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Friday, June 16, 2017

Biologists questioned the benefits of vitamin D

A group of canadian researchers led by Michael Allen from the University of Alberta made a rather bold assumption: biologists have suggested that the benefits of vitamin D today, at least, greatly overrated. First of all we are talking about vitamins sold in pill form.

photo: pixabay.com

Allen and his team claim that many of the beneficial properties of vitamin D do not have sufficient scientific evidence. In their research they, in particular, decided to check whether this vitamin strengthens your bones, preventing fractures, and found that only one out of fifty cases of long-term intake of vitamin really allows the fracture to avoid. Although it is difficult to argue that the means to prevent every fiftieth fracture, completely useless Allen, however, argues that this effect is too small to in his name decades of taking vitamin pills.

The researchers claim that even more greatly overstated the benefits of vitamin D in other fields of application, including prevention of rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis or struggle with depression. In fact, the role of this vitamin could be quite modest, say the authors of a new job.

Scientists reported their research in the pages of scientific publication called the Journal of General Internal Medicine. They clarify that many of the previous works on this topic was made not too qualitatively, but not take their own conclusions of truth in the last instance. According to experts, they wanted to emphasize that to understand how truly useful vitamin D, need more, more extensive and more thorough research.

The human body is capable to produce vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. It can be also found, for example, in some types of fish, chicken eggs, liver and some dairy products.

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