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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Inspection of troops: NATO is worried and reservists “spoiling for a fight”

The second day in the Armed forces of Russia is declared sudden check of combat readiness. Within its framework, including deployed command post of the Eastern military district in the field, and is working with reservists. By the way, the test caused a reaction from NATO. So, the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the sudden checking readiness of the Russian army doing the impossible the fulfilment of obligations to inform other parties of the holding of such exercises. “Sudden teachings undermine the transparency and predictability”, he said.

photo: Ignat Kalinin

The official representative of Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov said in this regard: “it is Predictable that the degree of Russophobic hysteria of some representatives of the Alliance increased sharply ahead of a summit of the countries-participants of NATO in Europe. It is obvious that the real purpose of such statements about the “Russian” military threat, is the deliberate injection of panic and maintaining the image of a cunning enemy, against which it is possible to get huge military budgets.

Let me remind you, no single event of combat training of the Russian army, including sudden check of combat readiness, does not violate international agreements and treaties to which Russia is obliged to provide information on military activities in the zone of application of confidence-building measures and security.

Moreover, despite the fact that the provisions of the Vienna document 2011 are not applicable to the outbreak on 14 June a sudden check, the Russian side has in good faith provided the military attaché and the communication channels of the OSCE information about it.

However, as in most cases, our foreign colleagues once again did not want to notice, continuing to play his anti-Russian play, the script of which was predicted by us on 6 June 2016.

The current statement by the NATO Secretary General is from the final arias Russophobic performance for the taxpayers of the member countries of the Alliance, which will have to fork out to fight an imaginary Russian military threat”.

In General the audit unit ensure the TSB during the day have deployed a fully Autonomous military camp, prefabricated using inflatable modules, and camping kits, military and special equipment.

For the military field canteens, and prepared places to stay, including club and field bath.

To ensure command and control of video conferencing equipment with the National control centre defense of the Russian Federation and with the command posts of all units of BBO.

The security command post to provide military police units, air defense forces and radiation, chemical and biological protection.

In the southern military district in the framework of a sudden inspection of the combat and mobilization readiness of troops, the citizens, called out of stock, arrived from military commissariats in the unit. On the basis of storage of military equipment connection of the southern military district, stationed in the Krasnodar region it is planned to make called up from the reserve soldiers, volunteers, who will participate in the field output with the deployment of special military communication equipment.

With reservists conduct practical exercises on removal from storage, maintenance, and driving of the radio-relay stations.

In the near future within the combat coordination of divisions of reservists will take part in combat firing.

At the final stage, spot checks of the units to March on unfamiliar ground, where you will work out the deployment of communications technology.

On brought to a sudden check citizens temporarily assigned duties of servicemen in their military occupational specialties, given military ranks. For the whole period of exercises designed nationals are provided with clothing and meals according to military standards. In addition, reservists will receive cash allowances and payments required of contract military servicemen, depending on their posts and military ranks.

Similar work with reservists performed military Commissariat of the Leningrad region, components of the military unit of the Western military district.

The staff of the commissioners noted the high level of activity and willingness to participate in the measures for testing of combat readiness on the part of citizens.

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