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Thursday, March 22, 2018

“Ukraine will pull to the last”: the expert confirmed the criticism of Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke out sharply about the failure of Ukraine Minsk agreements. He stated June 17 on the next St. Petersburg economic forum. The leader of the country stressed that he agreed with Petro Poroshenko on the strengthening of the OSCE mission, but wonders why Ukraine is unable to perform only a few points of agreement. With the reasons why official Kiev is stalling with the elections and Donbas does not want to change prisoners, “MK” helped to understand the political analyst Oleg Bondarenko.

photo: kremlin.ru

Responding to a question by CNN host Fareed Zakaria: “Why Eastern Ukraine still there are groups of separatists”, – Putin said that the case to individuals that “seek to ensure their legitimate rights and interests,” but they are afraid of possible reprisals. In this regard, the Russian leader stressed that the law on the special status of the unrecognized republics is necessary. But despite the fact that he was adopted by the Parliament of the country, he for some reason is still not signed by Poroshenko and, as a consequence, does not apply and the Amnesty law. Was supported by the President and announced by Kiev, the reason for not carrying out elections on the territory of Donbass:

– How can you hold any elections, how can you talk about the conduct of the electoral process in the context of the implementation of the ATO? Somewhere in the world it is at all?

– We are not even talking about it out loud. But it is necessary in the end to cancel it and need to rebuild the economy, the humanitarian sphere, but nothing is being done. Well just nothing, and to postpone the solution of these questions, referring to the acts of violence in the zone of differentiation of the conflicting parties (according to the survey, the majority of Ukrainians are against the elections before the “withdrawal of troops” from the territory of Donbass — approx. “MK”) is just an excuse and an excuse to do nothing.

– At the same time, Putin said that he agreed with Poroshenko: the OSCE mission needs to strengthen, even by equipping observers with small arms.

Is absolutely the right decision, ” said Oleg Bondarenko. OSCE observers should be armed first and foremost for the sake of their own safety. As for the opinion of citizens of Ukraine about postponing elections until “withdrawal” is nonsense. It is not clear what military they are referring to? Russian? But where is the evidence that they are there? Were they there already, there would be photographic proof. It’s much easier — Ukraine does not need Donbas as an Autonomous region, the territory they want as part of the country, not more. So with the elections they will pull to the last.

– Slightly unclear situation with the Amnesty and exchange of prisoners. Why these events can’t happen?

– It is estimated that in Ukraine there are about 2000 people who have been convicted under political articles, for example, for separatism. On the territory of Donbass — about 150 people, and no convicts, and prisoners. Of course, Donbas is not favorable for the exchange person to person due to inequality. If we are to change, then the principle “all for all”.

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