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Saturday, April 14, 2018

The battalion commander Semenchenko offers to capture Russians to change to Ukrainian criminals

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, former commander of the battalion “Donbass” semen Semenchenko proposed to take hostage of the Russians, and then to exchange them for the arrested in Russia or captured by the militia of Donbass of Ukrainian citizens. To this end, he advised the governors of the Ukrainian border regions to use some “not official” group. That is, bandits. However, Semenchenko said about the “Russian officers and mercenaries.” However, the “mercenary” — the concept is very uncertain. As the case with Evgeny Meadowy in Odessa, from the point of view of the current Ukrainian authorities, any holder of Russian passport — already a priori FSB or a mercenary.

photo: youtube.com

Semenchenko words, which may soon follow, this is a direct consequence of the brilliant mnogohodovochki” exchange Savchenko. The one who gave himself to “bend” the will to bend further. From the same story — the failure of the exchange Nefedova: it at the last moment was replaced by two Ukrainian journalists, whose release was a complete surprise. They say that Meadow he refused the exchange. But I think that his desire played an important role. Just the “price” of the Russians as a hostage Nefedova higher than Pisinski and Didenko. Therefore, it decided to bargain.

How many citizens of the Russian Federation is going to catch the Ukrainian side? Previously, it gave the OSCE in the Tripartite contact group in Minsk, a list of 684 missing and 114 were held in captivity by the militia DND and LNR citizens of Ukraine. In turn, the representatives of the republics of Donbass gave Kiev last year, a list of 1200 people. So far, agreement on the exchange of prisoners fails. This June 15, said the OSCE representative Martin Sajdik. As reported the adviser to the head of the security Service of Ukraine Yuriy Tandit, discusses several formulas exchange. “One formula — 2 of 2 — those guys who are illegally detained in the Russian Federation, the second — 25 to 50. 25 prisoners with the Ukrainian side and 50 on the part of the militia. There are some mysterious “small forms”.

In the formula “2 2” fit arrested in Odessa the citizens of the Russian Meadow and Sakauov. Already there was a rumor that they will soon be converted to “persons serving a sentence in the territory of the Russian Federation”. There is, however, a small caveat: Meadow and Sakauov not convicted. The prosecution failed to produce any objective evidence of their guilt. They deny their guilt. Accordingly, to seek pardon is not going to. How is Russia going to get out of this sticky situation?

What lesson will make history with Glescinskas SBU and Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine? Whether they come to that pregnant women should not be kept in prison, that the criminal not to let the mother to the sick baby? No. On the contrary. They concluded that it is necessary to cause “hostages” more suffering — it increases their value as “exchange material”. And now no Russian can feel on the territory of Ukraine is safe. It can at any time capture “is not quite official group”, then to change to his sister.

All that we have held in Chechnya. Russian soldiers and journalists traded, they take a lot of money. Different armed forces and ordinary citizens bought soldiers from each other, then to change on its own. As the soldiers tried to redeem relatives who have been convicted in Russia for ordinary criminal offenses. There were whole groups specializing in the capture and sale of hostages. And clearly traced such a pattern: the more paid for the hostages, the wider grew the business.

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