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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The ability of cats to predict the future scientifically proved

A study conducted by a group of Japanese experts from Kyoto University, showed that cats surprisingly well understand the concept of causation, as well as take into account many of the laws of physics. In aggregate, this knowledge will allow a pet to predict the course of events that proves to be very useful when hunting small prey.

photo: morguefile.com

Specialists conducted a series of experiments with 30 cats. Initially, they were convinced that due to their sharp hearing, these animals are able to sound to locate the object, to see which prevents an obstacle. In the next phase, the researchers decided to check if the cat is to realize that the roar coming from the shaking box, means the presence within it of another object. The scientists also wanted to know, guess the cat that the object can fall to the ground if the box flip.

The researchers noticed that when they shook the box, cats the process was a lot more interested if something inside it made a sound, as if from the flips of the box had the ball, coccidioidal interest to him., that in itself is, perhaps, not too surprising. However, more attention cats were attracted to a situation where out of the box shaking without a sound, the ball was dropped, or on the contrary, out of the box came a rumble, but when she turned, nothing happened.

After analyzing the behavior of the four-legged participants in the experiment, the scientists came to the conclusion that their understanding of the physical laws of the world and knowledge about cause-effect relationships needed to predict the fallout from box of an object, creating noise. If these expectations are not met, it caused the cats just baffled.

Scientists speculate that in combination with sensitive hearing, knowledge of physics and logic allow cats to figure out where the hidden loot, and to some extent to predict its future behavior.

Their research experts presented on the pages of the journal Animal Cognition.

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