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Thursday, September 21, 2017

The guards refused to let Peskov on the race in St. Petersburg

The second day of the St. Petersburg economic forum began with a race through the historic city. As confided to organizers, the initiator of the meeting was made by press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, is a regular at the famous sports club. Peskov himself appeared at the start in a white and green leader’s Jersey, but the winner in the end did not, he ran 5 miles more than half an hour.

photo: Elena Egorova

Participants are waited at St. Isaac’s Cathedral, starting at 6 am – before the start had to be registered, obtain the license plate number with an electronic chip and change. However, at the appointed time almost nobody came. A out all night at parties (particularly popular concert of Garik Sukachev in one of St. Petersburg clubs, accompanied by stormy libations), and, by his own admission, was barely able to tear his eyes. (And some, apparently, failed: in particular, at the start was not the Minister of energy Alexander Novak).

To the participants before the signal gun had come in, drink coffee and berry smoothies and fed Apple slices and carrot sticks. Just before the start, everyone enjoyed a musical warm-up-stretching.

The head of Sberbank, German Gref, to make rotation of the knees and amplitude slopes prevented numerous fotokorra.

“Well, you are, in fact, give at least the normal warm-up!” – embarrassed the banker. According to him, he came to show “that even when escape is impossible, you need to run”. And in no cheerful state of mind is impossible to do.

There were TV presenter Tina Kandelaki. “I always enjoy running in the morning. To get up early as well as not to stand” – shared his maxims journalist.

Kandelaki expressed the hope that after the race, head to the forum will earn more actively.

According to the organizers, they aren’t randomly stopped on the 5 km first, this distance is optimal for such a diverse format of the participants and no one discriminare. Second, the route allows to reach the main monuments and species panoramas of St. Petersburg – St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Palace square, field of Mars, Church on spilled blood, etc. “Think you can handle it all. But if anyone will not work, we will be there push,” joked coach”.

Sands entered the race SPIEF in acid-green t-shirt (10 photos)

The clock is inexorably approaching the beginning of the launch, scheduled for 6.30, and the main instigator – Dmitry Peskov, was not. As it turned out, the press Secretary of the President is forgotten in the official car badge of the participant of SPIEF and the license plate runner, and guards it either didn’t recognize with a new hairstyle, or decided to be vigilant. “Dmitry, you shaved off your moustache?”, – did not fail to ask the journalists, when Sands finally made their way to the start.

– Well, you! – scaredly waved one – Just a little veil!

The representative of the Kremlin did not break into the first ranks of Herman Gref and his team. Ran the Sands in the crowd of ordinary members, among whom, as it turned out, wormed also, the speaker of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. (Usually you can tell by the bright outfits – for example, on the first day of the forum Zakharova appeared in a bright red mini – but this time the face of foreign ” concealed from prying massive cap).

From the VIP-participants of the race showed the best result Gref, completed the distance in 25 minutes. “This is the best marathon in my life! With such types and no cars to run almost anywhere is impossible,” – shared his feelings breathless banker.

Were the following ladies: Tina Kandelaki – 26 minutes, Maria Zakharova – 27. Sands crossed the goal line in 31 minutes after launch. (For comparison: the winner of the race, which in total took part 255 people reached the finish line in 17 minutes).

Sands entered the race SPIEF in acid-green t-shirt (10 photos)

Press Secretary of the President said that guided by the Olympic principle – the main thing not victory, and participation. “The training I average, the main task – run” – honestly he admitted, noting that it is always critical to their sports performance.

According to Peskov, the morning run (and sweat from the face of the press Secretary in the literal sense of the word could happen) will definitely not pass unnoticed: “First, it will be easier in the middle of the day wants to sleep, but by evening we are going to win a dream, because now that sleep will not have time”.

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