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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The split of the state Department was evaluated with the call for Obama to bomb Assad army

About 50 employees of the US state Department has signed an internal Memorandum criticizing American policy in policy on Syria and urging President Barack Obama to apply military strikes on the Syrian government army, which, according to representatives of the guardian, is to blame for violating the ceasefire established in February. “MK” asked the experts what that means Arab Republic.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

Earlier, U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry said Russia needs to understand that US patience is not unlimited in respect of violations of the established truce.

“Usually such statements of the state Department are disorganized, says “MK” political scientist, Professor of St. Petersburg University Alexander Sotnichenko. – Of course, in the US one does not recognize the Syrian government as a full subject for dialogue. A significant number of officials and the American elite believes that now in Syria to achieve their goals and that the “bloody regime of Assad should be put in place.

This statement was made possible due to the fact that Russia has reduced its support for the Syrian leadership in recent years, in connection with which the Syrian official troops stopped the offensive against the enemy and surrendered the strategic initiative. Kerry said that Assad’s troops do not respect the truce… If we look at a map of hostilities, we will see that real progress on the fronts of Assad’s troops do not commit. By contrast, moderate opposition, which was supported by Washington and advocated by the representatives of the state Department, signed a Memorandum, is currently conducting a large-scale offensive in the area of Khan tuman, ten miles South of Aleppo, the aim of which is to encircle the city. The agreement on the ceasefire violates the party that leads the attack, but not one that defends”.

Interviewed by “MK” the expert considers it possible to strengthen military confrontation in Syria after the Memorandum.

“In any war if you don’t come to you, stepping on you, – said Alexander Sotnichenko. – Russia had a chance to finish the Syrian company is a real victory. It had high hopes the Syrians themselves. Unfortunately, our help was limited and to cope with their opponents Syria can’t. Thus, the situation is, unfortunately, went on the script, which had to go without our help. The Americans have strengthened their presence in Syria. Now everything goes to the plan “B”, which has already been claimed the American representatives, that is, the division of Syria and of turning it into a kind of Iraq. In Iraq, too, is more or less stable Northern regions with the Kurds, where the role of the United States, and the rest of the territory of Iraq is slow-civil war. In the interests of the US and its allies in Syria to arrange the same thing.”

“The Memorandum is evidence of the split is not even between the state Department and other agencies, but rather, a split in the state Department – said “MK” orientalist Grigory Melamed. – It was signed by only some employees. Then only left to wonder what sort of internal rules and mores, is it possible to write this without the knowledge of the head of the state Department. This is an indication that a significant portion of employees who are engaged in the Middle East, believe that Assad is the cause of all problems in Syria. There is a longstanding point of view. Imposed largely by Saudi Arabia, Turkey and US allies, who regularly hold the idea that if not for the cruel policy of Assad against its population, then people would not support ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra (a group banned in Russia – “MK”). It shall not be a real threat. None of these things will not do, because the US is well aware that to put any strikes on Assad — it means to deal directly with the Russian air force, Russian air defense systems”.

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