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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Vladimir Putin spur of the moment called the U.S. “sole superpower”

On Friday the participants of the Petersburg economic forum it was especially hard to get in Shushary. Before a company celebrated the opening of the forum the traditional parties ended well after midnight. Today arrived at the SPIEF listened to Vladimir Putin’s speech and his answers to questions of Russian fans in France and the attitude of the Tramp and the United States.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

According to eyewitnesses, the impact of sanctions, which is so much discussion on plenary involving ex-French President Nicolas Sarkozy and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, the participants of the forum was hardly felt. Champagne and traditional Russian drinks flowed freely, the shortage of ham and other delicacies were observed. Happy owners of invitation could listen to the speech of Dmitri Hvorostovsky and Tamara of Gverdtseteli, Maxim Leonidov sing along and rock out in full under hits Garik Sukachev. Special scale distinguished bankers, treats guests to the Hermitage and the Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo.

After such adventures to get out of bed, for obvious reasons, was not easy (and some, for example, German Gref, announced in advance their participation in the race at 6.30 am, it was easier not to go), but absolutely necessary. The second day of SPIEF is traditionally considered to be “presidential”: for the right to listen to Vladimir Putin “live” participants paid a lot of money, and was in a hurry to occupy the scarce seats. (For those who did not, at this time, was prepared a special “hats” to keep warm on the bare floor).

Dmitry Peskov (in acid)
Sands entered the race SPIEF in acid-green t-shirt (10 photos)

In the VIP-sector, located two steps from the stage, all the chairs were marked with name tags. In the first row directly in front of Putin planted a personal friend of the President – Gerhard schröder, not missed any of the St. Petersburg forum. Located near the heads of the largest corporations in the world.

In truth, Putin’s speech at the SPIEF not much differed from his annual addresses to the Federal Assembly. Despite the presence of foreign investors, a considerable part of the speech was devoted to domestic agenda.

The President promised to increase support for small and medium business, again advocated the humanization of economic articles of the criminal code and threatened to finger the governors, not providing the necessary support to the entrepreneurs. He warned that the fall (obviously, after the parliamentary elections will be held “serious conversation” about the effectiveness of the regional authorities.

In addition, the GDP gave a few orders to the government. And announced the creation of a presidential Council – this time for strategic development and priority projects. “The Council will be engaged in key projects, aimed at structural changes in the economy and in the social sphere to enhance growth,” explained Putin, adding that he would lead the new structure “your obedient servant”, and the Presidium will be chaired by Dmitry Medvedev. (Putin’s statement caused a fair confusion among the Russian participants of the session. “Excuse me, but what then will deal with the presidential Economic Council, which especially for structural reforms recently called Kudrin? – whispering in the gallery).

To a foreign business audience in the great speech of the head of state, in fact, was paid only one call – to join the integration processes in the Eurasian space and to put the interests of their business above the prejudices of politicians.

“In June we plan to give the official start of the comprehensive trade and economic partnership of Eurasia with the participation of the EAEU member States and China” – announced GDP the main purpose of his forthcoming visit to Beijing. This partnership, in his opinion, could join the European Union, which is still focused on one-sided cooperation with America in the framework of the Transatlantic partnership. “It is clear that Europe has enormous potential and rate is only one regional Association explicitly restricts its capabilities, deprives of manoeuvre”, – said Putin.

The issue of sanctions in his speech, he specifically raised. But all the same, said Nicolas Sarkozy, who offered Russia the first to cancel the food embargo. “We don’t hold grudges and are ready to meet our European partners, but it should not be a one-sided game,” he said. He proposed for discharge to start with small steps towards each other – for example, to resume dialogue on issues of trade, investment, customs regulation at the level of experts, not bureaucrats. According to Putin, this will help to develop the basis for further cooperation and interaction.

Present in a plenary session, the Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi, the subject of sanctions, commented on the Latin translation of “Covenant count of servanda” or “contracts should be observed”.

He recalled that, according to the EU, the removal of restrictions depends on the implementation of the Minsk agreements. But this should be done not only Russia, but all “involved parties,” said Renzi. He added that he became Prime Minister after the EU voted for sanctions against Russia. “And even Italy is not enough stability! Our governments live on less than cats on the roads!” – in the hearts exclaimed the Italian.

Leading “presidential session”, was an American journalist Fareed Zakaria, and he naturally could not ask GDP about his attitude to the upcoming elections of the President of the United States.

“You still hold a high opinion of Donald trump?” asked Zakaria, listing a number of epithets, which allegedly awarded the Republican candidate, the Russian President.

“I only said he was bright! – protested Putin – No other characteristics Trump I did not give. What would you say that he is not bright?”.

– And about Hillary Clinton, you said that husband and wife are one Satan! – continued to provoke the leader.

Can you say the heat of the moment! – fought Putin and hurried turned the arrow on foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov – That he was working with her! He soon Gromyko will – all worked. And ask him.

According to GDP at the beginning of his political career, he kind of took the presidency of bill Clinton. “We had very good relations. He attended to me personally and to Russia, I remember it and am grateful to him.”

And suddenly, quite unexpectedly, Putin called America is not just “great power” and “the world’s only superpower.” Yes, admitted that Russia fully recognizes this fact.

However, most likely, these words were also spoken rashly.

And the President spoke about the fights of fans in France for Euro 2016 — Putin has described them as “a complete disgrace” – less interested in football than these fights, and it is “sad”. According to the Prime Minister, he does not understand, how 200 Russians were able to “whack” a few thousand English fans.

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