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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The apparatus of the ExoMars mission sent the first picture of the red planet

Interplanetary probe Trace Gas Orbiter, headed to Mars in the framework of Russian-European ExoMars project, made and sent to Earth pictures of the red planet from a distance of 41 million kilometers. The image taken by the camera on Board the spacecraft, posted on its website the European space Agency.

Photo: esa.int

The resulting image is not the clearest picture of Mars during the observation for him. However, the picture in which the Red planet appears as a gray circle with a diameter of about 16 pixels was not made for research purposes, and in order to once again verify that is working correctly CaSSIS color camera aboard the space station, which reportedly has a resolution of 4.5 meters per pixel. This test was successful, and so, in the future, because going to Mars spacecraft will be possible to make a truly high-quality pictures.

Earlier space station have sent her pictures done on the Ground last month, but then Mars was ten times farther away than now, and “to frame” but couldn’t hit. Those shots were with a slight offset depicted two random patch of starry sky, which with Land only being in the southern hemisphere.

The carrier rocket “proton-M” with the device “ExoMars-2016 14 March of the current year 12.31 Moscow time successfully launched to Mars from the Baikonur cosmodrome. Scheduled for July is a big course correction station and 16 October 2016 it is expected to orbit the red planet.

The project “Eczemas” is implemented jointly by the Russian state Corporation “Roskosmos and the European space Agency. After about two years the planned launch of the second Mars spacecraft in the framework of the same planet.

In the course of two Mars missions planned, including the search for signs of past or present life on Mars, as well as to study its history and collect important information to prepare for the first manned expeditions to the Red planet.

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