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Friday, February 23, 2018

Clutter in the workplace makes people more stupid

A group of researchers representing the University of Florida, found two factors that significantly affect cognitive abilities. As it turned out, cluttered and too boring job can have a negative impact on “productivity” of the human brain in both the short and long term, affecting memory, ability to concentrate and speed of solving problems.

photo: pixabay.com

Experts invited to participate in the study 4963 people aged from 32 to 84 years. Slightly more than half of them were women. Scientists have discovered what are job duties of each participant and the conditions in which they work, and invited each of them to undergo a series of tests. These tests were designed to evaluate the speed of making human decisions, his ability to hold attention, and how strong a memory it possesses.

Comparing the obtained data, the researchers came to the conclusion that “creative mess” in the workplace rarely contributes to a productive work, on average, better test scores showed those participants in the study, one at the workplace was clean and all was placed on the shelves.” In addition to the dirt and clutter of the space, on the cognitive abilities of study participants sometimes not the best way affected by the bad lighting in the workplace or too noisy work.

Also, many study participants were largely affected by how often their work is required to make intellectual efforts. For those whose work responsibilities do not imply a high load on the brain, with age, cognitive ability declined significantly faster.

Summing up the results of their work, scientists say that to keep the workplace clean and constant craving for new knowledge and skills enables people to preserve a good memory and the ability to make decisions quickly.

A new study published in the scientific Journal Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

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