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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A “strong” woman is not only crying but also dancing

It would certainly be an exaggeration to describe the history of this singer’s fairy tale about an ugly duckling who turned into a Swan Princess, but his new album “Strong” released for the thirtieth anniversary, she still suddenly surprised the audience by showing a rare example of creative evolution.

In public, Elena Knyazeva for the first time seemed like a once in a while, when all and Sundry tried to climb on stage and get into the beckoning bright lights of the world of show business, which, of course, caused a lot of sarcasm and irony on the part of those artists who was deservedly took their place in the music Olympus. Then, the aspiring singer was little different from the other cute, but not too talented starlets, singing folklore and covers of hits by Angelica Varum, Irina Allegrova, Yaki-Da, and No Doubt. Representatives of the musical public only smiled condescendingly whispered did not expect from an artist of some impressive discoveries. Then there was his debut and very successful album “So gently” in 2010, which did not cause much excitement among the public, in 2012 — a new attempt to surprise listeners and colleagues a change of image and album, “I come!” under the name of BELKA. After a series of rather monotonous work on “troechku” hardly anyone could imagine that in 2016, Elena Knyazeva will release a really good album, radically different from the previous and the vocals and sound.

On the album “Strong” Knyazev really sang in the new and adequately worked on my voice of the party, giving even juicy vocals (like in the track “I’ll Call you in spring”). The main theme, the leitmotif of all the songs, as you can freely and easily be lived a girl after a breakup of a painful relationship, together with love and brought a lot of soul-searching (lines such as “forget-me-not gave, and the next morning everything is forgotten”, “the guy stole my best friend”, “write text messages more often than calling me” — evidence).

There is also a provocative dance items and even applications for drama (“Diamonds are silent”, a duet with Rodion Gazmanov “Lose”, “Wine”, sung with the rapper Loc Dog). In sound it reminds of retro disco — Modern Talking F. R. David, Secret Service — quite in line with current trends of pop-dance. So if the organizers of the party will be foreigners for some reason unavailable, they can call Elena Knyazev and get from her speech no less pleasure.

Of course, the new album is a musical fast food, which is often light pop music, but not a masterpiece “molecular gastronomy”, but in its genre it did the maximum of what I could. Russian pop performers don’t master this evolution. Comes to mind is that Christina Aguilera. But if Christine stood behind the whole starry family, Elena Knyazeva has reached a new level thanks to a great desire and hard work.

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