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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Alive movie by Nikita Mikhalkov

Graduates of the actors Studio Academy of cinematographic and theatrical art Nikita Mikhalkov presented the “Metamorphosis” – performance, coupled with a master class in the format of an open rehearsal where what is happening on stage – from the artists to the power of light and sound, is adjusted directly in the course of creative study. Artistic Director of the play was made by Mikhalkov himself, and this is the second theatrical experience of the Director.

A year ago, Nikita Mikhalkov founded the Academy of motion picture and theatrical art. During this time the students of the acting Studio under the guidance of Mikhalkov managed to create a new genre at the intersection of theater and film and in the play “Metamorphoses,” based on 9 years of works by A. P. Chekhov and I. Bunin. Open rehearsal, held in the Theater Actor, has become not only a kind of final exam for students in the Academy, but among fastidious Moscow public event. The auditorium was full of those lucky people who managed to get a ticket (they were sold). Started rehearsal with a video illustrating the work of the creative laboratory: sketches of scenes from the plays appear one after the other, slapstick, satire, drama, tragedy…, Nikita shows students by example of the subtleties of acting, the eyes of the actors, supervising the lessons of the master, then laugh, then fill with tears…the Video ends and the scene the founder of the Academy.

Nothing is more important than the actor at the site can not be – said Mikhalkov. – The mission of the Academy is to create an environment where the actor can fly. And this is possible if you create an atmosphere in which the actor will feel self-importance.

During the year the work of the Academy Director Sergei Gazarov, Alexander Koruchekov, Igor Yatsko, choreographer Sergei Zemlyansky and artistic Director Nikita Mikhalkov worked out with the actors every minute of life to their characters step by step.

– Nikita rehearsed with each of us personally for several hours, ” says the actress, a graduate of the creative laboratory of the Academy Yelena Lemeshko. – I think, in his creative life Mikhalkov has not played a lot of roles. And probably all his unrealized potential, he decided to pour on us. As a theatre Director Nikita differs primarily by affection and tenderness. He’s like a magician, passing his knowledge and energy. When a lump turns to you and love you looks, you begin to work wonders.

Perhaps Elena Lemeshko and law that Nikita a number of unused roles, but few people know that Mikhalkov already staged performances in the theater! Roman “Argentino”, and even Marcello Mastroianni and also by Chekhov – the play was called “unfinished piece for mechanical piano”, a theatrical version of the famous film version. And helped to put this performance artistic Director of the “Metamorphosis” Yuri Cooper.

Long time ago in Rome we with Nikita Sergeyevich and Marcello Mastroianni put the play “unfinished piece for mechanical piano” at the theatre “Argentino”, – says Cooper. – There were built huge sets – house of General, was a real river RC butterfly. And the General’s house we built a 4-storey, even with a dovecote. It was the most expensive decoration in the history of the “Argentino”!

In the Metamorphoses of this magnitude, of course not, but he and Cooper managed to convey the atmosphere of each individual passage, with the volume of the projection of the broadcast on screen. One was located behind the actors, and the other transparent – separated stage and auditorium, allowing the projection seemed to be created out of thin air. What technical means the artist managed to achieve this, history is silent, but thanks to modern technology was created the effect of “live cinema”.

The sense of belonging of the viewer to the creative process was created and Khrushchev himself, who went on stage one day and shared with the audience their thoughts and observations, and when you start the next part of “Metamorphosis”, Mikhalkov returned to the auditorium. From there, the Director sometimes made comments and adjusted the play in continuous mode.

Started “Metamorphosis” with comedic productions of Chekhov’s stories – “the Defenseless creature”, “How I legally married”. Then the audience presented a mini-play “Light breathing” – on the short story by Bunin. The drama started to heat up. The inner kink of the main character, transmitted with the amazing acting and incredible scenery in the blink of an eye transitioning from high school to the bustling station, immediately set up the hall in a serious manner. Ended the first act staging of Bunin’s “Revenge.” In reading the creative laboratory “Revenge” is a bold musical in red-black-white. Though Mikhalkov and emphasized that the actors were not intended to compete with dancers from the Bolshoi, it was quite a decent level of good cabaret.

The second act opened choreographic staging of Chekhov’s story “the Women”. Props – at least, unless long poles that are using nimble movements of the actors turned in the house, in the wagon, to jail. The internal tension of the characters were fully expressed through choreographic and visual methods, and anxiously crafted mise-EN-scene and Russian funeral tunes it strengthened. “Baba” is the long, almost wordless, and incredibly expressive part of the “Metamorphosis”.

– The viewer, even without knowing of a work, it reads the choreography level psychoplastic and Psychophysics, ” says the choreographer of the play Sergey Zemlyansky. – The dance can’t lie. You can fool the word, but not the body. These codes are inherent in us on the level of animal instincts.

Further, according to the law of the genre “Metamorphosis” – a kind of live cinema in which sadyatsya of the senses, the degree of tension fell sharply, and on-stage already playing Comedy ostrosotsialnoe the statement “a man without a place” on Chekhov. It took only a few minutes, and the audience laugh at the indignant graduate students to bribe cunning servants, of which literally strewed the sand.

The fun continues. The next room is a staging of Chekhov’s story “the Mysterious nature”: simple the solution the main character is found at the end under the laughter of the audience. Then follows a sketch about the fickleness and wickedness of female nature, from a story by Chekhov “Gone.” The audience really was quite amused and waiting for another Comedy, but ends the second act of the production of “Cold autumn” Bunin – the tragic story of unfulfilled love.

The play is over and the room explodes in applause. On stage the graduates of the Academy. Today is their triumph, because of the year they were able not only to increase their professionalism, but also to create a new format theatrical genre – outdoor living show, where there is no clear-cut boundaries and rules.

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