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Monday, March 19, 2018

Putin wished Ukrainians courage

Vladimir Putin has publicly responded to the offer of the former President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy set an example to Europe and the first to cancel the contractee. According to him, Russia could take such a step if I was sure it did not throw. “But such assurances no one can give”, – he said at a press conference after talks with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

photo: kremlin.ru

Although on the eve of the forum in the Kremlin said that no longer going to discuss the sanctions, this theme was dominant in all the events with the participation of European officials. Not only current and former. The discussion was started by the ex-President of France Nicolas Sarkozy, who offered Russia as a strong power, the first to lift the sanctions. “Don’t you think he tried to take you on a little?” asked our President to the journalists.

Vladimir Putin began from afar. “In Europe there are different policies. Has clever cunning” – he said, obviously hinting that Sarkozy belongs to the latter category. But I put it differently: the former French leader is friendly to Russia and is a supporter of a speedy restoration of relations between Russia and the EU. This, apparently, prompted by his initiative.

“We had a long discussion, his proposal is constructive,” – declared GDP. According to him, Russia would listen to the advice of Sarkozy, if I were sure that this will be followed by reciprocal steps from the EU.

“Who can convince us that partners are set up for this job? I hate to say it,” doubt shrugged the President.

Recall that Sarkozy himself in response to a similar question also could not provide any guarantees. According to him, Russia must show goodwill and greatness of a strong country, and there come what may. “In the end, will withdraw their proposals back!” – nonchalantly he said.

According to Putin, instead of to shift responsibility for the implementation of the Minsk agreements on Russia, Europe should really work with the Kyiv authorities and convince them to meet their obligations. “The law on Amnesty (for Donbas “MK”) is adopted, but not signed. I can’t sign him for President of Ukraine! “- he was indignant.

Putin said that he understands how difficult it is for Kiev to make decisions in the current situation, it requires political courage and the support of the population and elites. But since the signature under the agreement is supplied, it must perform. “If we see movement in this direction, we first will be ready to make a step forward, including for the removal of trade restrictions”, – promised GDP.

Matteo Renzi agreed that sanctions against Russia should not renew automatically. Before the vote, you need to analyze the implementation of the Minsk agreements, and Italy intends to demand from the Ministers of foreign Affairs of the EU countries who will gather in Brussels.

“We want this to be a statement of who did what and in what time frame. Let the Ministers will hold a discussion on this topic,” said Renzi. We will remind that the similar position in addition to Italy follow Greece, Hungary and Finland, where the Russian leader will travel in two weeks.

Italian journalist tried to provoke Putin. “Why are you friends with any of the eurosceptics? You want to have a dialogue with a strong Europe with a single voice, or with a weak and fragmented Europe?”, “he asked. In response, the GDP used his favorite tactic – attack instead of defending. According to him, Europe is itself to blame for the growing popularity of the nationalists. But instead revise their internal policies (in particular, in the field of migration), the local politicians prefer to label Russia.

“In Europe, one gets the stamp that Russia supported the nationalist party and the two have a special relationship”, – said the President. He stressed that Russia, of course, want to have a dialogue with a strong Europe. First of all, because it is in its own interests. “To have a dialog with a weak partner own peril: you can always expect that it someone push down, and all the arrangements will be disrupted,” he explained. The discussion, according to Putin, is another question – what is considered a strong Europe. And whether a possible British exit, really, to weaken the EU. “I have my own opinion on this matter, but I to Express it publicly, I will not”, – Putin has intrigued.

Renzi also failed to intervene in the debate about the future of the EU and especially to argue with the host. Italian Prime Minister was satisfied during the negotiations Vladimir Putin informed him about the goal scored by the Italians in the Swedes ‘ net in the 88th minute of the match. “Not every day is that you learn such news from the Russian President – boasted Renzi. “I hope it will bring us luck next match will be on Tuesday”.

P. S. in the Late evening it is expected the meeting of Putin with journalists from Western news agencies. Follow our reports from St. Petersburg.

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