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Friday, July 21, 2017

Islamofascism: a new threat to the world

The recent shooting at a nightclub in Orlando (Florida, USA) again drew attention to the group ISIS (“Islamic state” banned in Russia organization), which claimed responsibility for the attacks. Dramatic news coming from the Middle East, where there is an offensive on cities held by the jihadists. The phenomenon of ISIL, managed to capture large areas of Syria and Iraq goes beyond “pure terrorism”. Doctor of legal Sciences, full member of the Academy of natural Sciences Alexander LAGUTKIN proposes to consider it in the context of the concept of Islamofascism.

photo: morguefile.com

— What are the goals of creating a quasi-state, called ISIS-DAISH?

Today they are well known. First and foremost is the establishment of a Caliphate on the territory from Africa to India. A Caliphate is defined as a Muslim state and as a system of theocratic Islamic state. The obvious goal of the Islamists is the subjection of all Nations and peoples, who do not acknowledge their goals and objectives through coercion, military and terrorist threats. Obviously desire the enslavement of the surrounding Islamist countries, peoples — with the aim of establishing a unified Islamic order, through the creation of a totalitarian, undemocratic state. This desire is directed primarily to the material and spiritual well-being of the Islamists, as they understand it.

— Who are the Islamists?

— It is necessary to distinguish Islam from Islamism, political Islam, and the people, professing Islam, from the Islamists. Islamists advocate the establishment of a unified procedure for approval by the public relations of the Sharia as a reactionary law-and-order, practicing the most cruel, inhuman rules in the relationship between people and government. You have to understand, subsequently with the goal of capturing other countries and peoples of these countries the population will be forcibly brought into submission to Sharia law, not professing Islamism will become second-class citizens.

Assume that the roots of this political and religious trends in Turkey. The revival of the idea of the “great Caliphate and the Ottoman Empire clearly resonate with the objectives that were pursued by the German Nazis. Especially clearly these Parallels can be traced in the practical activities: “final solution” of the Jewish question and the massacre of the Armenian people prior to the Holocaust.

All of the above makes us to turn to the recent past. The reign of fascism, the idea of unity, in Italy and national socialism, which is based also on the idea of national unification in Germany is obvious to the ideologues of fascism or national socialism, that is, the superiority of professing these ideas before the rest of humanity.

But the Italian and later German fascism is first of all national socialism. And the Islamists of this component is not visible. Is it possible in this case to talk about fascism?

— If we in the formula of national socialism, Nazism, replace the unifying concept of “nation” in the religious idea of “Islamism”, it is impossible not to discern the identity of these two ideological directions. No wonder the concept of Islam used the term “Islamofascism.” Today’s neo-fascism is much more dangerous than the one with which we are faced in 20 years, almost a hundred years ago.

And for Russia too?

A special danger of this ideology is precisely for Russia. Given the fact that almost 30% of Russia’s population is Muslim, in which Islamofascism is actively recruiting their supporters. That’s where we can encounter the “fifth column”. To talk about ISIS-DAISH (banned in Russia) as a terrorist organization is fundamentally wrong. Because terrorism and military expansion is only a tool to achieve the goals of the Islamist-fascist community. And the fact that it already exists — no doubt about that. If European leaders and the United States of America I hope that they will succeed in the Bud to destroy the terrorist, they believe the ISIS-DAISH (banned in Russia), they are sadly and tragically mistaken. Islamofascists are not fools, and well-known methods of combating terrorism, which was applied in the fight against this phenomenon, unfit for active opposition to the emerging novobachatskii ideology.


Today’s Islamofascists willingly and productively learn new methods to achieve their goals. This follows from the terrorist attacks in France, when a limited number of armed Islamists gets into places where citizens and opens fire and then disappears. That is, the Islamofascists have adopted techniques used in daily criminal life in the United States. A lone gunman enters the place where accumulates a large number of unarmed people and starts shooting at the others, and the motivation for the acts may be varied, from personal revenge to racial or national hostility and intolerance.

The last major manifestation of such a method with a nationalist motivation we know in Sweden — Breivik. Now Islamofascists began to use this criminal activity as a model of terrorism, for a few reasons. First, to instill constant fear in the population, therefore, influence the leadership of the country concerned, that is, that it was in a state of confusion, shaking the foundations of state order and public confidence in the government, its legitimacy. Secondly, causing fear and outrage from citizens, to provoke them to speech and aggressive actions until the riots against the numerous migrants who flooded these countries that will make it easier for Islamofascists (jihadists) recruitment of its supporters — offended migrants both within the country and abroad to conduct military and terrorist activities.

— Sounds dangerous…

In today’s world, when right-wing movements appear here and there, forming a breeding ground for the revival of fascism, it is particularly important to pay attention to this new form of fascist ideology (Islamofascism). For anybody not a secret that the Nazi manifestations in Ukraine and maybe in the near future in other European countries and Russia will merge, cooperate. Although Islamo-fascism and extreme right movements in Europe have different objectives, at a certain stage of development, they may unite, that is a huge threat to the existing world order.

— Where is the exit?

In today’s conditions, when the radical right manifests itself everywhere, including quite vividly in Ukraine, it is necessary to form a coalition that will counter the resurgent neo-fascism, and a clear plan for the unification of all forces and States that are able and having the will to resist the fascist Islamism. This should be done immediately, without any delay, that is, not as it was before the Second world war and at its beginning.

All forces and countries willing to oppose ISIS-DAISH (banned in Russia), you should take into consideration that we are not dealing with terrorism, and with the necessity of military confrontation between the emerging international neo-fascism.

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