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Monday, March 19, 2018

The “Animals” breaks up, the musicians looking for a new job

The “beast” is on the verge of collapse. At least it can be interpreted in a post published on his page in one of social networks guitarist Maxim Leonov. According to records, in the former part of the “Beasts” are planning to play another three concerts, after which drummer Michael Brim, bassist Alex Lyubchik and guitarist Maxim Leonov will leave the team.

Meanwhile, the press attache of “Animals” told “MK” that the disintegration of the group. At the moment the team is just at the stage of renegotiation of the contracts with the musicians.

Will leave you a bassist, drummer and guitarist of the band “beautiful,” as sung in one of the most famous songs of “Animals” found out “MK”.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Recording on guitarist Maxim Leonov published on 8 June. And the team he calls “EX-group “Animals”.

“Experienced and played a part (EX-band) of three people: Michael Brim – drums, Alex Lyubchik – bass, Maxim Leonov guitar, looking for a permanent job. Together about 10 years old, play practically all know each other through and through. Primarily interested in working on a permanent basis.

As a demo you can watch on Youtube any concert or listen to any album Animals over the past 10 years, and visit three of our last performance with this “group”…”

For the week under this post there are more 360 reviews. Someone of the fans even decided that guitarist page was hacked. Well, could not admirers of “Animals” believe in the breakup of the band.

“Maxim, would you go back? Still so many years of working together, and then you…” – says one of the fans.

“Noooo….. We do not agree on this!!! Without You it is not the Animals, well, guys, let’s solve all in the right direction. We love you all equally!!!!!” – emotionally spoke another groupie.

“Everything is already decided for us, unfortunately,” replied the girl Maxim Leonov.

Here, in correspondence Maxim is going through, just pour out your emotions, work well no offers. And if you judge by further correspondence, he is clearly not joking. “Just from the 1st of July we are officially unemployed, and I don’t see a reason not to start looking for a job right now”

“Maxim, well in Novocherkassk’re not going?” – immediately oriented members of guitarist

“Why not? Most importantly the price to converge,”— said Leonov.

As explained “MK” the press-attache of team Anastasia Gracheva, a breakdown of the question.

The “Animals” all is well. If you have any questions, you can ask from Maxim Leonov, who posted this message.

– He wrote that three of the concert they will play in the “Animals.” After that, the musicians say goodbye to the team.

– It is absolutely normal practice, when the musicians over the contracts for the band. They pereselyaetsya at least every three years. Nothing supernatural in this. At the end someone in the team will remain, may be replaced. If that happens, we will say about them.

– But the situation is not associated with any conflicts in the team?

– No. The “beast” does not disappear, all we in order.

Maxim Leonov, at least in correspondence with the “MK” wrote that I would not like to comment on the situation, on the phone Xie also agreed to answer a number of questions.

The musician confirmed that the team is now reviewing contracts.

– Everything is exactly as you said, our press officer.

– Not known yet who will renew contracts, and with whom — no?

– I don’t watch what they’re doing. I change her and leave.

– That is you leave the team?


– You are one or other musicians too?

– I would not like to talk about this situation at all. All official information you already announced.

– In your post you wrote that looking for a job. Suggestions you would be willing to consider, already do?

We are now considering many offers.

– That is still “we”?

– Sorry, I won’t comment. Maybe later…

Drummer “Animals” Michael Brim, who “MK” is also called, was more succinct. “While abstain from comments. I’m not involved”.

But how to interpret his last sentence, it is not clear whether the singer leaves the group, or does not wish to participate in the debate, which turned around the post by his colleagues.

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