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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The American authorities were forced to publish the documents on torture in CIA

After the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) has transferred prisoner Abu Zubaydah in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, he appeared before the court officers during a hearing in March 2007. During the hearing, he described in broken English how he was tortured in the dungeons of the CIA.

photo: morguefile.com

He said that his body was completely paralyzed due to the fact that for hours he stood completely naked and shackled in a cold room and could not even lean on one leg, which was mangled wound. He talked about the humiliation that he was subjected — he had to send certain physiological actions to the CIA officers. “I was like an animal,” says Abu.

In addition, he was subjected to a so-called “waterboarding”, that is simulating his drowning. “Then they I was completely chained, even my head and nothing I could do,” says Zubaydah. They gagged my mouth with a piece of cloth and began to douse me in water, water, water.” At the very moment when the Zubaydah thought he was dying, he told his executioners to masters: “If you want to kill me, kill them!”

The testimony of Abu Zubaidi contained in the newly declassified transcripts of military interrogation conducted by the CIA. The US government was forced to disclose this week the content of the interrogations on the basis of the Law on freedom of information. It is this law referred to the American civil rights Union. Handed him the documents he gave to the new York times for publication.

Many details about the torture programs of the CIA, including torture, zubeidi already been published, including the report of the Senate Committee on intelligence. (The report contains 600 pages and was first published in December 2014).

But many of the details of this report are mainly based on the memoranda of the government. Just published the transcripts contain the testimony of the subjects in the first person.

“At a time when some politicians propose the resumption of the torture program, it is very important that the American public had access to these statements in the first person. And not only to the documents submitted by those who allowed torture,” said Dror Ladin, attorney ASGP. Defenders of “interrogation” claim that these interviews brought information that helped save lives. However, the Senate report States that the defenders of the torture program the CIA many times exaggerated the value of information obtained through extraordinary brutality. However, GOP candidate for President, Donald trump has offered to resume and extend the technique of such interrogations.

The CIA began to implement its programme of torture since 2002, when he was captured Zubaydah, whom the intelligence was mistaken for the main head of Alqaida. The torture program was curtailed in 2006 after the U.S. Supreme court issued a ruling about the Geneva conventions. These conventions could bring the torturers on trial for war crimes.

In September of the same year, the administration of President Bush moved all detainees from the prisons that belonged to the CIA at Guantanamo Bay. A few months after that, every prisoner was interrogated about his combatant status, i.e. the status of the unit. All the prisoners were classified as “enemy combatants” and arrested indefinite.

The government has published some transcripts of 2009, albeit in redacted form, where direct testimony of the prisoners and how they were treated by the CIA, was crossed out.

In one of the passages where we are talking about Zubaydah, he describes his findings about the various terrorist plots, which aim to stop torture. After it became clear that CIA employees can be prosecuted on the basis of the Geneva conventions, these bigots began to apologize to Zubeidaa. “After that all they told me was “sorry, we made a big mistake,” says Zubaydah.

Wednesday, June 15, the CIA has also published dozens of documents that have been requested by American civil rights Union and the publication of “Vice news”. Most of the documents were heavily “edited”. All quotes are outlining the stories of the prisoners, was struck.

However, some new details do become public. For example, “unedited” passage in the Memorandum from the chief medical office of the CIA has a place which tells how Zubaydah started posting their fantastic plans of the conspiracy before it was subjected to waterboarding. The Memorandum also contains the phrase, which was not published in the Senate report, the Psychologist leading the questioning, later said, “that waterboarding proved that Abu Zubaydah has no further information on imminent threats” to the American government. Some of the transcripts, which were transferred to the new York times” are a reflection of the interrogations, which are now threatened by interrogators from the number of military commissions in Guantanamo.

Based on this documentation, the defenders of the convicts stated that their clients should not be subjected to the death penalty. As mitigating circumstances cited the fact of torture to which they were subjected.

One of the prisoners of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, who was accused of the bombing of the American warship “Cole (killed 17 sailors), was subjected to most brutal torture. You can read about it in the statement of the inspector General of the CIA. al-Nashiri says that he is not only subjected to waterboarding, but all the time kept under gunpoint.

Nashiri lists the torture to which he was subjected: he was hung by his feet for a whole month, he almost suffocated during “waterboarding”. It smashes against the wall and forced to stand in a narrow box within a week so that his feet were swollen. He asked himself: “What else they gonna do to me?” There is also a transcript of the statement of another prisoner, Khalid Mohammed, shaikha. He was accused that he was the architect of the famous terrorist attack of 9/11 2001. In the transcript we meet his redacted statement: “this, as you can see, all the results of torture by the CIA. No one would believe what I said.”

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