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Friday, March 16, 2018

In the gallery of fine Art opened the exhibition not a young Prodigy

That can frame? Expensive or found in the garbage? Has anyone submitted that this is the frame regardless of its value and of origin can act in the role of a philosopher? The answer can be found in the gallery “fine Art”, a permanent exhibition of the artist Timofey Smirnov “Framing total emptiness.”

Timofei Smirnov, “suitcase mood”, 2016.

In a small but very reputable gallery on the Garden ring — on three walls only 14 pencil drawings 35‑year-old artist. But start to watch and fall under the charm of this hooligan philosopher.

Timofey Smirnov, “Private life”, 2016.

So that’s about the frame, which gave the artist the impetus to create the exhibition. As all real idea came by accident: one day they gave him two gorgeous frames, which, being empty, has focused his attention on the piece of white wall. The void in the frame gradually began to acquire the sense of light of infinite space, the boundless world. The other would have looked — it’s just wood on a white wall. Well, except that remember “mom soap frame”. But Timofey Smirnov is not is: for it is not just a piece of wood but a frame of a kind of total emptiness, or empty of totality — as you like. And the frame itself in this context has acquired a metaphysical sense, for example, the window as an exit in a three-dimensional world.

Timofei Smirnov, “Watch 2”, 2016.

Three walls, one of which covered the gray, but not dark fabric, graphics, in frames of different eras, there is accompanying text, it is highly individual. Here’s “a portrait of the fed”. It is said: “there Are dogs-mutts. There are frame-mutts. Like this. I found it in the garbage. Carefully coated with aluminum powder. It was 20 years ago. Ran her an hour and she’s here”. Fed — known camera, every little boy’s dream, born in the USSR. Through his shutter, the artist looks at life in his eyes so much… from misty nostalgia to actual banter.

Timofei Smirnov, “m and M”, 2016.

Next Door to Europe.” The door (or its fragment) is present, and it is the same frame. Through this frame reveals the Paris, my favorite city Smirnova, the Eiffel tower and a Christmas tree, more like the Russian winter. This neighborhood does not bother the author: Rama, though limited in scale, but no limits to the imagination. “Recalled the expression “plywood over Paris”. Here pilot killed on a plywood airplane — was born on this well-known phrase, ” writes the artist. — Europe firmly stuck in our minds as an object of envy and sadness. The sadness of the dirty soap and water streets, good wine and food. And we — on the stove-bench, behind the curtains… Longing and sadness. So I broke down from the locker of the times of Russian modernism the door and made her a frame through which you look at your favorite Paris. Not worthy (in the sense he is not worthy. — M. R.) of Europe and its mytaste, croissants and… I’ll go drink vodka and eat cabbage “from the bottom”…”

Timofei Smirnov, “Valentine”, 2016.

And then the vodka in the bottle at the door. And also in the frame, but with a different character. As a suitcase, which becomes part of the work called “suitcase mood”. “How many immigrants, or rather, waves of emigration. Many people want to run away. For this they need a suitcase. I don’t need a suitcase: and I made it out of the frame. You can’t escape yourself…”

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