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Friday, March 23, 2018

Medina justified the opening of a memorial plaque to the ally of Hitler Mannerheim words of Stalin

The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky participated in the opening in St. Petersburg, a commemorative plaque for Gustav Mannerheim, an officer of the tsarist Russia, later ally of Hitler and the President of Finland.

photo: Kirill Iskoldsky

The figure of Mannerheim is still a matter of controversy in Russian society and especially in St. Petersburg due to the fact that the Finnish troops under his leadership ensured the blockade of Leningrad from the North. There are different versions of how Mannerheim saw the fate of the city. Some historians believe that neither he nor Hitler was not going to enter the army, to avoid loss, and is specifically limited to the blockade. Others believe that Mannerheim cooperated with the Nazis only in the interests of Finland and therefore prevent the destruction of the city and a complete cessation of its supply.

On Zakharyevskaya appeared a memorial plaque to Marshal Mannerheim https://t.co/TYLRT8Wk1n pic.twitter.com/kahtxDDBBY

— Fontanka. News (@fontanka_news) 16 Jun 2016

Amid these contentions today on Zakharyevskaya street of St. Petersburg was opening of the memorial plaque Mannerheim: it it was named “Lieutenant General of the Russian army from 1887 to 1918”.

The street in front of the opening was specially as specifies “Fontanka”, partitioned that did not save the ceremony from protesters shouting “Shame!”.

Read about the attitude of Finland to the Soviet soldiers.

In response, the Chairman of the Military-historic society of Russia (RVIA) of Medina and said, “don’t try to be a great patriot and a Communist than Stalin, who personally defended Mannerheim”.

Apparently, the Minister had in mind a story in which Stalin with the words “do Not touch” crossed out the name of Mannerheim from the list of Finnish war criminals, compiled jerte Kuusinen.

Read about the death of the last representative of the kind of Mannerheim.

However, the opening of the memorial plaque was accompanied by another incident: the former head of the CEC and head of the research Council of RVIA Vladimir Churov, attended the ceremony, expressed his displeasure at the fact that the sculptors made “inaccuracies in the reproduction of order”. Note that the choice of the orders exactly the time of service Mannerheim in the Russian Empire could be due to a reluctance to display on the memorial plaque awards of Nazi Germany, in particular, awarded the Mannerheim Hitler personally order of the German eagle with a large gold cross.

The supervisor is angry that the memorial plaque ally of Hitler “was the inaccuracies in the reproduction of order” pic.twitter.com/zHR2ytkBAG

— Military Photos (@RuPhotoMilitary) 16 Jun 2016

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