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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Iran has filed a lawsuit against US

Iran intends to deal with the United States over $ 2 billion held in American accounts as compensation to those killed in the Lebanese military. The Iranians with this interpretation did not agree and a court trying to prove the fact of theft of funds. The possibility of return of money is negligible, and the gesture of Tehran has mainly political motives.

Iran has filed an international lawsuit to the United States for the theft of $ 2 billion. “We will closely monitor that the rights of the Iranian people was followed. These funds belong to the Iranian nation. They inadvertently fell into the hands of the Americans, then the U.S. Supreme court has imposed on them an illegal arrest,” – said the President of the Islamic Republic of Hassan Rouhani.

“Two billion surfaced not just. This may be the first sign, and then the Iranians will demand more

He did not elaborate on what exactly the court meant, but added: Iran “they say that this money should be made available to the families of Americans who died in Lebanon”. “What did these Americans in Lebanon? What does all this have Iran? We are not going to remain silent and intend to continue the trial to achieve the result,” said Rouhani.

As reported in the Iranian Parliament, a similar lawsuit is being prepared against Canada, which refuses to return Iranian assets in 13 million dollars. The decision on the confiscation of these funds adopted on June 10, the Supreme court of Ontario.

The guilty are always

We will remind, in April the U.S. Supreme court rejected the Central Bank of Iran to return $ 2 billion of frozen Iranian assets. The court decided to send the money to the families of the Americans whose relatives were victims of the explosions in Beirut and other terrorist attacks. Barracks to American peacekeepers stationed in Beirut had suffered a terrorist attack on 23 October 1983. A truck carrying more than 5 tons of explosives, broke through to the us headquarters marine corps, as a result of explosion the building completely collapsed, burying under the rubble of hundreds of sleeping soldiers. Then killed 241 American soldiers, the victims a total of more than 300 peacekeepers were carrying out a UN mission during the civil war in Lebanon.

A similar attack had been the headquarters of French peacekeepers, which was also completely destroyed. While the French official claims Iran did not show, more than 1 million Americans require compensation with Iran, although its involvement has not been proven.

In March, a U.S. court ordered Iran to pay the insurance companies and the relatives of the victims of the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, 10.5 billion dollars. The newspaper OPINION noted: which of the Iranian leadership was summoned to the district court of new York, what kind of evidence of Iranian involvement in the terrorist attacks was presented – not reported. Among the terrorists was not a single citizen of Iran. Fifteen of them were citizens of Saudi Arabia, two from the United Arab Emirates, one – a citizen of Egypt and one in Lebanon. The organizer was recognized by Osama bin Laden, not having any relation to Iran and led the terrorist group al-Qaida, a Sunni whose members throughout history, only conflict with the Iranians-Shiites.

Despite this, the district court of new York chose to believe the testimony of three anonymous witnesses, defectors from Iran, which took place in court papers as “witness X, Y and Z” and testified against his country. However, neither the birthplace of the majority of the terrorists – Saudi Arabia, nor to the native countries of the other participants and organizers of the September 11 attacks, nor to Pakistan, where for many years bin Laden was hiding, nor to Lebanon from American justice claim arose.

The first swallow

The Director of the Center for the study of the Middle East and Central Asia semen Bagdasarov believes that Iran is actually not particularly looking forward to the return of the money through the court. “It is clear that this money will not return. Americans are known for some oddities, they have their own domestic laws to fit needs,” he said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK. But the Iranians can’t just stare at the actions of the US, as there are much larger funds that are in us banks, said the source. “These funds can fall under the same decision of Americans,” he added.

Also, the Iranians make a political step to show Americans that they are wrong, said the source. “They demonstrate that this will not just swallow,” says Bagdasarov.

The expert recalled that the United States is much more than Iranian money. “In Western accounts, including the us, have been frozen around $ 120 billion of the Iranians. Of them, as suggested by the Americans, who are themselves considered, the Iranians will be able to return 56 billion. The rest of the money will be used to repay the costs incurred by American and other companies as a result of sanctions against Iran. Here is a kind of debt, says Bagdasarov. And they say that it’s too much money that Iran can spend on projects that do not meet the interests of the United States”.

“So two billion have surfaced now for a reason. This may be the first sign, and then the Iranians will demand more,” – said the expert.

Washington pays very rarely

Washington pays the bills very rarely. Yes, the US paid Iran for downed passenger jet, which killed 290 people, including 65 children. But the Americans appreciated the life of every able-bodied Iranians in 300 thousand dollars, and a dependent – 150 thousand. While new Jorksky the court evaluated each dead American, regardless of his employment status at $ 2 million.

The same situation was at another rare, and therefore included in the history of pay of the Americans, when the American Sergeant Robert bales in 2012 was shot 16 Afghan civilians. The families of the dead received 50 thousand dollars for each victim, another 11 thousand dollars got wounded. The life of a soldier of the US army then in General cost at least $500 thousand and maximum – to $1.5–1.7 million (depending on the number and age of children), said the newspaper VIEW. Thus, the life of dead Afghans at the hands of Sergeant Bales valued at least 10 times less than the life of the average insured American soldier, or 30 times less of the soldier, having many children and various benefits.

Not to mention that the incident with the Bales seriously marred Washington’s relations with Kabul and locals. Perhaps that is why the Americans decided on such a rare and large, at least for Afghanistan, payments to somehow smooth out the situation.

Left millions of innocent victims in Vietnam, the constant “mistakes” and “accidental” at homes, hospitals, schools and wedding processions in Afghanistan and Iraq, Serbia and Montenegro. The latter, however, of any compensation from US for dead civilians and destroyed houses does not remember, because it is on the verge of joining NATO.

Also in January, U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry has said that Iran after the abolition in respect of sanctions and unfreezing of its assets abroad does not simply cease to lose their money in the U.S. and other assets, and Vice versa, will receive about 55 billion dollars. Then in January, we will remind, since Iran lifted most of the sanctions – IAEA presented a report confirming the readiness of the authorities to implement it through long negotiations the program for a significant reduction of its nuclear potential. Later, the EU and the US confirmed the removal of Iran from the economic and financial sanctions related to its nuclear program.

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