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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The real estate market, a new “anti-crisis” housing format

The real estate market in the country can make a sharp turn. Apartment with a free plan, which has long dictated fashion, ready to give way to a new format. It is ready, finished “turnkey” housing, which not only apply Wallpaper, but also furniture and built-in appliances. Advantages of these apartments in savings, it is all over,” – said the Chairman of Board of Directors GK “the ring” Sergei Golunov. The company already embodies a new trend in the quarter of “Tetris” in Krasnogorsk. We talked to Sergey Kaloevym about the project and the people for whom it is intended.

Renders the LCD “Tetris” of the provided GK “Garden ring”

– The apartments that you offer, a small. The impression is that they are designed primarily for young people.

– Of course, this is no accident. The demand for small apartments is returned to the people of the new generation. Requests they correspond to reality. Our specialists carefully studied the real estate market in crisis and came to the conclusion that today nobody wants to pay for extra meters. Today for life when most of the time you spend at work, and come home only to eat dinner and spend the night, large apartment. This is especially true of young, energetic people. The majority of young people – rather austere. In fact, what they need? Wardrobe, bed, table, couple of tables, and, of course, appliances. All this fits perfectly in our apartments with the size from 18 to 45 square meters. For extra yards during the purchase to pay is not necessary, saving on utility bills, property tax.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of GC “Garden ring” Sergey Golunov

– But will not spoil. The treadmill, for example, such housing will not install…

– It is flat and not needed. To provide our customers with 1500 square meters of public space on the first floor – free for residents of gyms, rooms for rest with sofas and a fireplace, Internet library, cafe, children’s play room. That is, you pay less and get more. It is also important that the apartments comfortable stay from the moment when the house is commissioned. What are the first two to three years of life in the new house? People call and starts an infinite repair. We will have none: no noisy activities, drilling, dust and dirt.

– And do not repeat in a typical home the story of “ironically”? December 31, it is possible by mistake to mix up the apartment…

– That’s unlikely. Individual design is already taken care of a group of professionals. The buyer can evaluate the design and select a future apartment in our showroom.

We offer a choice of two solutions. The first: “Come and live” – a fully furnished apartment. In the second the customer can choose any color of laminate flooring and furniture. All options presented in the Configurator on the website.

– What type of customer designed apartment?

– On the buyer with average incomes, the so-called middle class. We as the developer of the proposed installments, insured risks, we insure each equity contract. You can get a mortgage – money same as rent. Payments will range from 20 to 40 thousand rubles a month.

Renders the LCD “Tetris” of the provided GK “Garden ring”. Project Declaration on the website of the developer company “Garden ring MPs http://tetris-kvartal.ru/

– As far as I know, you build “Tetris” on the site of dilapidated housing. How much compensation for resettlement was received by the owners?

We concluded with the administration of the Krasnogorsk the agreement on the development of these territories. The result gave the city of about 2 800 square feet of living space. We settled in the city all 65 families. People moved with the improvement: got large meters, including the new apartments. The social aspect means a lot to us, not only in connection with the construction. For 15 years our company supports children’s collective “Neposedy – 300 children who have the opportunity to be creative. We have one more project – a festival of “Seven notes of the Moscow region”. Help talented children are completely free to implement their creativity in choreography, vocals, choral singing. This year we collected more than 1,500 young talents. In my opinion, children are the best investment in the future!

Anna Sergeeva

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