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Friday, August 18, 2017

Obama in Orlando: not a Pat on the back and arms

Seven and a half years of Barack Obama in the White house it was his fifteenth on the spot of the serial murders that shocked the whole of America, from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean. Someone even gave it a terrible and gloomy position — the Supreme Glavmoststroi.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

Meeting with the family and friends of the victims of the bandits took place in a huge room close to the gay club (“Pulse”, where this event occurred). President Obama hugged everyone and tried to somehow, about their grief, reduce it. It wasn’t a Pat on the back. It was a real hug. He told the audience that behind them stands the whole nation, but that his heart is broken.

But the words of Angelica Jones, who performs in the nightclub “Pulse”, where the offender killed 49 people and wounded 53: “there were moments when he was choking on tears. And this is understandable. It is difficult to say when all around you cry mother.

Armoured limousine, Obama gave him a ride to and comfortless building where the gathered relatives and friends of the victims last Sunday. There were no cameras, no TV, no photos. Obama entered the building, where hung a heavy spirit of grief of the shocked people.

He barely uttered words of compassion, sympathy, condolences. And embraced all the grieving. His arms will probably remain in the memory of these poor people much more than his words.

President Obama was accompanied by Vice President Joe Biden. They laid for 49 white roses on a makeshift memorial.

Before returning to Washington, Obama turned to reporters with an emotional statement. He said the mountain people, oplakivala their loved ones, will inspire him to new efforts in order to implement restrictions on the carrying of weapons, its sale and use. He said he wants to legalize these measures, which would not allow to happen Sunday tragedy in Orlando.

“As in past times, which was too much, I held in my arms and hug the grieving members of the families. Parents killed, and they asked me, “Why does that keep happening?”, — said Obama. They begged the President to commit more and stopped the flow of killings that is sweeping across the country. “Those who defend the easy availability of offensive weapons, have to meet with these families,” said Obama.

But it was not only politics. The President played only a formal role, it was something deeply personal. It was felt that he shared the grief of a parent, as a father with two children. “The President understands that he is a symbol of their country. And when he travels around the country and meets with the families who were struck by a terrible tragedy, he is sympathizing and trying to comfort them on behalf of the American people, — said the press Secretary of the White house, Joe Ernest. But it’s impossible for him to personally invaded her conversation at the time of such meetings. At the time of such meetings as if he draws strength in his faith.” While Obama tried to comfort the grieving, his critics in Washington have accused the President Sunday of the tragedy of what happened in Orlando. So Senator John McCain, Republican from Arizona, his opponent in the presidential election of 2008, told reporters on Capitol hill that Obama is responsible for what happened in Orlando. It was the results of what he allowed the rise of Islamic state (ISIS, ISIL – banned in Russia terroristicheskaya the group) that he is directly responsible.

The President said visits like the one he did in Orlando the most severe in his activities as head of state. I remembered the time when he also reassured parents of young children killed in the school “sandy hook” in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012. It was the hardest day of my presidency,” he said then. — But I have had many heavy days.” On Thursday, he again and again embraced mourners hugged and closely pressed to his chest, hoping for a sign language more than the words in which he conveyed his condolences. He took time to talk individually with each family and embrace its members.

I recall other days and other years, when Obama met with grieving parents of the victims. “He hugged each of us individually. I mean — hugged, so I could smell his Cologne, ” recalls Reverend Sharon Risher, who lost his mother and two cousins during a shootout in Charleston (North Carolina) last year. He didn’t Pat me on the shoulder. The intimacy of our embrace will never be erased from my soul”. Obama does not regret his time meeting with families of the victims. He listens to more stories by the bereaved. All very intimate and at the same time terrible. He understands that people are disoriented when they meet with the President of the United States in the most difficult moments of his life. These people even forget that they are talking with the President.

School in Newtown in 2012 one mark burden, a seven year old whose son Daniel was killed along with 26 others at sandy hook,” said Obama about how important it is that he spent more time with their children. “He looked me in the eye and said, “I now return from prayers.” “Mr. Bearden felt awful excitedly. The President looked at me as one hundred percent dad, ” recalls Bearden. — He felt his heart, that he’s human being and that is exceeds his role as leader of our country.”

But the memory of Roxanne green, whose nine-year-old daughter Christina was killed during a shootout in 2011, in the Parking lot of a supermarket in Tucson. “You never want such a President’s visit,” says Ms. green. “The President has said that her daughter was very beautiful and that he was very sorry that her family has suffered such a loss, and then, with a sigh, he added, that his daughter is about the same age”.

Yes, it is difficult to account the Supreme Glavmoststroi, rather Panostamista the United States of America. He swears that he will make resisting the Senate, afraid of the National rifle Association of America more than its President, to enact the necessary laws to restore order in the acquisition and carrying of firearms. However, he brought the same vows already 14 times. Oath, which he brought to Orlando fifteenth.

Melor STURUA in Minneapolis

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