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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Strange city

If you don’t know your city so it is a strange city.

If you don’t know who changes the name of the street where you grew up, is a whose street?

If any government official (pointless on a whim) changes the time in your country — then it’s someone else’s time. And it may very well be a foreign country…

Bridge in St. Petersburg was named after Akhmad Kadyrov. They say that many are outraged. Like, it’s their offended or humiliated; they say, it is an affront to the city and residents…


Little who agrees to endure the humiliation and insults. Try to insult the man — he spit in the face, and even hit. At least give a slap in the face.

90 thousand residents of St. Petersburg signed a protest against the fact that a bridge was named after Kadyrov. Residents in St. Petersburg, 5 million. So protested 2 (two) percent. How can they protest? Out on the street? No, by e-mail. Even from the back of the sofa is not torn.


Article 31. Citizens of the Russian Federation shall have the right to assemble peacefully, without weapons, hold rallies, meetings and demonstrations, marches and pickets.

And 98 percent did not protest even in the computer. Silent. Silence gives consent. Five million of Leningrad silently agreed that their city will be a bridge Kadyrov. There is no certainty that this is their city. There is no certainty that they are citizens.

Power changes time — and it’s someone else’s time. The government appoints the hero — and he’s not my hero. And I’m all the way — dumb. The government appoints a pawn by the Minister, Governor; each of them is not mine. And I’m all the way is dumb… Then it’s time to listen to the song Galic:

Keep silent — you get into rich men!
Keep silent, keep silent, keep silent!

The people are silent. Officials say. That said, some official under the Governor of St. Petersburg Poltavchenko:St. Petersburg is part of Russia. But Russia remembers and honors its heroes. Our country does not divide characters by nationality. Never shared and will not share. This is the essence of our multinational unity.” Perfect, isn’t it?

Officials sometimes speak perfectly, thimbles and flashing — try to guess where the ball is going to lose with the guarantee.

You say: here is a hero. And then once you call for internationalism. And here it turns out that if you’re against that you’re a nationalist. It’s a shell game. Let’s first understand: who is the hero?

We have these names/renaming’ve seen-have seen. Someone, taking advantage of the euphoria of popular enthusiasm, renamed the streets of Moscow. Pushkinskaya street was a Big Dmitrovka, ulitsa Chekhova — Malaya Dmitrovka. And all Voykovsky (streets, driveways, blind alleys and underground) remains Voykovskaya.

Hey, the chiefs than you Pushkin? What you Czechs are not pleased? And than you hit Voykov? Know about him very bad. Than you hit. and Podvoisky? What you know about them?

At the opening of the bridge people were happy. I had a feeling that it will be named in honor of the poet. Photo: gov.spb.ru

We’re all such internationalists that no one ask why St. Petersburg Governor Poltavchenko, born in Baku (Azerbaijan), Lieutenant General of tax police, retired, decide what names to give the bridges in St. Petersburg.

And not believing nor heart, nor mind,
For reliability does
How many times have we remained silent in different ways,
But no, of course, and beyond!
Where now the shouts and sympathizer?
Otshumeli and vanished from the youth…
And molchalnikov went to the chiefs,
Because silence — gold.
Keep silent — you get into Pervatsch!
Keep silent, keep silent, keep silent!

Football fans brave fight in France. But here? With Poltavchenko not come to blows — he on the streets does not go. Flying motorcade security, and whether he was there — in the car, toned blacker than a Black square of Malevich? To fight with the deputies, meekly voting? But they do not go. And how to know them faceless?

They say that Russia has risen from knees. Really? In our view, even those 90 thousand (five million) that protest, — not rose from his knees, stood up from the couch, not out on the street, did not interfere with some Arbeiter screwed to the bridge plate.

And now, when we first
We devoured speeches Mata,
And under all the verbal pearls
Emerges the spot reduction.
Let others cry of despair,
From shame, from pain, from hunger!
We know — the profitable silence,
Because silence — gold!
So easy to get rich,
So easy to get into the Pervatsch,
So easy to get into — the executioners:
Keep silent, keep silent, keep silent!..

And it will survive. A week ago in the article “Moscow. Metro. Station “Radioactive ash” (MK. June 9, 2016), we wrote: “the Bridge is named after Akhmad Kadyrov… If life will improve — in ten years no one will remember who it is. The name is gradually reduced, the bridge will be called Akhmatova, and all will rejoice, thinking that he is named after the great Russian poet Anna Akhmatova.”

…If you know the Russian saying “God not fraer” — be sure Akhmatova win. ‘ve already won. The suggested name went to the people. Nothing to erase.

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