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Friday, March 16, 2018

The Rape Of Europa

That’s been a Big Panda on the business center of Shanghai and meet her the Royal Bengal Tiger.

— Where are you going in our time of great change? “asked the Tiger.

— Here I want Europe to kidnap you, ‘ replied the giant Panda.

— Know, from Zeus, she’s very old, ” sighed the Tiger. — This is not the same young beauty. It will not decorate your head with flowers as her legendary thief White Bull, and from the power of Zeus you are not yet short.

— You forget that if not for the passion of the medieval European fashionistas to delicate linen, and the silk road would not be. And now, I assure you, fashionistas at least in Europe, especially in Milan. So it is too early to write off Europe, soon another silk road will appear.

Bengal Tiger leaned down to the ear of the giant Panda and whispered:

— The fact that Mickey mouse wants to kidnap Europe… and He even transatlantic partnership began to create. Start any typical American headwear for all head get. In Europe, still not one woman running the show, there are probably some men. Here is the hat or baseball cap. Although, they say, the Paris Red riding Hood against the partnership. You know, like the joke about the Gray Wolf: or the merger, or absorption.

— It’s a rat race! — good-naturedly smiled at the giant Panda.

— Don’t say that! — lifted the tips of the ears Bengal Tiger. Mickey may be offended. And it was very influential forces are, some of the uncles are too numerous to mention Uncle Sam, Uncle Scrooge, not to mention the uncle Bens.

— I do not deny, but how would you explain — scratched behind his ear the giant Panda. — We’re a natural, flesh and blood, and Mickey mouse — he’s drawn, like a derivative. I’m as straight as you. I was more convenient with the Siberian Brown Bear to be friends.

— Yes, the Siberian Bear reserves are large and the den is reliable, he no sanctions are not afraid, — has agreed to a Bengal Tiger. — Yes, we with the Ussuri Tiger is almost relatives.

— Do you know that in Russia not only for boys, but still, a hectare of land in the far East totally free? — exclaimed the giant Panda.

— So it is only the citizens of Russia

— It is clear that the citizens of Russia. But they say in England that people very curious. Polls show that 78 percent of Britons are not against to get a free hectare in rent, and then in the property — Panda has clearly demonstrated its concern about this. — By the way, if you remember, they are the colonization of India was once started through the purchase and lease lands and then these lands were founded a fortified factory.

How can I forget, ” sighed the Tiger. — Maybe they want EU exit, then to a Russian move? In our parts cramped, and there lots of room. There is within the rating of Russian citizenship on the popularity of the sixtieth place in the world set, but maybe soon it is not only the Korean skaters and American boxers will start chasing.

We must work together to extend the “silk road”, — summed up the Big Panda. — And then Europe will want, so we kidnapped her, not former immigrants or new migrants. Knowingly, probably, the head of the European Commission at the St. Petersburg international economic forum…

Simon Semyonitch


It dawned on

The contagious disease — the desire to heal.

If the condition of the patient will appreciate the doctor, the tax has nothing to do.

With the emergence of paid medicine doctors for the first time since the time of Hippocrates has the opportunity to choose their patients.

More and more doctors, cares not for the cause, but just.

To heart disease cause three things: vessels, vessels of wine and just wine.

Those who are unavailable therapeutic diet, prescribed fasting.

Habitual sores create confidence in the future.

In most medical malpractice is to blame the poor or greedy patients.

Ivan Ivanyuk


Leading — Ganguli of GVILAVA, E-mail: satira@mk.ru

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