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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The murder of British MP Joe Cox was part of the “civil war”

In the UK brutally murdered the rising political star. Professional political consultant Joe Cox became a member of Parliament only last may, but she already predicted a great future. However, man proposes and God disposes. June 22, Joe Cox was to celebrate his 42nd birthday. But six days before this, during strictly required for local parliamentarians procedures for the admission of voters to the Deputy shouting “ Britain first!” and attacked armed with firearms and machetes insane.

photo: morguefile.com

The country was plunged into a state of deep shock. And the reason for this shock is not only that murder is any murder that is not only political – it event for the UK is quite rare. According to statistics, in 2010, in Honduras, the number of homicides per hundred thousand population was 78. In Russia – 13. In America – 4, 8. But in England and Wales – a total of 1.23. The cause of the shock that the murder of Joe Cox was at the time when the nerves of the politically active population of the country were already stretched to the limit.

The UK is now at a turning point in its modern political history. In fact we are talking about whether to keep the country of Queen Elizabeth II in her usual all or in its place may be something quite different. Next Thursday in the UK should be a referendum on the country’s withdrawal from the European Union. If the majority of citizens of the United Kingdom vote for “independent swimming”, the consequences will be felt by all, including Russia.

However, everything in order. Just above I said that a political assassination in the UK is rare. But “rare” does not mean “unprecedented”. Here are just a few examples from our time. For her on the eve of the victorious parliamentary elections of 1979, Margaret Thatcher was planning to appoint a chief pusher of his political career airy Niva Minister of Scotland. But in a matter of days before the election, Airey Neave was blown up in his car in the underground garage of the house of Commons. In August of the same year, on his yacht was blown up favorite relative of the British Royal family Lord Mountbatten.

In 1984, the terrorist group the Irish Republican Army blew up the resort, which had all arrived at a party conference the top government. Margaret Thatcher survived only by a miracle. In 1991, British Ministers tried again to kill at full strength – with the help of a mortar during a Cabinet meeting. And again they were only saved by a miracle…

Now, however, the Irish question is largely solved. Communities in Northern Ireland failed to agree on the coexistence. Therefore, the initial murder of Joe Cox seemed like a “copy” of very ancient events. During the Napoleonic wars, the British businessman John Bellingham had set out to do business in Russia. But he was unlucky: He had a fight with the local administration in Arkhangelsk and their colleagues-businessmen, landed in a Russian jail and completely broke.

Returning home, He demanded from the British government to compensate for the loss. He refused. And then He invented what seemed to him the ideal scheme of getting back the lost: the murder of Prime Minister Spencer Percival. To implement his plan Kommersant managed in 1812, right in the house of Commons. As can be seen from historical sources that He was seriously surprised when the court sentenced him to death. The murderer expected that it will justify, will be released and will return with a vengeance capital.

Whether strongly it differs from the actions of Thomas Mair, which is 206 years later with cries of “Britain first!” kill of a member of Parliament Joe Cox? I think that is not very much. Both is pure madness, irrational act of a mentally ill person. From a political point of view are illustrative only reason that Thomas Mair has decided on his terrible acts. Creek killer “Britain first”, from my point of view, talking about these reasons if not all, almost all. Joe Cox campaigned for the continuation of the stay of their country in the EU. Thomas Mair considered that reason enough for murder.

And to what extent the act of a mad killer can be considered the main symbol of modern conflict British policy. In the last 70 years, the theme of Europe was for the British political class of the real object of obsession.

The idea of community, which later became the EU was born at the international Congress in the Hague in may 1948. Winston Churchill was at this Congress one of the main speakers and the founding fathers of the European dream. But when a few years later, Western Europe truly began to unite, Britain proudly stood on the sidelines saying that we are an island, we are not Europe, we do not need Europe!

A few years later to the British politicians realized: because of their “proud gesture, the country has large economic losses. London had tried to join the European Economic Community. But the French President De Gaulle blocked the accession of the UK – for her it was a major national humiliation.

In 1972 London still broke in the EEC, but quickly began to doubt again: and do we need it? Already in 1975 the country held its first referendum about the possibility of withdrawal from Europe. 67,2% of the participants voted then against such a move. But the topic is not dead. De-facto the leading British political parties continuing to compete with each other, have undergone internal divisions: the eurosceptic conservative is often more in common with the eurosceptic-labour party than with his Pro-Europe a friend at the party.

Intra-party conflict due to different views on European integration have led in 1990 to the resignation of Margaret Thatcher. Because of this conflict, the successor to the “iron lady” John major had lost the ability to govern a country: formally Prime Minister, he in fact anything could not influence.

In the opinion of the current Prime Minister David Cameron, the referendum in 2016 had to put in a dispute around the European point. Cameron managed to get from their colleagues in the EU, special conditions for Britain and was confident that would be enough for an easy win. But everything went wrong: first, led by Cameron’s Conservative party was a new outbreak of fierce political “civil war.” And then suddenly it became clear: those who care and those who are against, in the country about equally.

Don’t know who will win next week. I suspect it still it will be storonniki continued membership in the EU and that public anger over the murder of Joe Cox will add to the votes in “favor of Europe”. But, if you suddenly win those who are against, this will be a real political earthquake. Britain will never be the same: it can be separated Scotland, where Pro-European attitudes are dominant. Never be the same and the European Union: it can take in a deep internal crisis and lose a significant portion of their aggressiveness. It is clear that this is necessarily the most profound impact on Russia and its relations with the West.

But while talking about it prematurely. While in the UK there is a persistent political struggle, which the victim was not the innocent young woman.

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