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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

“The return of the Crimea” less interested in Kiev

In Parliament first held hearings on “strategy of reintegration of Crimea”. Without the warlike speeches has not been – the ruling circles of Ukraine claim that has not accepted the care of the Peninsula. However, the actual Ukrainian authorities to respect the reunification of the Crimea with Russia is different and the best indicator of this is the absence in the hearings of the Ukrainian top officials. However, not only that.

On Wednesday in the Verkhovna Rada for the first time in two and a half years have passed hearings on a theme “strategy for reintegration of Crimea. The most militant speaker turned out to be “the organizer of the civilian blockade of the Crimea, the CEO of ATR TV channel Lenur islyamov. Thus, in contrast to the majority of participants of hearings, islyamov said in Russian. “What do I see? People for whom Crimea is not an empty phrase that can’t live without the Crimea. And I see the lack of power: President, Prime Minister, Ministers, even the first Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada! – protested the speaker. It says the Crimea is now for the government”.

“The initiators of the blockade, hoped that Crimeans on their own stomachs will understand that without Ukraine, they can not do, and will want to return”

Indeed, the hearings ignored the entire leadership of the country, although they took place in the session hall of the Parliament. Led by the Deputy speaker of Parliament Oksana Rawfoodist. The speaker Andriy Parubiy, opening the meeting in the same hall in the morning, made another loud statement: “hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who remain in the Russian-occupied Ukrainian lands, waiting for the release and return to Ukraine.” However, the hearing did not come.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman on this day makes his first visit to the United States. Conversing with the speaker of Congress Paul Ryan, he called companion not to forget about the “occupation of Crimea”. In these hours in Kiev, the Deputy parks “on the occupied territories and “ATO” Mr Question and his subordinate Minister – the Minister “for “ATO and the occupied territories” Vladimir Chernysh – don’t go for hearing. Came the Minister of education Liliya Hrynevych, and all of her colleagues in the Cabinet sent deputies. In the end, the podium was given to the leaders of different NGOs, including migrants from the Crimea.

The absence of the Ministers of the Islyamova not discouraged. From the parliamentary rostrum, he thanked all his supporters, staged last fall, “civilian blockade”, and himself began to applaud. “We gave honor to Ukraine!” said islyamov. According to him, the Ukrainian citizens do not believe in “voluntary” the liberation of the Crimea, so it requires the President to give to the group of his supporters, whom he calls “the Crimean Tatar battalion”, the number of military units. And not random, and the number one part, two years ago, “disgrace” departed from the Crimea, so they could now “honor” to go back, said islyamov. Decorating the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada of the Crimean Tatar flag, he promised to “engage in the liberation of the Peninsula.

Other speakers were much less warlike. Their strategy of “reintegration” was the expression of hope that one day Russia will return Crimea under pressure from the “international community”, and until then, it is necessary to conduct litigation for the Crimea in international courts.

“The strategy for the return of the Crimea should be based on two key assumptions. That people, return them culturally, physically, mentally and economically. And secondly, is the elimination of legitimizing the illegal occupation by Russia of the Crimea”, – said, in particular, the Deputy Minister of justice Sergei Petukhov. “We immediately, even before the completion of the occupation, filed a lawsuit in the European court of human rights”, – he reminded, calling to make sure that the people who remained in the Crimea, to feel the assistance of Ukraine. They, for example, we need a simplified procedure of obtaining Ukrainian documents.

While Russian citizens in Crimea, by the way, “feel the care” of Ukraine as attempts at a transport and energy blockade, as well as the numerous threats of the return of the Peninsula by military force.

And the press came up with it

Hot was the speech of the Deputy from “Blok Petro Poroshenko”, ex-Prime Minister of the Crimea Sergey Kunitsyn. He was also annoyed with the lack of members of the government, in which he saw a new attitude to the Crimea”. “Where Ministers, where the Deputy Prime Minister? Where are they? And who is this person – the Plenipotentiary of the President in the Kherson region? Who should coordinate the work of security officers – of the SBU, the police and so on – in the Crimea? Does anyone know? Need state program of return of the Crimea!” – demanded the former Prime Minister.

Kunitsyn was struck by the boycott, which gave the participants of the hearings of the Ukrainian press. “You’ll see! On the balcony – only one camera, and when the morning Parasyuk fought had 50 cameras”, – was indignant the Deputy declaring this a defect of the Ministry of information. In addition, the Deputy demanded from the same Ministry to drown out the signal of Russian TV channels in territory of the border of the Kherson region. According to him, on-site coverage of 50 kilometers is not caught Ukrainian TV, but “the Russian hammer and the people going crazy from it.” “There is a technique, which suppresses the fact that it is not necessary to listen to our people, and leave what you need” – said the Deputy. The Deputy head of the Ministry of information Emine dzhaparova replied that “we have no such equipment, but it is the General staff.

The mayor of the city Alexander Tulupov urged the authorities not to leave his town next winter, as happened last January. Recall that when the city was forced to ask the Russian authorities, Henichesk was freezing. According to the mayor, the residents of Crimea “in the first place pay attention to how the Ukrainians living in the border territory.” And called the situation with heating of the city “dead-end”.

The expert of Fund “Maidan foreign Affairs Yuri Smelyanskiy announced that his Foundation carefully, every day captures the “violation of Ukrainian sovereignty in the Crimea: the entry of ships into ports, flying aircraft, visits by foreigners. “The pension Fund will coordinate their actions with the occupiers! – he was indignant. – Close collaboration with academic collaborators, in particular concerning recognition of scientific degrees in Ukrainian universities. National judicial practice can not assess the guilt of the perpetrators. Again hope only to foreign courts!” In his opinion, the policy of Kiev “has led to apathy of Ukrainian citizens”, living on the Peninsula.

“The Crimean market of Ukraine has lost”

By the way, on the eve of the hearing, the UNIAN news Agency published a self-critical review of the policy of Kiev regarding Crimea. Politicians and officials are increasingly resorting to blatant populism, according to the Agency. “Similarly, there are many public figures, independent experts. The impression is that the Crimean topic, they also recall only briefly, superficially, only to raise your own rating,” recognized Ukrainian experts.

The big mistake the Agency calls the blockade of the Peninsula. “The initiators of the blockade, hoped that Crimeans on their own stomachs will understand that without Ukraine, they can not do, and will want to return. However, the result was different: instead of Ukrainian food in the Crimean trade networks were Russian. Moreover, the Crimean hostile attitude to the Ukrainian food blockade. In the positive it is not played, the Crimean market, Ukraine has lost,” says UNIAN.

The strategy for “return” of the Peninsula, the Agency advises to build exclusively a legal, not a military plane. For example, to protect the rights of the Ukrainian and Crimean representatives of business in international commercial arbitration, to appeal to the international court of justice with a lawsuit against Russia. In addition, the Agency calls to amend the Constitution by limiting fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens of Ukraine living in Crimea, as well as to ban local referendums.

We will remind, a week before the hearings, the new Advisor to the President of Ukraine, ex-NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that the “return” of Crimea should not be an immediate priority of Kiev. At the moment you need to concentrate on other questions: on reforms, on full execution of the “Minsk-2” and so on, quoting Rasmussen VZGLYAD. In response, the leader of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Refat Chubarov demanded that Rasmussen publicly and to “immediately clarify its position on the Crimea.” But the requirement Chubarov former Secretary General ignored.

“Today there is an understanding that there are no real mechanisms for the return of the Crimea. At the beginning of the year, President Poroshenko has created a special “service for the reintegration of the Crimea.” But there is in the state a couple of people, money is not allocated. That is, it was created just for show, to have something to say. Today the ruling circles of Kiev there is an understanding that the issue of Crimea will occur not earlier, than will be solved the question of Donbass. Therefore, attention to this problem is purely declarative, it is just a flag to perform at any international forums. But some common initiatives begin to sound, for example, the lifting of the blockade of Donbass and the Crimea”, – said the newspaper LOOK Director of the Kiev Institute of policy analysis and management Ruslan Bortnik, recognizing that the real concept of the actions of the authorities today, no.

“They did not accept the loss of Crimea outwardly, but inwardly they are aware that Crimea is lost. But they never admit it” – succinctly stated by the newspaper VIEW, the Russian scientist Konstantin Zatulin.

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