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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Residents of St. Petersburg are threatening to break the bridge Kadyrov

The bridge is named after Akhmad Kadyrov in St. Petersburg is still there. The Governor Poltavchenko signed the decree, and Petersburgers are kidding about the “glorious Saint Cedarburg”.

photo: Anastas Semenovich

Is illustrious bridge on the southwestern outskirts of the city. New neighborhoods, giant buildings, to the Gulf of Finland from the bridge – just three hundred meters. When I called the taxi driver this is a very new name, he is surprised and asks: “is it really so named? Bridge Kadyrov, seriously?” – “Well Yes,” I say. Local offered even as an option “bridge Akhmatova” call”. “That would be better in honour of Akhmatova and called – says the taxi driver. At least, it always was and will be, and Kadyrov – it is here today and tomorrow it is not.” Maps of “Yandex” while diplomatically left the bridge ring.

The locals are also not happy with the new name of the bridge. Michael, posing as “semi-driver”, expressed this opinion: “I think now we need some bridge in Chechnya to name the name of Poltavchenko. Here then is more or less a balance, right? In addition, no signs that this bridge Kadyrov, there is now no. And if you hang something it will just rip”.

photo: Anastas Semenovich

Correspondent “MK” waited out the rain at the bridge along with another local resident, Alla. “Of course, I like everything here, against such name, the woman said. – Kadyrov here at all? It would be logical to call the bridge of Heroes, or Duderhof. But even more it amazes me with what cynicism the authorities did. I signed the petition against, now there are already more than 90 thousand signatures. Repeatedly talked about the referendum that could hold, well, at least the appearance that they listen to public opinion. And the results are rigged, so if they want that title.” “What happens when there appears the sign “the Bridge is Akhmad Kadyrov?”- ask an unhappy lady. “You puke,” says the woman. And it’s the lesser of two evils, surely there are enthusiasts who want it all break”.

A woman with a stroller walking on the bridge, beside her husband. The lady’s name is Olga. When I tell her that now this bridge is officially named after the first President of Chechnya, she said to her husband: “I Hear the bridge was named in honor of Chechen!” And then to me: “of course, We opposed. The scandal is that rallies will be. I, however, will not be able to participate, I have four children”.

photo: Anastas Semenovich

From the new residential complex is another mother and daughter. Ask whether they know about the new name of the bridge? “Yes, we mind, of course, but what can we do? I will not go in the night with her daughter to remove the plaque. I signed the petition, but nobody asked. When it comes to, say, the friendship of the peoples, we never ask.”

Young girl waiting for the bus at the bus stop at the bridge. “I’ve got grandma lives, Yes I year lived here. We are all watching the situation and just “delighted” from what we have here is a bridge named after Kadyrov – says Masha. – The prospectus of Heroes, street Prowess, it is here that Kadyrov was not enough! You can find a lot of names from the Second World war, I think, to name this bridge. But this is the outskirts of the city, if such a renaming was in the center, would be much more than a scandal. And, by the way, a year ago it was much worse with the transport, the buses in the winter do not go, saying that they just can’t pass. And now the bus and taxis are. Like in number of years promised to open even a subway nearby. It would be good.”

Green area near the “bridge of Kadyrov” is very popular for walks and picnics. Local resentment, but few who are willing to take action. But under the new bridge convenient strolling families with children and transport.

We will remind, the question of the appearance in St. Petersburg of the name is in honor of the first President of Chechnya stood at the end of April 2016. The bridge in the alignment of the Avenue of Heroes, leading in the direction of a new residential complex “Baltic pearl” was opened on may 1. The city toponymic Commission has decided to bear the name of Akhmat Kadyrov, after which the bridge and the campus Martius were protest rallies. Petition against such names have gathered thousands of electronic signatures,however, the city government to many citizens did not listen.

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