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Friday, March 23, 2018

Russia for four months, will remain without of the state Duma

This morning, the Kremlin has published the decree of the President to appoint elections of deputies of the state Duma of the new convocation on September 18, 2016. The paradox is that the current elected officials have increased a vacation: the last meeting they will have on June 24. And four months we actually will not thoughts.

Apparently, it is so sick of our elected representatives building on Okhotny Ryad – none of the previous convocations is the desire to reduce the time of operation was not characteristic.

photo: Alex geldings

The law gives the head of state the right to launch Federal election campaign: he must do this not earlier than 110 days and not later than 90 days before election day. Vladimir Putin “waved a flag” two days before the hour “X”.

The deputies of the current convocation on the homestretch: meet them one week – until June 24. In fact, at first they were going to work on the laws until July 16, but then changed his mind, and the session is drastically reduced. But the combination of the election campaign with which no legislative process, albeit sometimes a nervous, first it was considered a matter of course.

Though that here to be surprised! The same MPs year ago reduced itself to two and a half months and the term of office (election-it was supposed to go on 4 December!), somehow deciding that it would be better and more correct. But it has retained until December 4, salary under 400 thousand rubles, and the entire social package is the current MP for those in the new convocation…

Elections for the second Duma took place on 17 December 1995 and December before the voting day held three meetings. The third Duma was elected on 19 December 1999, and the deputies of the previous convocation has held the last “planerka” 13 Dec.

In 2003 elections of the Duma took place on 7 December and almost the entire November, the deputies met. In 2007, before the elections on 2 December, the deputies of the previous convocation have allowed myself only 2 weeks without meetings, and in 2011 – 10 days, that is, working almost until it stops. Plenary sessions involves the continuation of active work of the committees.

Now… Almost four months, until mid-October, when the new convocation will gather for its first meeting, the Duma as a legislative organ of power in Russia will be missing.

All gone on the campaign front.

And the elections this year after 13-year break again will be held under a mixed system: 225 deputies are elected on party lists and 225 from single-mandate districts. 14 parties have the right to register their candidates without gathering signatures. Other parties and independent candidates to collect signatures will have. As check through the collection of signatures – the process is expensive and time-consuming, while the resistance of the authorities, as shown by the experience of regional campaigns, almost hopeless, these “independents” may not be.

The law allows for the nomination of candidates to a maximum of 25 days after the start of the campaign. The majority of parties have already decided the dates for their qualifying events, which will be approved lists of candidates of the hearts of the voters. “United Russia” will gather on 26-27 June, the Communist party – June 25, the liberal democratic party – June 28, “SR – 27 Jun, Apple – Jun 24-26, PARNAS – July 2-3, “Patriots of Russia” – June 23, “Communists of Russia” on 1 July…

But only after the results of elections we will be able to say how refreshed Duma. If you delve into the history, you can see that from convocation to convocation update the Deputy corps was less and less radical.

In the state Duma of the second convocation were only 35% of the deputies of the previous convocation in the state Duma of the third convocation – 36%. In the state Duma of the fourth convocation izbrati 46% of the deputies of the third convocation. In the state Duma of the fifth convocation was held 48% of the deputies of the previous convocation In the state Duma of the sixth convocation, the percentage of “veterans” for the first time exceeded half and reached 53%.

If you now try to make a prediction for example, the largest faction in the current Duma, “United Russia” – we are waiting for the update no less than one half: it is already known that about 100 of the 238 members of this faction will not run, some part lose the elections, or will be on the “no-go” places on the party list.

Those in the Duma will not fall, even hitting a list of candidates from the ruling party, given hope, adopted in the first reading and will certainly be adopted generally on next week’s initiative of United Russia Dmitry Vyatkin and Zelimkhan Mutsoev, which will allow you to make the Federation Council members of the candidates nominated by party lists from the respective territories, even if they are on these territories never lived. Who will receive a consolation prize – we learn after the election.

…Wednesday, June 15, deputies worked for an hour less than it should be. Friday, 17 June, the plenary meeting ended two hours earlier than planned. 22 June to tell the deputies a parting word will arrive the President of Russia Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich – the building on Okhotny Ryad already go preparing for this solemn event staff his administration.

The Duma portfolio overflowing with bills (there are more than 3 million) – and not very important, and not very stupid and not very good, but THIS Council, it seems, there’s nothing to decide he no longer wants.

Maybe it’s for the best – especially if you remember how and what she narushali.

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