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Sunday, June 18, 2017

The best way to fight depression, scientists have recognized passionate sex

A group of researchers from the UK, studying the limbic system of the brain, found the structure, which plays a role in the emergence of feelings of love. Their study showed that the love, passion and sex very effectively help a person get rid of depression, according to a number of media.

photo: morguefile.com

Scientists say that the activity they discovered a large region, when a person feels a sense of love or passion, on the contrary, is low, if it is in depression. From this they conclude that romantic feelings from depression to save.

Earlier, a group of researchers from USA said that she was able to calculate the ideal duration of sexual intercourse. According to the researchers, it is about 20 minutes. The average duration of intercourse to date, according to those same researchers, approximately 10 minutes, i.e. two times less.

Another study, which was conducted by specialists of Chapman University, has shown that the chances are high men to seduce a woman was two times higher than those representatives of a strong half of mankind, which great growth can not boast. About it, according to the authors of the study, according to a survey of 60 thousand men and women traditional sexual orientation.

In April, scientists from the United States of America stated that men on average devote to thinking about sex for about five hours a day, more than any other topic, including career, salary level, friends, family, and everyday problems. During the same research assistants obtained data showing that 55 percent of women and 30% men at least once faked an orgasm, and 25% of men and 8% of women engaged in daily self-love.

Geneticist Hank Greely of Stanford University in late March of this year made the assumption that people will refuse to have sex as a way of procreation, and the primary method of reproduction will be the creation of “designer babies”.

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