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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Savchenko failed to vote for the confiscation of assets of Yanukovych

On Thursday, the member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on national security Nadezhda Savchenko criticized the Ukrainian generals, who, in her opinion, already plundered the entire defense budget, and now they want to lay hands on the money of Yanukovych. As a result, the vote for the bill on the confiscation of all funds of former President of Ukraine was voted down. For its consideration voted by 169 deputies of the necessary 226.

photo: AP

This is the second time when the Ukrainian Parliament is trying to pass a law by which the suspect in the crime may be committed without a trial to overcome all the property in favor of the state. In the spring the bill managed to fail a second reading, as his opponents were sure that after Yanukovych will be “stripped” all others who disagree with Poroshenko and his entourage. As the memory of the victory of the Maidan is clearly not enough to push through the controversial decision in the case went to the problems of the defense Ministry. It turns out that since April, the war Department ran out of money to purchase new weapons and modernization of armored vehicles, and, in the opinion of members of Parliament, Russia may at any time lay siege to Kiev. The names of the former President and members of his “family”, which should dispossess for the glory of Ukraine, still did not appear in the document.

However, even Hope Savchenko said that 50 billion hryvnias Yanukovych will not help the army, and will make her even worse. According to her, the General staff got the money, just the generals they were stolen and nobody give. In an example, she cited the company “Ukrainian helicopters”, headed by the current military. The entire air transportation this firm is taken from the armed forces of the Square. For this reason, she believes that confiscation of property is necessary to begin not with the fugitive politician, and current generals and officials covering them. “You just as much money on the army gather in the same army, you wouldn’t believe, and the tanks will go, and Armored personnel carriers in the battle will go,” she concluded.

Savchenko clearly in the subject, though just the day before almost fell asleep at the meeting of the Committee. While her colleagues were discussing another bill, the “spotter” was nodding off, his head in his hands. After sleeping Savchenko once again fell on his colleague Andrey Teteruk, he finally noticed what a difficult position is sitting next to a colleague and poured her a soda. So tired of MP, a sleepless night or a monotonous reading of documents is unknown, but drinking water Savchenko pointedly shook his head.

The situation with another attempt to “steal the stolen” Yanukovych “MK” commented Ukrainian political analyst Vadim KARASEV, Director of the Institute of global strategies:

– First, what does “family Yanukovych”? This is not a legal concept, and therefore it can also be not only the former President, his son and their associates, and anyone else for that matter. Secondly, if we are talking about financing of the army, the budget should be a corresponding line, the money must pass through the state Treasury, they have to control the appropriate observers, and so on. So Savchenko saw in the act on confiscation are more public relations than an attempt to improve the situation in the country. Moreover, any extrajudicial proceedings should not be. If someone don’t like our judicial system, then we must work to increase its effectiveness.

This bill insist representatives of the “people’s front”, who are trying to gain political points at the expense of the new wave against the “gang of Yanukovych.” So they try to cover up the failures in the economy and their own corruption sins. If they really fought against stealing, we would conduct this policy on a routine basis without making it a show.

Watch the video on “Savchenko fell asleep on the meeting of the Verkhovna Rada

The people’s Deputy of Ukraine Nadezhda Savchenko fell asleep at the last meeting of the Committee on national security in the Parliament. To help the losing the battle with sleep Savchenko came to her colleague with a glass of water.

Video published on the website youtube.com by user Bogdan Chukhlib

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