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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The story of a Russian spy in Spain was denounced for fear of European secret services

For 20 years worked in Spain “Russian spy” Sergey Cherepanov, who also led the life of an average Spanish citizen. The story of the mysterious inhabitant of Madrid leads Politico, citing a dossier collected by European intelligence services. Cherepanov, or Henry Frith was revealed the European “colleagues” in 2010, together with the high-profile case of Anna Chapman and other Russians arrested in new York, Boston and Washington. According to the newspaper, Cherepanov was the first agent, publicly exposed in Europe since the cold war.

photo: morguefile.com

Henry Frith lived in Madrid and worked in a consulting company, which specialized in socio-economic research. He often made business trips to Central Europe and sometimes in Latin America. “He had friends, sometimes he liked to drink,” describes the life of a “Russian spy” Politico. – Frith spoke Spanish with a slight accent, which he blamed on his upbringing and the Ecuadorian childhood. His mother was from Ecuador and father from New Zealand. So he said”. Frith lived a normal life, while it has not raided a British intelligence officer, who offered him to “talk” and threatened him with exposure in the event of a failure. Frith replied in the negative. The next morning he asked the son of his neighbor to drive him to the airport… More a man named Henry Frith has not been seen.

The sides Politico from European intelligence services believe that Henry Frith was born in 1955 — before its official date of birth. He was Russian and was named Sergey Cherepanov. In Moscow he had a wife Olga and son Andrew. All this time he worked with the Russian spy network that was uncovered in the US in 2010. His “movement” Spanish counter-intelligence was tracking for a whole year, probably because of the Russian illegal” felt surveillance and all this time I was afraid to contact the “center”. From the history of Henry Frith unclear whether he had to bring any harm to Spain. Local security forces claim that Cherepanov had the opportunity to communicate directly with Moscow over a secure connection. So he received instructions about the meetings with other agents in third countries. “Russian agent” used laptop with encryption and “secure” flash drive, where he copied the collected data. Intelligence agencies call these flash drive “dead mailboxes”.

Security services Europe suggest that after the exposure Cherepanov returned home and remained in the shadows. As Politico writes, most “illegals” performs courier work. They do not behave like James Bond, but their mission is to integrate. “Usually these spies perform two tasks, says Politico, one of the agents who are familiar with the “business Cherepanov”. They can sometimes manage their own sources and agents, but mostly they are used as messengers to the foreign intelligence Service (SVR) as the “official” spies are under surveillance, what prevents them to do anything. Official — those who work out of embassies under the protection of diplomatic immunity.”

What is the reason that the history of the “Russian illegals” released only now, six years later? According to Politico, Western intelligence agencies have decided to “leak” information about Cherepanovo to draw attention to “a sharp increase in espionage activities in Moscow. On the background of toughening of the confrontation between Russia and the West on a number of geopolitical issues, the number of Russian agents in Europe has almost doubled, believe interlocutors of the edition. To uncover the spies of the secret services of European countries became a significant harder. In their fear, some might even go in the direction of government or international organizations.

By the way, intelligence experts the existence of a person with the name Sergei Cherepanov “MK” is not confirmed. The investigation itself, which was made by the magazine “Politikо”, they are called surge of British intelligence services. Quite poor quality, because the material has a lot of inconsistencies and some of the statements, according to them, look at all naive. For example, the number of spies from Russia who supposedly is now wandering through Europe. “If they know how many of them, why not delay?” comment the experts. The same applies to specific Cherepanov.

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