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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Gambling zone near Yalta: Crimean shock of its future

Finding a place for gambling zone in Crimea is over. On Thursday, the Republican government decided to place its 16.8 hectares of the sanatorium “Pearl” in the village of Gaspra near Yalta. According to the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov, to invest in the Russian Las Vegas will be exclusively to domestic investors by July 15 will provide a concept development project. Locals shocked by their fate.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

According to local authorities, from the “one-armed bandits, blackjack and other pleasures of life,” the Peninsula will only get better. Thanks to the gaming zone in Gaspra appears 2 thousands of jobs, and each year the village will be visited by 500 thousand tourists.

However, the locals are not too happy about opening prospects. “The last 23 years we have drunk… Gaming zone finally we will finish! Someone they want to invite us? Gangsters and prostitutes? We are guests do not need! To develop the Crimea, you need to build hotels, to train specialists in tourism. Crimea is a pearl of not only Russia but the whole world. But the authorities want to cut down quickly money, because they are casual workers, who could care less about people. So far we have not said a word about the economic rationale for this resort, nor who will build”, – outraged the people who came at the end of October last year at hearings on the construction of the Crimean Las Vegas.

However, according to the results of the public debate, the government voted, and of the 155 participants, 93 people voted for the construction. For 10-thousand of the village is a ridiculous figure, but as they say opponents of the gaming zone, officials have made many efforts to hearings generally no one would find out, and vote “charged” Crimeans.

“MK” was able to verify this on my own experience, when I tried to find out opinion of inhabitants of Yalta, Gaspra and the employees themselves “Pearls” on the construction they have at hand the gambling zone. It turned out that no one else knows. “The first time I hear that we will be building a casino… No we were not warned about this. Very bad, followed by the gambling zone will come to us crime”, – told the “MK” honored worker of culture of Crimea, honorary citizen of Yalta Alla Hanila. In turn, a source in the leadership of the sanatorium admitted that they, too, nobody said anything, and even on the government’s decision they are not heard. What kind of territory will be part of the 16 hectares dedicated to casino, where you do not know, as they know they will continue to exist, or they face dismissal.

Given the powerful lobby of organizers of gambling, there is little doubt that sooner or later on the Peninsula will open a gaming zone, because in terms of sanctions Crimea needs money from any source. Therefore, the signing by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decree in July 2014 became a sensation (before the establishment of gambling zones is permitted only in the Altai, Primorsky and Krasnodar territories and the Kaliningrad region). On the other hand it is not difficult to understand why the Crimeans who returned to “home port”, the decision was kind of a cold shower, because the Ukrainian authorities have banned all gambling on the Peninsula in the summer of 2009. Until that time, some of the best casino of Crimea was located in Yalta.

As for the “Pearls”, which is now doomed to become a den of Vice, it is located in 10 km from Yalta, on the Cape AI-Todor, where once stood a Roman fortress. On the edge of the same cliff is the “swallow’s nest”. And near the resort is Haraksky Park-monument of landscape art, founded by the Romanovs in the nineteenth century. In the nineteenth century along the coast lived the merchants and landowners, and the Soviet government put in their place, four bedroom buildings and gave the land for recreation for the military. In 2015, the rest there was about 2.5-3 thousand rubles per day per person.

Crimean authorities tried to find a more suitable place for gambling. In particular, the head of Crimean Parliament Vladimir Konstantinov in November last year said that the casinos need to build somewhere in the area of Yalta, or Saki, as they are much closer to the only airport in Crimea, located in Simferopol. According to him, international experience shows the critical importance of the proximity of a gambling zone to the air port. For comparison, the trip from Simferopol to Gaspra takes about 2 hours, to Yalta SAC 2-3 times less. However, near the proposed Konstantinov places was too many camps for children, and the gaming zone simply nowhere to stick.

In this case , the Chairman of Business Russia in Sevastopol Oleg NIKOLAEV confessed “MK” to open a casino have been a very different place:

Gaming zone may appear in the Crimea, but it should be done somewhere in the desert areas of the Peninsula, as was done in the case of Las Vegas. But to build it on the southern shore of the big mistake, which led to a desire to “make easier”. There is so very many people, and there is no need to further overload the area of infrastructure, which cannot withstand even the current load. A great place would be the seat. In order to develop underdeveloped areas, there is need to set the “magnets” that will attract investments. The gaming zone can act as such, it will develop infrastructure, business and so on. With the availability of a large number of players in Russia, we can build in the Crimea own Las Vegas.

The Return Of The Crimea. Chronicle of events

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