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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Kudrin about the need for unpopular reforms called jokes in the Network

Ex-Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, speaking at the St. Petersburg economic forum, said that in Russian society there is a fear of change, the necessity of which, however, is long overdue.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

According to him, the government is afraid to lose ranking, losing the sympathy of a particular social group due to the fact that will begin structural changes. Their necessity, however, overdue.

Kudrin has listed a number of problems facing the state: its “high share of the economy, lack of competition, the dominance of state-owned companies and close to the state companies over the rest of the private independent sector”, and also pressure on business by the courts and security forces.

All of this is, according to Kudrin, the consequence of poorly functioning institutions, which must be created in the framework of structural reforms. He is confident that the Reserve Fund over a period of 2-3 years, and high inflation in Russia will not allow it to compete for investment with the US and China.

Kudrin said, and the main challenge for the economy: reaching the third consecutive year decline in real incomes of Russians.

All these statements of the former Minister called the irony of commentators in the Network due to the fact that again is not the first time with zero result.

at the St. Petersburg forum are just the opposite: Alexei Kudrin stated the need for unpopular economic reforms

— MARQUE (@RomanFedoseyev) 16 Jun 2016

So, the chief editor of “media zones” Sergei Smirnov opposed to recipes to rescue the economy Kudrin and the Glazyev.

Kudrin said about the need for unpopular reforms
Eye stated the need for popular reforms

— Smirnoff (@sssmirnov) 16 Jun 2016

At this he noticed that none of the proposals were implemented would not be.

@sssmirnov Medvedev said that there is no money and they all went together to listen to Putin about how Obama is bad

— MaryEl (@maryeL2002) 16 Jun 2016

Noted the banality of the spoken words and Alexei Navalny.

The BREAKING AND SHOCK https://t.co/j158A4cWbd

Alexey Navalny (@navalny) 16 Jun 2016

Watch the video on “Kudrin about the crisis in Russia”

Alexei Kudrin commented on the state of the Russian economy and recently provided a loan to Ukraine. On a press-conferences the former head of the Ministry of Finance has sounded figures and forecasts. “It will be the worst years in the last ten years…” — Alexey Kudrin has described the near future and the state of the Russian economy — “I do Not see that the government knew the risks”. But he actively supported the granting of loan to Ukraine, noting that now the Ukraine on a short leash”. And subtly smiled.

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