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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Mikhail Bychkov: “It’s a picture of a culture of peace, which we are deploying in front of Voronezh”

Twelve days marathon of Platonov arts festival in Voronezh was completed. Sixth, he was soaking wet, but that didn’t stop him from being hot. One of the few (if not only) provincial festivals in Russia, the shares and the performances which go from the capital. Cultural phenomenon of the festival was observed by the observer “MK”.

Photo: Olga Tabacca

It is tested six times: in June, the cultural capital of Russia is Voronezh. Moscow amicably rushed to the performances of Bob Wilson (“Rhinos”), Finzi Pasca (“white on White”) — is unknown, will show works of artists in Moscow. Someone was in a hurry to Mario Brunello or a new Opera voice of America, and someone desperately needed to get to the video, AES+F. this Program’s powerful — just choose. But marathon closed the Voronezh Opera cloth from France — Crocodile-deceiver/Dido and Aeneas. The crocodile seized the theatre of Opera and ballet (in need of renovation) and wowed the audience (professionals and Amateurs) dashing performance in Baroque, jazz and absurd. Jazz musicians, classical singers swung at the Baroque Opera “Dido and Aeneas” by Henry Purcell. And they began their journey, once in the brain of a woman in love, struck by melancholy, and finished it in Greek Three.

— Baroque music is based on improvisation, and jazz is improvisation, too, told me the Directors Joan Kandel and Samuel ASAS. — Besides, in the time of Purcell’s Opera did not go entirely: part Opera, part ballet, pantomime and Opera again. We fell in love with “Dido and Aeneas” and at some point asked himself: “Who says Opera is only something that should go in the big Opera houses and concert halls solely on the Opera laws? And who prevents us to make the Opera our means: a system of rehearsals and studies, the inherent drama. With our opinion, digressions — why not? Well, rushed. The only danger, which we tried to avoid, is to do a jazz version of the Opera by Purcell. Because all our musicians come from jazz.

The fears proved unfounded — the musicians slipped into a jazz Opera. Their product — not even an experiment, but a desperate and uncompromising violation of the rules of Opera and even provoke these disorders. It would be great to find your own style, if not the tempo sags typical beach all the fruit of collective creativity. Directors lacked the dictatorial will to cut off the extra performance. However, the success of the Crocodile-deceiver” has surpassed all expectations.

I must say that the search on the territory of the past — characteristic for the festival this year. So, theatre of Norway (Grusomhetens theater presented the world premiere of Voronezh unpublished plays by Henrik Ibsen “Svanhild”. On stage if reconstruction of the theatre of the mid-nineteenth century (when it was written the play). Director Lars Oyno, not for the first time turning to a little-known texts of his great countryman, was Miansarova “Swanhild”, as in the distant past, where everything is slow, unnatural voice, artsy poses. But the Museum’s “exposure” and then treacherously broke the satirical sharpness in the picture some of the characters, music comments. After an hour of static — Hellscream from the present for the past.

Statistics of the festival: 12 days — 20 countries from four continents, 95 events, including a free 55, 77 thousand spectators. Team — 20 people, volunteers — 240. The atmosphere is business — like, but extremely friendly.

Platonov festival is good because it was originally designed not just for the theater audience. Here the conceptual is built in to all programs of four areas — music, exhibitions, literature, theatre; and my pearls. The exhibition is the exhibition “Live and see”, representing about 100 paintings and drawings and photographs of nonconformist artists from the collection of the poet Vsevolod Nekrasov. Two floors of art gallery is given a unique artists Oskar Rabin, Vladimir Nemukhin, Lidia Masterkova, Evgeny Krapivnitskaja, Eric Bulatov. By the way, one of the poems of the poet and collector became a program for the works Bulatov: several lithographs and paintings inspired by his lines “I/ not want/ not looking for/ live and see.”

The capital and the province. Who preferences more and where is easier-more difficult to move the culture? Voronezh festival is the name of the writer Andrey Platonov has on this. Interview with artistic Director of Platonov festival Mikhail Bychkov.

— Michael, the festival ended. What conclusions you, the artistic Director, doing for myself in the future?

— Honestly, I conclusions are still not reached — yet in the process. But I can say one thing: it can be done if you wanted to, set a goal. And not changed the dollar (the ruble was half the price, which could not be reflected in the budget of the festival), or the political climate or anything else your desires do not stop. If you do not reduce themselves and others requirements, can be achieved. Our budget financing really does not grow, it remains the same, and we still managed to defend (ten percent sekvestirovanii expected).

— And despite the fact that the Governor of the Voronezh region Alexey Gordeev strongly supports and Platonov festival, and culture in General.

— The Governor supports the culture, but if the country is the General economic situation, and there is no oil, gas and other natural resources, but there is fertile land, it is difficult. But, by the way, the festival survives largely thanks to the support of the Voronezh agricultural business (but not only). Despite the fact that crisis touched him seriously. And without such support we wouldn’t have spent the Platonov festival.

— Are you going to do work on the bugs?

— A good question, especially for reflection. I can’t say that I will no longer engage in such large projects, like concerts Open Air or outdoor events. I don’t know how much health I lost and our team on this rainy June, when the day of the concert in Ramon (a place near Voronezh. — M. R.) the wall it was raining and the White Wells, where there was the project “world Music”, it was the same. I was afraid that the books from publishers at a book fair get wet — I would not want such experiences to repeat. But I know that Voronezh residents are waiting for the festival events and the result stood with the umbrellas in this hellish downpour.

I’m proud of the diversity of the festival, and in this diversity I see some semantic links. For me it is because he is subject to the concept of the city festival. Not for the professional community, not for competition, not to identify the best — it is a picture of a culture of peace, which we are deploying before the eyes of the Voronezh and try to make it as varied and full.

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