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Friday, March 23, 2018

In Denmark obnarujen the largest Viking treasure

The largest Viking treasure ever found in Denmark found in one of the southern districts of Jutland three Amateur archaeologists. According to the National heritage Museum in Copenhagen, in total seven discovered the bracelets, created in the X century, weigh over 900 grams.

photo: Sergei Ivanov

One of the discovered bracelets made of silver, the rest gold. As explained by the curator of the Copenhagen Museum Lars Grounded, it is unusual for your time period ratio according to the data available to experts today, the vast majority of jewelry of the Vikings that existed in those days, were made from silver, while gold as material, was a rare exception.

Curiously, earlier in the same place where was discovered the bracelets, in 1911, was found a gold chain weighing 67 grams, made in the same style. Archaeologists do not exclude that between these ornaments there is a certain communication. For example, military leaders of the Vikings could be used as a reward for faithful allies and loyal soldiers.

Another puzzle for researchers is the fact that valuable treasure was in the ground. It is not excluded that they were not just “forgotten” someone, but for one reason or another, left deliberately.

Archaeologists-lovers reported that the first bracelet is found just ten minutes after they began the search. Even the single bracelet they found incredible success, and even more surprised to find the rest.

Fall on the ground, where the bracelets, the excavations will be conducted by the professionals, noted in the National historical and cultural Museum in Copenhagen.

The treasure, which was the largest so far, was also found in Jutland, the Peninsula that separates the Baltic and the North sea, but in the South-Western part.

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