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Friday, March 23, 2018

Ukrainian wave of hatred towards Russia began to decline

“Ukrainians becomes clear that not Russia is to blame”. So sociologists explain the results of a recent survey showing a significant warming of relations to each other, the people of Ukraine and Russia. Influenced this change and a number of other circumstances. Paradoxically, but not everyone in Ukraine likes it.

The attitude of Russians and Ukrainians towards each other improved, in addition, more than half of Russian citizens believe that relations between countries should be friendly, this opinion is shared by 44% of the population of Ukraine, reported on Thursday, RIA “Novosti”, based on the results of the survey, which may 27-30, spent “Levada-Center”.

“Deep down, the citizens of both countries to be accepted and learned the idea of a long feud as a “new normal”

So, according to the survey, 39% of Russians treat Ukraine good, negative – 47% of respondents, while 13% were undecided. For comparison, in may last year, slightly more than a quarter of Russians were determined favorably to Ukraine, but the negative – 59%. Thus, the level of hostility decreased by 12 points.

Sobering voice from the West

Sociologist Yevhen Kopatko (Ukraine) said the current improvement a sustainable trend. “The picture is not as radiant as it seems to other sociologists, and the information war continues. But the encouraging factors are” – I agree Kopatko.

“Human communication gradually begin to dominate, real life takes over. First, there has long been no active fighting. Ukraine gradually focuses on solving its internal problems. And against the backdrop of the economic and social realities faced by the Ukrainians, it becomes obvious that not all the fault of Russia”, – said the sociologist newspaper VIEW.

“In addition, in the Western press, the world’s leading publications recently hosted a series of publications, which clearly was no improvement of relations with Russia, particularly economic, a way out of crisis for Ukraine is almost impossible. For the Ukrainian public opinion it was a landmark event. The gap of economic ties was not the “chocolate” for Russia, there is also severely affected, but hardest hit Ukraine. In Russia the concept of import substitution, for example in agriculture is obvious. And it is clear that Ukraine this market falls. So in the future it is necessary now to look at some directions then to restore economic ties”, said the sociologist.

Sometimes you can negotiate

The attitude to Ukraine the Russians have improved since the liberation of Hope Savchenko, according to the data of “Levada-Center” and the Kiev international Institute of sociology (KIIS). If may 22-25, 26% of respondents belonged to Ukraine well, and 63% bad, then the measurements may 27-30, this ratio was changed in 39% to 47%. That is, their opinion changed from 13 to 16% of respondents. A new poll conducted immediately after the exchange Savchenko at the two Russians. Sociologists suggest that the exchange became for many an occasion to rethink the situation, convinced that the parties can make mutual concessions.

“The basic emotion of Russians to all countries is positive. In case of conflicts the attitude is changing, but as soon as the acute phase of confrontation passes, everything is restored, – said the Deputy Director “Levada-center” Alexei Grazhdankin, the newspaper “Vedomosti”. – The conflict with Ukraine lasts for more than two years, but it can be expected that the ratio will improve, deteriorate him any longer.”

In addition, according to sociologists, more than half of Russians (53%) believe that Russia and Ukraine should be independent but friendly States with open borders without visas and customs. The opposite view was expressed by 36% of Russians.

For comparison, this opinion is shared by 44% of Ukrainians, and exactly the same against friendship – also 44%. In General, the feelings of Ukrainians to Russia also showed improvement, although everything is changing much slower. According to the study, as of may, 42% of Ukrainians expressed a positive attitude towards their Eastern neighbor, the negative – 43%, could not answer pollsters – 15%.

The company informed residents of Ukraine, who with sympathy has been to set up in Russia was much smaller – about one-third, but of those who expressed hostility to her, on the contrary, more than 57%. We can say that the level of hostility to Russia and the people of Russia there fell by 14 points.

Do not forgive the offense, otherwise, it will become “Ghost”

That wave of hatred towards Russia has receded, concern themselves recognize the Ukrainian radical nationalists. After the show of the Russian First channel was made by the Ukrainian singer, the leader of the group SunSay Andrey Zaporozhets, a well-known Kiev political scientist and publicist Vitaly Portnikov see new tactics of Moscow.

“It’s not a coincidence, no. As well behaved with Moldova and Georgia before Saakashvili. Georgian wine, artists, migrant workers, we love you. And the territory, and refugees – the government is to blame! Now Georgia is a similar process, it is fashion trend, not Crimea or something. And so little accustomed to live with an open wound, which can be when you need to poke from all the wide Russian soul, wrote Portnikov last week in his Facebook. And there is already a lot depends not on the government, our and Russian, and the level of internal collaboration of the Ukrainian people. If he accepts these rules of the game – will continue to drive, to work, to act, “does not want war, which is profitable to the oligarchs, and ordinary people at anything – it will quickly become a nation-Ghost.”

After that there will be only songs about independence to sing, as it has happened many times in history, fears Portnikov.

Dynamics of reconciliation

“In Russia and Ukraine there is a significant difference between the basic attitude of the peoples towards each other and the current mood of the day. Deep down, the citizens of both countries to be accepted and learned the idea of a long feud as a “new normal,” – said the newspaper VIEW, Sergei Stankevich, the former adviser of the President of Russia, now – the expert of Anatoly Sobchak. – The conflict is perceived as a deviation as the political dislocation, the result of disastrous policy decisions. People believe that everything can be improved and to return to the old familiar “normality”, albeit on a new level.

According to him, in spite of the daily propaganda, a hidden request for settlement of the conflict is huge. “Hence the constant readiness to catch and to welcome any sign of warming and a step towards normalization. Intensified exchanges of internees and prisoners are perceived as preparatory steps to the fundamental decisions leading to the normalization of bilateral relations. Surges of positivity show that the feud is not yet rooted and real peacekeeping policy will receive strong public support”, – said Sergei Stankevich.

“In fact the exchange Savchenko, of course, is associated in the public mind with intermediary actions of Medvedchuk and Russian negotiators. But still this event is not humanitarian but political aspect”, – said Kopatko. Rather, its return has raised many issues of internal Ukrainian politics, said the sociologist.

“In my opinion, if you compare the information space of Russia and Ukraine, the Russian today is a more tolerant tone – there is a clear separation of people and power, – said Eugene Kopatko. But, in addition, millions of people communicate every day together. Do not forget that millions of Ukrainians are now in Russia, and to a large extent they are loyal to Russia”.

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