines – “the work is totally invisible, you only need the program change. “Yes, Romanians will never know what will happen. Their that there allow? Neither the Romanians will not know, nor the poles! I know how to do it”, – assured the head of the Russian state.

As previously noted by military experts, if necessary, Americans can use a live-fire complexes of air defense systems for cruise missiles – which directly violates the letter and spirit of the Treaty on intermediate-range nuclear forces (INF), and poses a direct threat to Russia’s security. “These missiles are laid in capsules that are used for launches of medium-range missiles “Tomahawk” sea-launched. Lay there now interceptor missiles, capable of hitting targets at a distance of 500 km,” – said the President.

Putin recalled previous discussions with the United States the idea of creating ballistic missiles with non-nuclear execution. “They then said, you know what it is? You will have to launch missiles from submarines, from the territory. Launched ballistic missile, and we don’t know – there is a nuclear head or not,” – said the President of Russia.

“We know roughly what year the Americans will get a new missile

“I say something about everything all the time? We need to defend against an Iranian nuclear threat. Where the Iranian nuclear threat? It is not!” – said Putin.

The President reminded that the United States were the initiators of an agreement with Iran to settle its nuclear issue. “We have supported. If not the U.S. position, would not be of this agreement. This, of course, to the credit of President (Barack) Obama because that is the contract right, he defused the situation around Iran, and President Obama can put that in your record as a result of their work in this direction”, – believes the Russian leader.

However, he stressed that more Iranian nuclear threat, and the missile defense system being built continues to be built, so we were right when they said that to deceive us, with us disingenuously referring to the alleged Iranian nuclear threat during the construction of the missile defense system.” “The way it really is – once again tried to screw us,” said the Russian head of state.

“We know roughly what year the Americans will get a new rocket, which will not be 500 km (to be range), and more, and from that moment they begin to threaten our nuclear capability. For years, we know what will happen. And they know that we know”, – quotes his words TASS.

“That you only hang noodles on the ears, as we say, and you in turn hang their people”, – Putin addressed to the heads of foreign news agencies.

Greater Eurasia against the “spontaneity” of the”superpower

“The U.S. decision is sometimes taken spontaneously, without taking into account long-term results and consequences,” – said Putin. The reason for this observation was the issue of US sanctions against the current Prime Minister of India Narendra modi.

Sanctions against modi was introduced under George W. Bush, but was still half a presidential term of Barack Obama.

Earlier, speaking at the meeting of SPIEF, the Russian President said that America is today “perhaps the only superpower.” “But we don’t need to constantly intervene in our Affairs, have pointed out how we live, prevented Europe to build a relationship with us”, – said Putin.

Note that the day before Putin announced plans for the establishment of the great Eurasian partnership with the EEU (Eurasian economic Union), “as well as countries with whom we have developed close relationships: China, India, Pakistan, Iran.” The head of the partner countries of Russia in the Eurasian economic Union, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev, in turn, called for cooperation of the Eurasian economic Union and the European Union. “Similarly, a United Europe benefits from the cooperation with our integration Association,” Nazarbayev said.

The country’s media, which is considered one of the main European partners of Russia, could not ignore the money laundering proposed the idea of greater Eurasia.

In the material published on German-language portal Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, in turn, noted that Putin, “despite the extension of sanctions against Crimea, sent a clear signal to the EU that his country is not vindictive and is willing to normalize strained relations.

In an article published by Deutsche Welle, emphasizes that “the most interesting thing in the speech of the President of Russia at the St. Petersburg economic forum is the announcement of the integration project with China.” “This time Vladimir Putin called on Europeans to join a project of greater Eurasia. But this is a new twist,” said the author of the material.

Handelsblatt compares the proposed project of greater Eurasia with the American project of the TRANS-Pacific and Transatlantic partnerships.

“The market is large and potentially even larger than in the case of an agreement on free trade zone between the EU and USA (TTIP),” – said the German edition.

This is also indicated by Deutsche Welle. “It turns out that during his visit to Beijing at the end of this month, the Russian leader expects to lay the Foundation for a new, third major trade and economic bloc on the planet after already negotiated TRANS-Pacific partnership (TPP) and an emerging Transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP)”, – stated in the material.

“Signed, then dumped it in the trash”

At the meeting of Putin with the heads of international agencies could not stop talking about one of the most painful issues for Europe, on Russian gas supplies to EU countries. We will remind, on may 27, President Putin stated that Moscow agreed to consider any projects for the southern supply route, if you get from Europe guarantee its implementation. “We in Russia proceeded from the fact that the entrance to the territory of the EU countries from the South diversifitsirovat supplies of energy raw materials in Europe”, – said the President, Recalling the failure of the European side of the project “South stream”. “We just were not allowed to do, we have not refused,” continued the President of Russia.

The President also mentioned the problems with gas transit through Ukraine. “If that’s the same Ukraine will understand that she doesn’t have a monopoly on the transportation of Russian gas to Europe, and blackmail some figures in respect of these supplies will stop,” – said the President. He said: “We do not refuse completely from the transit through the territory of Ukraine, by the way. Question – how we will transit somewhere. The practice of previous years showed that the monopoly is bad history, and when someone is in the hands of some monopoly, then it immediately begins to abuse”.

As Ukraine makes Russian gas europejskiego, by the way, the Ukrainian partners, we will offer economically viable project today, will offer such a project, which guarantees us security of supply and economic viability, we will work with Ukraine,” – he said.

Putin recalled that several years ago Russia proposed to create an international consortium with participation of European partners and to rent the gas transportation system of Ukraine, pledging to maintain and develop. “Signed, then dumped it in the trash”, – stated the President. He added that after that Ukraine demanded to reduce the price of gas below market levels.

“But we have to protect themselves from this and work fine with Ukraine,” – said Putin.

Speaking about deliveries to other countries, he noted that Russia is “one day” has not suspended gas supplies to Turkey, despite the difficulties in relations with this country.

“Now seeing growth”

Assuring reasonableness in economic cooperation with Russia, Putin said that the outflow of capital from Russia was reduced almost in nine times.” As the President noted, this suggests that the money stays in the country and that the attractiveness of Russia increased.

According to him, the decline in investment is partly linked to the fall in energy prices: “the Profitability of the energy business reduced due to drops in oil prices and the significant investments of past years have been associated with oil, gas, energy in General and the infrastructure around it. Therefore the relationship it is, it is direct.

“We planned a small downturn in the economy by the end of this year. But now we are seeing growth in processing industries was 0.6%, agriculture 0.8%, and an average of 0.5%. So definite progress and we have, and we intend to continue to move in this direction of diversification and investment, this generated a whole set of tools,” Putin said.

“We as a country doing it, raising the question of localization (of production). Now only I have met with leading manufacturers, our partners. We talked about that in one of the sectors of the Russian economy ) localization should reach 70%,” – said Putin.

In may, the Russian presidential aide Andrei Belousov said that in two or three years, the economy can achieve sustainable growth of 4%.

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