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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The triumph of irresponsibility: Britain on the eve of the referendum

The UK was rocked by Thursday’s high-profile murder in the district, right after a meeting with voters a week before the planned referendum on EU membership shot a member of the house of Commons Joe Cox. How Britain came to such a pitch of civil strife – especially for MK-known sociologist and political analyst Alek D. Epstein.

photo: pixabay.com

In books on history and political science little what country the focus of so many positive pages in the UK in the early XIII century, gave its residents (not all of course, but in other places it wasn’t even there) the Magna Carta.

UK – in fact the only country in Europe that was not under the thumb of fascism and Nazism, not because they decided to circumvent it (as to remain neutral Switzerland), but because she left the “brown plague” challenge, joining it is morally difficult coalition with the Soviet Union and the United States to confront Hitler and his allies. For many centuries Britain shows the world an example of the exceptional ability of political evolution and adaptation to changing realities without turmoil and bloody chaos. In the upper house of the British Parliament and still a considerable part of its members meets it by right of inheritance, while the mayor was in the last election elected a Muslim who grew up in a family of immigrants from Pakistan. The Queen of England this year has surpassed the record of one of its predecessors, becoming the longest ruling monarch in the history of the state. It’s hard to believe, but even ascended to the throne of Elizabeth II was during the life of Stalin, it still retains activity, vivacity of spirit and a great respect from its citizens. The UK provides an example of religious pluralism: although the Queen is the head of the Anglican Church in the country is widely represented by all the other Christian denominations and other religions. This uniqueness of the British political system have earned her worldwide respect and the full, symbolizing the Trinity of aspirations to stability, freedom and sustainable development.

However, the campaign preceding the referendum, which should be in the country June 23, causes at least surprise, forcing us to reconsider traditional notions about the country. June 14, the local tabloid “The Sun” called on citizens to vote for secession from the European Union to confront “the ongoing expansion of the federated entities under German control”. 75 years ago, German planes bombed London, four years later, the British virtually wiped off the face of the earth Dresden. You spend too much time talking about how low the value of human life in the Arab Muslim world, but it is clear that on any continent in the wars have killed more people than the European, and in the First and Second world by the victims was in the millions. The creation of the European Union and the integration processes ongoing within it, are designed mainly to prevent it recurrence of that horrible past. When the most massive editorial in the UK newspaper easily indescribable fueling nationalist wick, pitting fellow citizens to see in Germany is not a partner to build a stable European house, and a dangerous enemy, is facing huge trouble.

Equally surprising, and the rest of the media, including the respectable “the Times”, on the front pages of which day-to-day discussion is under way about whether the foundations of the Kingdom under the onslaught of immigrants from Turkey. Leaders of the campaign for withdrawal from the European Union, and among them not only the former mayor of London, but also the current Minister of justice, in their campaign materials go even further, Podrezova to the map of the European Union, not only Turkey, but also Syria and Iraq, spending there the fat arrows directly to the Albion, hints of which “hordes” of potential immigrants will fall on the UK if it will not close its borders to everyone except its own citizens.

Trying to allay these fears, 15 Jun respectable “Financial Times” wrote that the chances of Turkey to be accepted into the European Union “the same as the chances of Istanbul to be renamed back to Constantinople, but she did not remind its readers that the chaos in the middle East, the resulting current wave of refugees occurred due to the collapse of the state in some countries, especially in Iraq, after international intervention, in which Britain participated more actively than any other European country (in fact, except the leaders of Britain and Poland, the Iraqi campaign of George W. Bush in 2003 actively has not supported any European leader). Before us is a glaring example not only of unwillingness to take responsibility for the mess, brewed with their direct participation, but also a complete unwillingness to admit that the problem from which British nationalists want to escape from the European Union, largely caused by Britain itself. Statehood in Iraq by the occupying forces was destroyed under the null and fix it until it failed. Can be a lot bad to say about Saddam Hussein, but it is not the “Islamic state” [is prohibited in the Russian Federation terrorist group] was not there, nor the millions of refugees (some of which gets to Europe) was not the same.

From this challenge, it is impossible to hide, and if the British nationalists naively hope that when the “hordes” of Turks, Iraqis and Syrians flooded Berlin, Paris and Rome, they will be able to save the UK “a country in the box”, it is quite obvious that this is not possible. The only solution may be joint efforts by the peace-loving civilized countries aimed at restoring normal life in the middle East while simultaneously the fight against radical Islamists of all stripes. Millions of immigrants from Russia, found themselves in different parts of the Earth, wrote hundreds and thousands of books about how bitter bread of exile. Obviously, it is bitter for throwing their homes and their way of life of Syrians and Iraqis, often with nothing in his hands, with the risk of his life seeking to reach Europe. Instead of feeling solidarity with these people and their trouble and responsibility for the actions of the UK to this problem led to British nationalists tell voters is unthinkable for the intellectual development of society tales.

It’s hard to believe, but according to public opinion polls, these stories enjoyed a wide popularity. That the country remained a member of the European Union, all four are now alive, the Prime Minister of great Britain (major, Blair, brown and Cameron), the leaders of all parliamentary parties, except represented by one MP of the Party for the independence of the United Kingdom, the leadership of the Central Bank of the country, almost all largest businessmen, the leaders of the twelve largest trade unions of the country, thirteen British scientists – Nobel laureates, not to mention the Archbishop of Canterbury. It would seem that such support from the political, economic and scientific elite of the country needs to ensure the absolute dominance of the idea of continued membership in the common European home among the wide layers of citizens. Held in the last week, polls indicate directly the opposite: the credibility of all these people insufficient to deal with the populist propaganda of the nationalists.

By the way, about polls. To me, a professional sociologist with a doctorate, it is impossible to believe, but the fact remains that during the ongoing three month campaign, the referendum was not published details of any one phone or face-to-face (none at all) survey, which would cover at least fifteen hundred people – and this in a country where the right to participate in referendum have more than fifty million! Day after day, screaming headlines are based on telephone interviews of eight hundred–nine hundred people, of whom a hundred is not going to vote, and hundreds of reports that had not yet adopted its opinion. Over the past three weeks, the pound against the dollar fell by five percent, the total value of companies traded on the London stock exchange, fell by tens of billions of pounds, and it’s all based on surveys, where the preponderance of one over the other was then thirty, then forty, then a maximum of one hundred people. However, such a big difference – as many as a hundred people! was manifested only in those surveys that were filled by citizens on the Internet, and despite the fact that accumulated to the present time a very considerable amount of information clearly indicates the impossibility to rely on them.

Irresponsible populist campaign, accompanied by unsubstantiated promises of a bright future, given by the nationalists forced the current government to resort to direct blackmail. The Minister of Finance said June 16 that, if the nationalists prevail in the referendum, then the income tax will be increased by 2%, the annual health care costs cut by 2.5 billion pounds, and for education 1.15 billion. All this led to a complete confusion in the minds of those on this referendum should go: according to the latest poll from the Institute TNS, published in the Guardian on 14 June, 32% of citizens do not know what choice to make – if these data are correct, then we are talking about 16 million people in the UK! In these circumstances, it is obvious that the result of the upcoming referendum, whatever it was, would be largely accidental.

So whether the responsible democracy needs to make decisions one of the key issues on the agenda?! Can a society living in one of the most stable, free, and sustainable countries on Earth, to put all this in jeopardy, following a nationalist xenophobic rhetoric of individual irresponsible politicians who are concerned primarily in how to seize power?! It is believed apparent that in case of defeat in the referendum Prime Minister David Cameron will be forced to resign; the British newspaper reported that the former mayor of London, hoping to take his place already invited the leader of the independence Party of the United Kingdom in its government. “Independence party”! The UK is the fifth economy in the world, permanent member of the UN Security Council, leading countries of the British Commonwealth, nuclear power, with anyone other than Ireland, which has no land borders, lack of independence?! Not a joke is it?! Not as bad if a joke that the leader of the party, the loudest in calling for a British exit from the European bodies, and since 1999 he is a member of the European Parliament in return for a salary in the amount of seven thousand euros a month?!

A few days ago, many wondered how 77% of Swiss voters voted against the proposal for the free distribution of elephants – namely, the payment of 2,500 francs per month to every resident of the country. In Switzerland to date, it’s been 604 of the referendum, and the first of them – more than half a century ago. It’s raised a responsible nation that understands that free cheese happens only in a mousetrap, and a brighter tomorrow will come only in case if it is to work hard today. In the UK, with an upcoming referendum will be only the third in its history, and surveys show that socially responsible nation the people of this country are not quite. In an age when European civilization is under pressure from at least three parties – China, Arab-Muslim world and the United States, English nationalists (in Scotland and Northern Ireland sentiment is fundamentally others) believe that to defend the values of European civilization – not their responsibility, telling the citizens, though their main enemies are sitting in Brussels. In their propaganda they repeat again and again that no external organisation can impose its will on the British Parliament and government. It is difficult to understand, according to this logic, why, following the EU, you do not need to quit NATO and the UN. What the membership does not restrict?!

The creation of these supranational organizations was a response to the preceding horror, when the world helplessly looked at the seizure of power by Lenin, Mussolini and Franco. The logic of a single international (and common European) law is intended to prevent the repetition of these horrific events, which inflicted huge damage not only to the people of Russia, Italy and Spain but the entire European continent, and the world in General. The British electorate that will go to the polls on June 23, it is necessary not to forget about it.

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