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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Ukraine will help NATO with its partisans

The Alliance has agreed to continue funding military reform in Ukraine that sometime in the future could become part of it. However, in the view of Kiev ideal Western army looks very strange: along with the traditional forces of the country as well the need to develop the guerrilla movement, according to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. “MK” has found out, what will such an innovation.

photo: morguefile.com

As stated on June 15, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, the military-political Alliance will continue to assist reforms in Ukraine, which is already noticeable progress. In confirmation of defence Ministers of countries-members of the Alliance approved the “comprehensive care package” Square, which includes the development of logistics, cyber defence, “confrontation with hybrid threats” and so on. Earlier, the head of the defense Ministry of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak said that by 2020, APU will go entirely to the standards of the Alliance. According to him, the contract army of the country is growing at 6-7 thousand people a month. Only APU serve 280 thousand soldiers, of which 70 thousand are in the Donbass.

And all anything, but on Tuesday, Poroshenko declared about the necessity to create infrastructure for the rapid deployment of the partisan movement in case of war with Russia. In 2014, similar statements were made by the leader of the banned in Russia “Right sector” Dmitry Yarosh. In particular, he promised to blow up the gas and oil pipelines running from Russia to Europe through his country, tried to coordinate their actions with insurgents in the North Caucasus and so on.

Given the efforts of the Ukrainian authorities and the glorification of Nazi accomplices, “MK” decided to find out from the experts what will be announced Poroshenko guerrilla army, and how it will affect the country’s integration into NATO:

Rostislav ISCHENKO, a Ukrainian political scientist:

– It will include all those Nazi militants, based on which the previously formed volunteer battalions. Each region has created several of these groups, so they have a clear territorial reference. In addition, there are “Right sector” and other such enterprises, who are happy to join the guerrilla army. The findings of the UN observers that these battalions brought Ukraine more harm than good, can be taught Poroshenko and his entourage, because initially they were dependent on them, as the army was half-decayed, and now the militants are its basis and say they do not deploy bayonets against Kiev only because he was busy in the Donbas.

Denis DENISOV, the head of the Ukrainian branch of the CIS Institute:

– Being a hostage of its own bellicose rhetoric Poroshenko makes a statement, which, despite its obvious stupidity, does not ease the situation in the Donbas. At the same time, the issue of Ukraine’s accession to NATO on 95% depends on the political will of the United States. If Washington would be a profitable military Alliance with Ukraine, he will not pay attention to all this nonsense and even unresolved territorial disputes with Russia. But this is unlikely to happen, because then NATO will have to Finance the defense budget of Kyiv, which, taking into account local corruption would require an incredible amount of money.

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