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Sunday, February 18, 2018

The voices of his contemporaries

Do not blame anyone. People are under the despair.

Her husband left her. Raising a child alone. He then told her, “I thought. Let’s get together again. You’re the best”. She hated him. But agreed. What to do? There is no money. Worn. That came back to him. Supposedly forgave.

And my me not for love. And in hopelessness. And anger. To spite her ex. Took me away from my wife. In order to prove that they are able to triumph. Keeps on a leash. She is someone else. I’m sure of it. All in order to fill his price. In his own eyes. Well, let them. If you have this internal resources. I don’t have them. And her bed handouts for me even nasty. Humiliating. But I’m from it can not escape. Tired of life. And kind of like. Although, if I met standing, I do not have wondered, would swistel on all cylinders.


I have a few customers. Because I’m old and ugly. Although cut well.

And my sensiti — full of customers, although the cuts are bad. But she’s young and beautiful. Looking at her, people think she is and we will do the same — young and beautiful. This is human psychology. Professionalism is not needed. The desired illusion.

Boundless country

We live in a boundless country. In the sense that the possibilities of its unlimited. Limitless. Want to pilfer billion — there is no barrier, steal, anything for it will not. You can see it yourself on numerous examples.

And at the same time: I got on a snappy (compared to a billion) is soldered infinite time.

Our boundless opportunities in the choice and mastery of any profession. But as boundless opportunities to nurture us country: do not give to get on the field and throw to where you need and want it — our country.

Huge its wealth of natural and pilfer from the public. And it keeps these boundless opportunities: to steal the wealth of people, nature, myself, and to take abroad.

Boundless power of those who broke through to power. Infinite possibility to clamp the mouth of the population, shorten unruly. To exalt the unworthy.

If everyone even for one second imagined how infinite the powers of the guards, the keepers of the public peace, it would not have dared to poke their nose into the street.

Infinite forms of arbitrariness that reigns in the sphere of lawmaking and law enforcement. Unlimited ostentatious methods of treatment of elementary and incurable diseases. Unlimited types of counterfeit food products in the shops and medicines in pharmacies.

How can there be such boundless country — at the limit of their capabilities — is completely incomprehensible!


I liked it. I loved it!

I really liked your performance, it’s a beautiful uplifting sight, my emotional shock was so great, delight raised so high over my fragile reality that I could not force myself to stay in the chair during the intermission, left without waiting for the second act, I soared, vanished, flew away from the stuffy hall, surrendered to the delight of thoughts and a whirlwind of feelings…

The cycle of rudeness

What have I done? Just went to the window with an inscription over him, “Dispatch” and politely asked: when is the train? I had to see the person sitting on the other side of the glass youngish and very cute women! What a grimace of rage distorted his! What is the disgust and rage erupted in the features! “Read the advertisement!” — she screamed and pointed to a number is stuck on one another pieces of paper, tanavakivi glass half full. And right there I found the necessary information. But I should have known that this paper shred contains it. I thought, come rude to the doctor or to a cafe and because she wants to be polite. Respect. Sympathy. She will be offended, will be offended if they do not show. Why is she behaving brutally? Do not understand: rudeness begets rudeness. There is a cycle of rudeness in society. Or she understands: the one who does not know how to be rude, never said she was evil, so she feels impunity.

Appeal to the contemporary

What can you give, what you give to its people but stands of corruption, thuggery, crime? This will go down in history. You waiting for an unenviable fate in the historiography and the memory of the descendants. One consolation: they have, like all previous generations, the memory is very short.

More important than dishes

It was her birthday. It is clear that among the many guests, I took almost the last seedy at the end of the table. In the foreground was dominated by her old friends and girlfriends, a famous traveler (I’m on it first heard and first saw him), the actor conversational genre, it all amused, but I was sadly. When late at night all bowed, and I remained, she said that better I should go too — she’s got a big day tomorrow and need to wash the dishes.

Well, if washing the dishes is more important (despite the fact that the kitchen is a dishwasher), imposed should not be. I left.

Followed to sustain the character, not call and not show up. I’m not a traveler, not an artist and remoteness experience any benefits and privileges not earned. But I decided to prove that I am more important. More important than the dishes. Came and broke all her plates.


How is it! I do not understand! I’m intelligent, highly educated, a reader of books, live in a decent apartment, have jobs and dress up in Vogue, and listed in Germany in the latest registry of the emigrant level! Russians are (put) on the lower level.

Well as I turns out no one? I together with Africans (which are good), but lower for Asians (which itself partly believe). Here, therefore how they treat me arrogant Germans, who we are, incidentally, in world war II overpowered. Consider themselves superior and do not hesitate to admit it. Here they are arrogant. Well, roll — your vaunted rights of man and of the imaginary tolerance! Even a tourist will not go to you.

Surrounded by enemies

I wore the shirt. Trusted her. But once she rubbed my collar neck. I consider it a betrayal on her part.

I’m used to my shoes. But they suddenly collapsed. Regard it as vile and will not forgive them ever.

I had a plot of land. It was captured by the neighbors. He conceded, sprawled in front of them. How to treat a cheating? Because I was counting on it: feed potatoes and cabbage in difficult times. And he sentenced me to death by starvation.

Boy jerk bumped into me on the street in my filthy scooter. Bruised my leg. And I realized: the younger generation mercy, and indeed a good, don’t wait.

Stupid Chinese, not knowing how to rip a rental bike from the cell where the bikes stood in a row, I slammed the rear wheel. And it became clear what the Chinese are our friends. No need of such friendship, we should not overestimate the Chinese and illusions. They, that is the Chinese, even in rickshaws in our country is not good.

Same and Japanese: slanting smile, a dream to octagate our Islands.

The Turks are bastards. We have rested, relaxed and enjoyed their ocean shore, and they felt sorry for the airspace for our aircraft.

Ungrateful Bulgarians celebrated the liberation from the Turkish yoke, not invite us to celebrations — whereas it is we, the Russian army cleared the land from the infidels.

Bastards Americans have forgotten that it was us that paved the way for them into space.

The Germans only pretend to be nice (and this after they attacked us and perpetrated the Second world war), obligatory refugees, but even a fool will not cheat their fake hospitality: actually dreaming send hundreds of newcomers to the new camp. And have already made a step in this direction: called septic tanks for refugee camps, left to add to the naming missing “end”.

Enemies besieged Russia as a bear den.

And the inside of the ring I, in addition, surrounded by a whole host of personal enemies, traitors, killers.

The car sped through a red light and almost hit me walking on the green.

Radioactive rain falls on my head.

The neighbor swore. The crane broke and badly purified from impurities of heavy metals, the water flooded the apartment.

It is impossible to live when everything is against you. But to go to the doctor, as advised close relatives, I don’t want to suddenly put in a nuthouse. Relatives — the same enemies, want to get rid of me, but the inheritance is divided.

Why would rend

If I say that my wife priznachennya Shoe, you wrong way, the wrong way, maybe even oposite my metaphor. No, I want to say: it does not respond to stress, here is what I have in mind. With her hard, uncomfortable, constantly militant. Whatever you say — responsible forwards. There is no agreement. It is impossible to fight every day and every trifling reason. A woman should be pliable and teachable, not firmly-resilient. With such uncomfortable, with her rigid, hardened. Don’t want to go home, do not want to see her tense face, to talk to her because you will hear only objections. So why then shake the air?

The call

Once a month (more frequent feats I do not have) I do call friends. It is necessary to maintain the relationship. And patiently listen to stupidity. I always agree whatever I say. To argue and to argue is pointless anyway, everyone remains at the opinion. Simple but listening takes a lot of strength. Because inwardly I am seething. Outwardly abut and internally freaking out. It’s necessary to be such idiots! Good, but Boobs. I can’t understand anything. I, with clenched teeth, listening. And then a week recovering. And then another week preparing for new rounds of communication.

And a life, between past and future folly.

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